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It Just Happened With Mom

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Taboo can be exciting


I had a weeks vacation and decided to visit my 53 year old mother. I still don't know how to process what happened. Maybe writing it here will allow me to let it go somewhat.

It was the the third night I was there. We were sitting around talking. I'm was feeling good and relaxed and so was she. We started talking about sex and the conversation got us both horny.

Why I don't know, but I asked her how long it had been since she masturbated. She answered by saying 'last week, but I'm long over due.' She followed that up with saying, 'how about you?' I was honest and told her last night in my room. She seemed quite interested and asked me how I do it. I told her that I use a dildo. She then asked if I had brought it with me and I told her I did.

She then volunteered that she too uses a dildo so she wasn't surprised that I did. I asked her to describe hers and she told me that it was quite large, flesh colored and looked very real. I was shocked. She just described my dildo. I told her that mine was very similar.

Her next question seemed a bit odd. She asked what happened when I had an orgasm. Other then the obvious, I asked her what she meant. She hesitated and said, 'have you ever ejaculated?' I said to myself, 'Oh my god she squirts.' I told her the term was squirting and that no I had not. I couldn't get that image out of my mind. My mother squirts.

She had never talked like that in the past. Right then, she said, 'I'm so horny I need to masturbate.' I almost fell off of the couch. I looked at her said, 'go ahead Mom.' She said, 'are you going to?' I responded and said, 'well, I guess so yea, why not.' She said, 'great, it will be our secret.'

We got up and I headed for my room and she went to hers. I got undressed and was going to lay down on the bed when I heard her call for me. I walked down the hall and poked my head into her room. She was just taking off her panties and was standing there naked. It had been years since I had seen her nude. Her nipples were very large and brown and she had so much pubic dark hair.

Now we're both standing there nude. She is looking at me and I'm looking at her. She said, 'Erin, let me see your dildo.' I went to my room and came back with it. She was sitting on her bed with her dildo in her hand. They were both similar but hers was bigger like maybe 11 inches long. Mine is nine inches. I'm standing in front of her holding my dildo and she is looking at me. She said, 'what do you think about doing it here?' I was so horny. I said yes.

She got up on the head of bed and I sat facing her on the other end. Both our legs are crossed and we holding our dildos. I was waiting for her to do something and kind of lead the way. She put the dildo down by her side, laid back on the pillows and spread her legs. Oh my God, I got butterflies in my stomach. There was my mother spread wide showing me her cunt.

I laid back, opened my legs wide just stared at her. She started fingering herself so I did the same. After about five minutes she picked up her dildo, pulled her legs back so her knees touched her chest and inserted the dildo. I followed her and started fucking myself. We both were looking at each other while we fucked ourselves furiously. After maybe another five minutes she began to moan and then said, 'Oh God Erin here it comes.' All of a sudden she squirted this big stream. It hit my legs and my stomach. It shot out at least three feet. Then another squirt and then another. My mother actually came on me! I was so hot I started to cum. I had the biggest orgasm I had ever had.

Afterwards, we just laid there for a while. We got up, I went to my room and she went into her bathroom. We eventually met back in the living room and talked about how hot it was. I left the next day. I haven't been back to visit since but think about it often and wonder if we will ever do it again.



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