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Isolated Post Leads To Much Masturbation

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In my early 30s, I led a solitary life.


In the pre-AIDS-days of the 70s, I worked at an isolated work site where the main social events were having sex and excessive drinking. I couldn't seem to get a date, let alone make a 'connection,' but my downright ugly roomate was dating a nurse.

He and I shared a tiny two-bedroom apartment with a bathroom, living room, and eat-in kitchen. I found the place claustrophobic, having grown up in a large family home. However, he and I were sometimes on different shifts so I could usually get private jerking time.

I say he was dating her, but in actual fact they never went anywhere or did anything, she just came over to the apartment regularly. His expression was they 'serviced each other.'

By the second week, I had bored a small hole in the wall between the two bedrooms at my eye level above the floor. I could look in on them and watch their activities, as they always left the lights on. She was obviously 'giving the orders' during their sessions.

One day I told him I had to catch four hours sleep before my shift, and went to my room to pretend I was asleep. He immediately phoned her saying they had an 'opportunity.' Through my closed door, I heard her arrive about 15 minutes later. They went into his room and closed the door. I could see about 3/4 of the room, but heard very little.

This day she undressed and lay flat on her back on the bed. She was not particularly attractive but she was neither fat nor ugly, just boring-looking. He came into my view from the area to the foot of the bed. He was already naked and stroking his schlong. He was only about 5'6' tall, several inches shorter than her, but he was circumcised and looked to be about 8' long with a pronunced upward curve. He sat down on the edge of the bed, with his balls hanging down over the edge of the mattress, and as he did so, she drew up her knees to make a place for him to sit. He now sat at her feet, facing toward my hole-in-the-wall, stroking himself very fast with his eyes closed.

She spread her knees far apart and I could see his fingers move to penetrate her. He had barely begun touching her when he suddenly spurted several ropes of cum onto the floor in front of him. Her face was expressionless thru all this. She looked at her watch, and I instinctively checked the time too.

They were talking now, but she kept checking her watch; then exactly 20 minutes after he had ejaculated she reached down and began to stroke his penis. As he became hard, he moved into position to mount her from above and she unrolled a condom onto his thrusting penis. She proceeded to masturbate herself using his penis as a dildo to rub her clit. He was never allowed to actually slip inside her. He lasted about 200 strokes then her thrusting hips suddenly stiffened and she shook violently. I could hear her moan through the wall, and I came in my own hand.

Then he returned to his original position on the bed and she sat up beside him, placing one arm tightly around his back and using her other hand to pull off the condom then quickly stroke him until he again shot sperm on the floor.

Then she lay back again and he used both hands to finger her, eventually bringing her off again. I thought, 'Ok that's twice, what next?'

They sat side-by-side talking for awhile. He began playing with his penis again, and eventually it became hard and erect. He kept stroking himself, and she either did not notice or was ignoring his actions. Then, suddenly, they both stood up at the same instant, and she grasped his hand that was stroking his penis, pulling him toward her bush. His hips began thrusting, and a stream of cum shot from his penis into her bush, trailing a string behind it. They kissed passionately for the first time since I had been watching them, then broke away and she began cleaning herself off.

He disappeared from view, but I had a good time watching her dress. I think that every woman has a different and sexy way of putting her bra on. This one put her arms thru the bra, then bent forward and placed a breast in each cup, then reached back to do up the clasp, before standing straight up. A few minutes later I heard her leaving; I was already on my way to fantasizing my second ecstasy of the afternoon.



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