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Isn't Summer Camp Just Awesome?

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All the names have been altered, and some details are even left out to help preserve anonymity. I have many camp stories and hopefully plan to tell more in the future. It's a hard story to believe, but I kid you not.


If you've ever been to summer camp, or any type of camp, you know quite well how close people can get in a relatively short period of time. This story happened a few years back when I was a mere 17 at a one week summer camp for 13 and 14 year olds. It was mostly cold and rainy that week, but that just meant we got to cuddle indoors. The camp consisted of one main building, and seven smaller cabins, each with a doorway to the outside. The main building housed a few hallways of rooms, a cafeteria, a main hall, and a med room. The ratio of boys to girls at the camp was ridiculous. The girls filled out all of the outdoor cabins, and the upstairs hallway in the main building. The few rooms of boys were in the downstairs hallway. It was my first time as a junior counsellor and I didn't know what to expect.

Before I get started, some background information is in order. I grew up rather sheltered, taking to books and art and music. As the years went by I excelled in these areas, and became one of the top students growing up. I am told I was an extremely cute kid (imagine a wavy haired Justin Bieber genius) and had many girlfriends, but we never did anything. I was always too shy.

My life was going as perfect as anyone could imagine, until tragedy struck. Right before I turned 14 I had a terrible accident. It was a miracle I survived with only a few scars, but puberty hit at the same time and my life was in the toilet, my self esteem shot. I still had all the same hobbies, but I closed in on myself, not wanting to open up to anyone. At the time I was very short for my age and still very fit and cute, and blended in with the kids perfectly.

Okay. Now that my life story is done, we'll get on with it. This cute, shy little wavy haired boy was about to start his first day counseling 13 and 14 year old hormone crazed girls. My first job was to help the kids make name tags as they signed in on the first day. Two girls instantly stood out to me as they approached the table. They were more developed than the other girls, both in body and mind, and I was shocked yet were only 14. I'll call them Kelsey and Melanie. They were both slim, The taller one (Kelsey) had long brown hair, and mid sized perfectly rounded tits. Her back was curved more than normal, making her ass seem to stick out all the time.

Her friend was a little shorter with blackish hair and a killer ass. Her thighs were to die for. I instantly tensed up, nervous for our first encounter, but they were extremely laid back, and comfortable to be around. I threw in a few jokes here and there as they made their tags, and I was able to loosen up for the first time in a while. Even though I was still deathly shy, they were slowly helping my cause.

I signed up for night-time supervision every night I could, as I knew it was the best time to get to know the kids. That night I introduced myself to all the kids, painfully forcing myself to open up. I spent the most time in Kelsey and Melanie's cabin, getting to know them a little better. Somehow the topic of my accident came up, and I said I'd tell them later. The second day, all the kids knew me, and it wasn't hard to open up at all. I was happy for the first time in a while.

After another full day of bonding with the kids, mainly Kelsey and Melanie, I told them I trusted them, and told their whole cabin my story. I think they knew I was favoring them, but they loved it. Over the course of the next few days everything changed. Kids were running around asking me to sit at their lunch table, asking me to do things with them, chasing me, hugging me, everything. I could not believe it. The girls became obsessed for some odd reason I could not figure out.

The female counselors told me I was all the girls spoke about. They said one girl was so excited to see me with no shirt on during swimming. The ringleader and the most obsessed out of all the girls was Kelsey, not afraid to say anything. She was to be closely followed by a much quieter Melanie. Somehow I was slowly attracting them.

The one nice day we had was spent swimming, but I just sat on the beach surrounded by kids drawing on my clipboard. Since all the girls were chasing me, I decided to chase them back. I carried a pocketful of sharpies and wrote on every kid I saw. At this point I knew Kelsey and Melanie would do whatever I wanted, but I held back, still scared by the councilor camper barrier. I wrote my name on the back of Melanie's thighs, slowly becoming hard as she laid back with her feet straight up in the air. I could see the outline of her pussy in her tight jean shorts, but I held back the urge.

I started to draw pictures on Kelsey's legs when they figured they would see how far I would go. It was night time, and I was supposed to be supervising, but they managed to steal my markers and bar the door. A whole cabin of muscle bound and hormone crazed amateur cheerleaders versus a small, not very strong boy. I made for the exit a few times, but they literally dragged me back into their circle. I know, I should have been taking advantage of the situation, but it felt wrong and I was shy. They wrestled me onto a chair and wrote long messages about how much I love them on my arms and legs in permanent marker. I gradually relaxed and let them go ahead, and went so far as to ask to borrow Melanie's hoodie (as it was cold out again) and to ask for a foot rub, since they were gathered around my legs anyway.

After I was rescued by a much stricter counsellor, I waddled back to my room and regretted not trying anything. My friend discovered how scarily far the writing went up my thigh, and drew in huge boundaries around my knees writing 'do not write past this line please' on it. I spent the next day using my creativity to make absolutely amazing gifts for the girls. That night when I walked in their room, I was still covered in sharpie, still wearing Melanies hoodie, and Kelsey whispered to Melanie that she should never wash the hoodie.

She then screamed out 'the only place we haven't drawn on is your little dicky!' so I ran out again as they chased me out the door, armed with markers. It turns out I was keeping the girls cabins awake too long, and was banned from them on the second last night. When the crazed girls asked where I was, they were all told I wasn't allowed in, and fell asleep rather quickly.

The last night came too fast after yet another day of bonding and chasing. I said goodnight to every cabin, leaving Melanie's and Kelsey's until last. I walked in, and most of the mattresses were on the floor. No one was asleep yet, most of the girls were just sitting wrapped in blankets on the mattresses. The only other counsellor in the room was easily the hottest girl counsellor at camp. Let's call her Jess. She was an aggressive type, with a lot more muscle than most boys, with a past history of 'cute' submissive boyfriends. She is known for her perfect belly, complete with belly button ring, and huge tits, unmatched by anything else in existence.

I walked in, generally unnoticed at first, and passed my gifts to Melanie and Kelsey. They immediately started to cry, even before I gave them the gifts, and hugged me full on, as tight as they could. I just stood there as the two girls cried, pressing everything they had into me. We stood like that for a good two minutes, Melanie from the front, and Kelsey from the side. There was no way Melanie couldn't feel my dick on her leg. I saw Jess on the top bunk looking longingly at the three of us, but I enjoyed making her jealous. She can get any guy she wants, so I wasn't sacrificing my two friends, even if it was for perfect tits.

After the three of us drifted apart, they sat on a top bunk that still had a mattress and looked at their gifts some more. I grabbed a mattress and sat on the bunk across from them. I started getting really sad, thinking about going back home, and not seeing them for a year or more, and I struggled to keep back tears. Kelsey just said, 'are you crying? awwww you are! Come here'. I sat with my knees bent in front of me, bent over forewords, with Kelsey on my right arm and Melanie on my left. My arms went around their shoulders and their arms were wrapped around my torso. We stayed like this for the longest time, crying our eyes out, sharing favorite memories.

Jess couldn't handle this, and started trying to get attention. One kid yelled over to me, saying Jess wanted to cuddle, but I ignored it. She eventually left and went with all the rest of the counselors to a last night party basically, and I was left alone in a cabin full of fourteen year olds at one in the morning. The rest of the cabin started to cry too, but stopped after a while. My dick was getting harder and more noticeable, and didn't try and hide it. Only Melanie and Kelsey could see, and they started 'accidentally' rubbing their arms over it, across my body.

I was playing with their hair, and eventually my fingers found their mouths. The two girls heads were facing me, and nobody could see us. The rest of the girls were on the bunk below us or in the middle of the room. They continued to suck my fingers, looking at each other with smiles through the waning tears. They both started using their hands now, one each, taking turns feeling my dick through my jeans. I was in heaven, as nothing like this had happened to me before.

I erupted all over the inside of my pants as soon as Kelsey got enough courage to put a hand under my jeans. Melanie just watched, stroking herself through her jeans. Soon after, Melanie wrote 'I love you' on the back of my clipboard. Kelsey was still on my right side, and she tipped me over so we were lying together, Melanie's feet at our feet. I told her I felt wrong to touch her pussy, as it was technically a church camp, and I was supposed to be her counsellor. She was content with silently rubbing herself off on my knee, while I playfully poked and prodded her breasts. We just lay there for a long time, talking. Kelsey said 'I don't think Grace is wearing underwear' as we noticed one girls wet folds poking out from under her short loose pyjama shorts.

She saw me notice her, and she just covered her hands and her pussy with a blanket and stared at me as she touched herself. I eventually left at around three o'clock, and had some more fun with Jess. Another counsellor described me as the perfect mixture of badass and cutie, which is why I appeal to the girls. I gained a lot of self esteem that week and greatly increased my minimum standards for a girlfriend. This was just your average week at summer camp.



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