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It Is Not a Sin!

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Christians can jack-off and not feel guilty about it. It is all in how you learn.


Guilt about jacking-off is not from God. If a dad does his job and lets his son know that it is ok with God for him to jack-off and he learns how to jack-off from his best friend then there is not going to be any guilt involved with jacking-off. The worst guilt a guy can feel is to think that jacking-off is a sin, and he prays earnestly to God that he will stop jacking-off and then he goes right back and jacks-off again. He is doing what is natural and God is not going to think it is a sin for him to jack-off, if it was a sin God would have told us and then given us a way to not jack-off.

But here is where the sinful human mind likes to work. The devil convinces us that jacking-off is shameful, dirty and childish. He convinces us that God doesn't like it (even though God doesn't say so) and that jacking-off is only for losers. He wants us to feel guilty when we jack-off. Moreover, the devil wants us to be totally consumed by burning lust and passion. And since he convinces people of all these things, when burning passion is felt, people are then tempted to seek out a wrongful release through a one-night stand or a prostitute rather than jacking-off. Wrongful sexual relations can wind up in pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

God has made us sexual beings. It's nothing to be ashamed about. God's ultimate design is that sex takes place in marriage. However, God has also given us a way whereby we can take care of our sexual urges. That way is through jacking-off. Even though jacking-off should not be a permanent substitute for marital sex, yet he's given us a quick and easy way to take care of things when normal sexual relations are not possible. So we can jack-off to our heart's content, without guilt or fear of judgment, knowing that this is something God in his wisdom permits us to do. It's the safest form of sex possible. And we can put away all of the old myths and fables about jacking-off; none of them are true. Besides it has been said that in order for a man to maintain a healthy prostate, he should have a minimum of three ejaculations per week. Jacking-off is even good for you!

We jacked-off together. I am willing to openly state that I do not think that there is a problem with one guy teaching another guy the mechanics of jacking-off, or with friends jacking-off together. I learned to jack-off from my best friend when I was thirteen and he and I jacked off together for years. I do not feel guilt over the fact that we jacked-off together. I do not feel any guilt over the fact that we slept in the same bed naked. We jacked-off together we did not jack-off each other. We were both virgins on our wedding night. We grew up together, we went to the same church, and we commited to each other that we were not going to have sex until after we got married.

Wedding night virgins. I know that if I had not been willing to make this commitment to my best friend about being a virgin on my wedding night I might have never been able to fulfil God's plan for marriage. I did not ever feel guilt about jacking-off because I learned about jacking-off from my best friend. He and I went to the same church and we had the same strong commitments to God. Jacking-off together made us both stronger heterosexuals, it did not lead us to become homosexuals. We were both taught that homosexuality is a sin, we accepted that homosexuality is a sin and we never crossed the line between jacking-off together and jacking-off each other. These lines were clear to each of us because of our fathers', mothers', and our churches' teachings against homosexuality.

My best friend taught me how to jack-off. I remember my first experience at jacking-off. My best friend had spent the night at his cousins the weekend before and then at my house the next weekend. Roger and I had been best friends since we were six and seven years of age. We had taken baths in the same tub. Neither Roger's, or my dad hid being in their underwear or being naked around either one of us. Both dads slept in their underwear. Because we had been around each other naked the fact that I learned to jack-off from Roger seemed quite normal. I was a year older than Roger. Roger had spent the night at Rusty's house, his first cousin, and Rusty had taught Roger a new use for his dick. Naturally the next time that Roger and I were together he showed me my new best toy. That was when I was thirteen and I have been jacking-off regularly ever since. Roger and I were best friends until we went away to different colleges. We spent the night at each other's home at least once a month from the age of six, and we jacked-off together from the ages of thirteen to about twenty.

I look back on our jacking-off together as being totally normal and natural. I hope that my sons have had best friends that are close enough for them to jack-off with, this is not something that I will ever know, because it is not any of my business.



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