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It Had To Happen!

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My marriage was a total mistake from day one... I knew it really, but, well, I had to get away from home for reasons that don't belong here.


My husband fucked anything that moved. Young, old, if he could get into her knickers, he would. Simple as that! Me? Oh he did me, but it was in, cum, out, wipe it on the sheet, go to sleep. The only thing he cared about was his own orgasm, and on the rare occasion I started to get horny, he had finished WAY before I had, so I resorted to post-coital masturbation. And it made me MAD! I tried a lesbian affair. Well, why not? I had never had a "curves on curves" experience, despite a little fooling around at high-school, but that only was a little touching and fingering, but not to orgasm, hell, not even naked. It was ok, but I guess I like cock too much. Then I met a really sweet guy. One of those that you see, and even though they aren't really a physical hunk, you get wet. You know the kind? Well, I made it pretty obvious that I was up for some fun, but he was a perfect gentleman and that only made it worse! Jeeeez. The number of time I jilled off about that guy! Then, one day, I noticed a puddle under my car and asked him to help me. (My darling husband was working away... and shagging away, I have no doubt) Allan came round, took one look and said it was a failed brake wheel cylinder. He quickly stripped the wheel off and then the brake drum and the whole inside was a mess of black gunge. So, off he went to get the parts. When he got back, he replaced the brake linings both sides and the faulty wheel cylinder and then said he would check the brake pipes under the car just to be sure. I made some coffee. When I brought it into my garage, Allan was under the car and scooted out....RIGHT between my feet! He had a perfect view up my skirt and, well, I damn near melted (quite literally, as far as my panties were concerned.) You know those moments when you get turned on so quickly it's like, well, like a sudden "gush" down there? Well it was like that. Time seemed to go into slow motion. I knew I was wearing a pair of dark blue panties, and you know what happens when certain colors get wet? Blue turns almost black! I knew he would see! So? So, I squatted right there and then on his face. For a moment he froze and then I felt his tongue pressing against the material! I have never been so aroused, and so quickly. I spread my legs painfully wide and held onto the back of the car as his tongue worked on my clit through the material. Oh, how I wanted his fingers, his dick, but of course, he was filthy having been under the car. So, reluctantly, I got up, and led him by the hand into the house. Suddenly, I WANTED that dirt on me, so I pulled him into a passionate embrace and started to kiss him as I led him upstairs. We snogged our way onto the landing and I told him, well, ordered him, really, to literally rip my clothes off me. Brake dust, oil... mmmmmm. Then I shoved him in the shower. While he cleaned up, I went into the bedroom and put on a small blach thong. FUCK that shower seemed to take him forever and I wanted fucking RIGH THERE AND RIGHT THEN. When he came into my bedroom, he was naked and sporting a massive cock. But instead of screwing me, he said "Karen. I'm not sure you want to go the whole way " (YES!) "so, just let me do this" With that he got between my legs, tugged my thong aside and proceeded to use his fingers on me....FOR THE NEXT FOUR FUCKING HOURS! He made me cum by the most gentle almost anticipatory touching my clit, by vigorous finger fucking, even by slipping a finger inside my bum, and by fingering both holes at the same time. I came, and came and came and came again, even squirting a couple of times. Then I asked him what he wanted. He said he liked my blu panties, because he has a thing about girls in wet panties. That gave me an idea so I slipped them back on and straddled him facing his feet so my pussy was about over his upper chest. I used my fingers on HIS ass and his cock....as I slowly peed into my panties. (I don't know, I just KNEW he would like that) My reward was more sperm than I have seen in many years! This guy did more for me with his fingers, (ok and his tongue) than my darling husband managed with his cock! Of course, our next meeting went WAY further than just finger fucking me, but, naturally, I can't discuss that here. Girls, get yourself finger fucked by another man! You have NO idea how horny it is!



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