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It Happened Again

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oh yeah


If you have already read my other submission ('unplanned fun') you know about my friend and I. Well another time that something kinda cool happened was when I had to give Kody a bath.

He had previously been in a car accident and had messed up his ankle real bad and broken his arm. His mother wouldn't let him bathe by himself for fear that he would fall or further injure himself. When his dad wasn't home one day and I was visiting his mom asked if I would mind helping him take a bath. Kody for some reason said just wait untill his dad got home, but I said I really didn't mind.

When we walked into his bathroom I was already horny as hell. We got out his little water mat and he laid down in the tub. I slowly started to help him get his shirt off when I bumped his swollen wrist and he howled in pain. Hearing him yell out in pain like that made me wince and I told him I was very sorry. 'It's okay, he said I know you didn't mean too.' After that I slowly pulled of his pants and started to slide his boxers down when he asked me if he could get a washcloth to cover his wiener with. I told him I didn't really see the point, and that it wasn't like I hadn't seen him before (as you know if you have read my other post) but he has always been kind of shy. I did get the cloth though because I knew he was already uncomfortable and I didn't want to make him feel bad.

I started filling the tub with water and began to soap him up. I started with his neck and chest and worked my way down. After a while I could tell he was starting to become more relaxed and trust me and that made me feel really good. After a while of me rubbing his muscular little belly he put his hands down on the wash cloth between his legs. When I asked him what he was doing he was kind of hesitant to anwser and I could tell he was starting to get a boner. I asked him if he wanted me to wash him 'down there' and when he didn't give me a straight answer I lifted the cloth off of him and started scrubbing the insides of his upper legs. He just layed back and closed his eyes obviously enjoying himself. As I was scrubbing I asked him how he masterbated with his wrist and arm all messed up. When he informed me he couldn't I felt very sorry for him. 'would you like me to help you out bud?' I timidly asked him. His face kind of got red and he replied 'only if you really want to.' So I took the body wash and squeezed a large glob right above his penis onto his pubes. I sort of teased him by washing all the areas around his cock before actually touching him. I lathered up his wiener and began playing with his balls whilst I jacked him. You could tell by the look on his face that it wasn't going to take long. After about 5 minutes his breathing became very rapid and I could feel his cock start to spasm in my hand. He blew out spurt after spurt of thick ropy jizz onto his stomach. I couldn't stand to let him have all the fun so whipped out my member and Kody actually agreed to jack my dick!!! After all the fun I had to wash his belly and nuts all over again because of all the cum. Let me tell you I sure didn't mind!



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