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It Happened Again

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Some time ago, I wrote about getting caught masturbating. My wife went grocery shopping and to do a few other errands. I was working around the house for a few hours before and just finished, so when she left I jumped into the shower I badly needed.

Even as I get older, we still have sex two or three times a week and yet, I still occasionally masturbate. Sometimes this is with her and other times it is alone. This shower for some reason made me horny. Probably because I hadn't had sex for two or three days by then.

Drying with a towel, I walked out of the bathroom and lay down on the bed facing the bathroom door. I was stroking my cock, knowing that soon enough, I'd be running back into the bathroom and ejaculating in the sink, which is easy to clean. It was spring, with beautiful weather and our bedroom connects to a common room, which leads to our screened pool. A sliding patio door separates the bedroom from the common room, but this day just the screen was closed.

Five minutes or so into this and I suddenly felt I was not alone. Ever get that feeling you're being watched? Well, it happened to me that day and sure enough, standing in the common room, by the screen was my neighbour, Barbara, looking at me. What to do? I'm caught. Will she think I'm a pervert? We're good friends with our neighbours. Would she tell her husband?

Our eyes met and I could see she was more interested in watching me work my cock then looking into my eyes. My hand had stopped, but then continued and I wondered if she would turn away or stay. After a minute more and I was sure she was going to stay. I stood up and walked to the screen, slid it open while continuing to stroke my cock. Just her standing there had me so excited and within a minute or less, I could feel my cum boiling up from deep inside.

Before I cum, as most males do I guess, my cock gets a bit bigger and turns almost a purple. The head swells and the veins protrude. Mr. Smoothie looks brutal at that point and there is no turning back. I caught most of my cum with my left hand and a minute later I was washing off in the bathroom sink. Barbara was gone.

Neither of us ever spoke of this again, until two days ago. My wife had gone shopping again and her husband Mike was away on business. Barb came over as I was cleaning the pool. She brought up the subject and asked if I often masturbated and I answered truthfully. I told her yes, and sometimes often. Now this may sound strange, but she then told me she had never seen a man do that before, even her husband who was very shy about sex.

Fast forward ten minutes and we are both sitting at the foot of the king size bed. I have a few paper towels by my side and Barb's hand is under mine, as I showed her how I liked to be masturbated. In a very short time she really got into it. Without further encouragement from me, she soon had her left hand cupping my balls, as she slid from the end of the bed to on her knees between my legs.

Through my squinting eyes, I could see doing this really excited her and her face got flushed. I could feel my cum coming up, my cock swelling and changing colour, so I made her stop for a few seconds, telling her I was about to cum which she knew. Half a minute later and she was back at it with renewed vigour. As I moaned, 'I'm cumming,' I saw her grab the paper towels. In her excitement that was all she did with them and she forgot to place them over the head of my cock. She just watched as my cum shot all over the two of us. In truth, she wanted to see my cum shoot out.

I laid back on the bed and could feel her with cum in her hands continue to stroke my now deflating cock, until I couldn't stand the feeling, as I get really super sensitive. She finally used the paper towels and then got a warm washcloth to finish cleaning me up. She still had cum on her blouse, but didn't care. Five minutes later and she was gone. She did say though, that at least one of her fantasies was fulfilled. Wonder what the others are. Maybe I'll find out in time.



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