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It All Started When

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This site is great.


This really started last month. I was talking with my best friend on msn about masturbating and how often he did it when out of no-where he dared me to not ejaculate for a whole month. Obviously not wanting to look like a pussy I agreed to the dare. So I didn't wank for a whole month and I was proud of that achievement.

So today I went over to his house and we played soccer, video games, watch movies you know the usual. So we were watching a movie when out of no-where he asks me, so how's the dare going? And I'm like to him It's pretty good but now I really need to wank, and he goes and smirks at me and turns away...I had no idea why he smirked at me but I played along anyway and asked him so when was the last time you did it and he goes and tells me about a month ago so I figured out he did the same dare as me. Then he goes and says to me can I see you wank in front of me...I was shocked but at the same time I was a bit excited too. So I said yes.

He goes and gets some hand lotion and some tissue, and I'm like well its only fair if I get to see you wank too. He grins at me and says I thought you'd never ask. So he goes and pulls his pants down and reveals a 6 inch erect cock and starts rubbing lotion on it. So I do the same thing and also realise that I have a cock like his too. So I start rubbing lotion on my dick and start getting comfortable on his bed when he goes and takes my hand off and says let me give you a hand with that.

Man that felt so good and I almost burst out right there and then but I held it and enjoyed it. As he starts pumping my cock I see that he has a hungry look in his eyes and I'm like are you ok and he goes and says hell yeah I'm just enjoying this, so I ease up and get comfortable again. So here is my best friend pumping my dick and I'm sitting there in heaven until I start to tense up and start to breathe in real deeply. After two minutes of this my hips start bucking and moving with his hand until I say FUCK this feels so good I'm about to cum and man I erupted like eight thick warm creamy ropes of cum. The first hits the wall and then the other three hit him in the face and his chest and the rest go over my stomach and his hand. As I sat there feeling the nice after-glow I go to him say saying now its your turn and so I went and got some more lotion and started rubbing his stick till it got to its full height and sat on his chest while his legs were wrapped around me and started stroking his nice cock for about 5 minutes when I finally heard those magical words I'm waiting for. I'm gonna cum.

All this time I'm jacking him off and his legs wrap tighter around me and his hips start moving with my hand and after another thirty seconds he goes and explodes. Seven thick creamy ropes of cum erupt from his dick and cover my chest and his chest. After that we cleaned up and went out feeling nice and played a bit more soccer.



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