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It Finally Happened

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I am a happily married woman who has had an interest in other women for a long time, thanks to a boyfriend who opened my mind to this. However, while I have had many opportunities to explore this interest, I have never had the nerve. Up until a month ago...

My friend (who I have always been attracted to) and I, went for a weekend trip to the beach just to get away. But I think in the back of our minds, we both knew what we were really going for. Anyway, it all started innocently enough. We got ready to go out on the town for the night and in doing so, she left the door to the bathroom open just enough for me to see her in the shower, which totally turned me on but I didn't say anything or let her know that I had seen her. Then I did the same when it was my turn to shower (I know she saw me too, which turned me on even more).

Fast forward a couple of hours later, after dinner, I could not get the picture of her in the shower out of my mind but forced myself to do so, thinking that I had no choice because she would never want to be with me. Now we're having a great time, dancing the night away when she suddenly asks me if we can leave as she's not feeling very well. I was a bit disappointed because we were having a great time but didn't want her walking back to the hotel by herself so I left with her.

When we were walking back, she appeared to be feeling better so I asked if she wanted to stay out, but she said that she would really like to go back to our room, if that was okay with me. The look in her eyes and the smile on her face made me get this crazy feeling in my stomach and just said 'sure', not really knowing for sure what was going to happen. Then she just stops walking and asks if she can kiss me. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Again, I just said 'sure' (I couldn't think of anything else to say!) and the next thing I knew, we're totally making out and she's trying to get her hand down my shorts.

Needless to say, we couldn't get back to our room fast enough. Once we got there though, it was four hours of intensity. I was dripping wet, as was she. Since this was both our first girl-on-girl experience, I was amazed and a bit nervous at everything I was experiencing.

Regardless of our nerves though, she kissed me, I kissed her. She fingered me, I fingered her. She made me cum like I've never cum before and from the sounds of her moans, I'm pretty sure I did the same for her. The best part was waking up, showering together and doing it all over again.

Unfortunately, I lost count of the number of orgasms we had, but I'm pretty sure that we set some sort of record. What I do know for sure is that we will most definitely be going back to the beach for many more 'girls only' weekends!!!



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