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Island Girls

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I found out I had a lot more in me than I ever thought!


It was the summer of 1979, I was 17 and I was with my aunt and uncle on their boat on a cruise around Melanesia. We stopped at a lot of the “major islands” and a ton of places that had no names. It seemed every island we stopped at had topless women of every size, shape, and nationality not just the “native” girls. In fact, if you went by just that wedge of the world alone, you would think that no female ever wore tops. At 17, perpetually horny, this was killing me. The boat was big but privacy was always an issue so a quick session here and there was all I was getting. I think my aunt and uncle were understanding and tried to allow me time by myself but it wasn’t enough for me.

We were about 12 days into the cruise and when we threw a prop and had to pull into this little island and wait for a part to be delivered. It catered to the dive set but, it was summer and not too many tourists were on the island. On our second day I was exploring the island when I found this beautiful fresh water pool with a small waterfall. Really, it looked like a movie set it was so perfect. I was just about to go in for a dip when I heard a lot of high pitched voices, giggling and laughing, It was four island girls, all stark naked and they jumped in for a swim. One of them I recognized as a waitress at the bar we went to.

They were laughing and splashing and soon they were sitting on the rocks sunning themselves casually talking in their language. What happened next blew my mind. They sat up and one girl spread her legs and started masturbating. This was almost too much for me and my cock strained at my shorts so much it hurt. The other girls were laughing and egging her on. Soon, she started thrusting her hips, and with a great shuddering moan, she came. They applauded and the next girl spread her legs and started in on herself. By now my own hand was stroking my cock and I was oozing all over the place. I was so into stroking I didn’t notice that one of their friends was right behind me. I heard a soft cooing voice and I turned quick, flinging a string of precum off the tip of my dick. I think a drop or two must have splashed her because she jumped back a little, giggling. I went to pull my pants up but she smiled and shook her head “no” and walked over to me and grabbed my cock. I gasped out loud and she put her finger to her lips and said “Shhh” She then turned me to face what I was watching before only this time she was doing the stroking. We were hip to hip, one of her hands around my waste while the other stroked my slippery, frothing cock. She kept talking to me in this sweet breathy voice. Soon my hips were bucking and I shot my wad, hard. I think I grunted a little loud because she giggled. She shook my cock out and massaged my balls a little. I reached for her little slit and she said something again in her native language and started pinching her nipples as I rubbed her sopping wet pussy. Soon she guided my mouth to one of her nipples and let me suckle her. Not long after that, I felt her hips buck and she took my hand and buried it up her pussy. A few more quick thrust and she came…hard. Her friends stopped what they were doing stood up and called her name. She sighed and called out to them. She was having a conversation with them, there was some laughter and she grabbed my cock again. Instantly, I went from flaccid to rock hard (hey, I was 17!!!) She looked at me with surprise and called out to her friends. They squealed, dove into the water and swam over to us. Before I knew it there were four girls looking at my now throbbing cock. The girl who jerked me off pointed to the jizz I splashed on the bushes and they all looked astonished. She was stroking me again and I could feel a second load building up. Then she stopped. The four were discussing something and they did some kind of paper-scissors-rock kind of thing and then a new girl took the other girls place. They all watched eagerly one so close I could feel her breath on my belly as her friend jerked me off. Like the first girl, I fingered the new girl. She seemed to like four fingers in her snatch and as she stroked me she thrust her hips hard on my hand. She came first and then I came again, almost as much as I did the first time (it had been at least a week since my last solo session.) Her friends squealed and clapped. The first girl took my cock again and shook out the rest of the jizz that was left. Then she did something unexpected; she started sucking one of my nipples. Now, I had fooled around with girls but no one had ever done this to me. It sent shock waves right down to the soles of my feet and in no time I had a raging hard on again. As soon as I sprang up a girl who had been sitting down pushed the other girls out of the way and grabbed my cock. It was so sensitive she had to stop stroking. She said something to her friends and soon one girl was on each nipple sucking away and the girl who had my cock switched from stroking me to squeezing me faster and faster. To my own surprise, I felt the cum start erupting again. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground as I spurted about two or three small blobs of cum. I saw stars!! But they weren’t done with me yet. There was still one girl left. I didn’t think I could cum again. My penis felt as if the tip was the size of a bowling ball and I was flat on my back. The girl who just jerked me off playfully rubbed her sopping wet pussy against my knee and then she started pinching her nipples and soon she came too!

The last girl was a little on the shy side but after some egging on by her friends she lay next to me and grabbed my poor dick with one hand and just rubbed my tip with her thumb. One of her friends knelt by my head (pussy so close I could see it pulsing!) and played with my nipples again. My whole body ached, my cock was sore and I was sure I had nothing left. I was wrong. While not fully engorged my cock started getting semi hard and then without warning, two small spurts erupted. They gasped again and chattered as if I wasn’t there for about three minutes. This time they helped me up and we all went swimming.

The part for my uncle & aunts boat took longer than expected and the rest of my time on the island was spent with my new friends. They introduced me to around and one of the girls aunts asked me for, as she put it, a demonstration of my “endurance.” That, however is another story.



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