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Is She for Real???

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I remember this time when I was 14 years old, my friends and I went to the Ontario Mills mall and as always when we went to the mall, we met some other friends and walked around looking for girls to talk to. A large group of girls called out to us so we all approached. One of the girls who was very cute was actually more than a little interested in me. I was not used to girls being interested in me because every other time a girl came up to me whether it was at the mall, in school or at a party it was to get more information about my friends. One of my friends had a surfers body with tanned skin, dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes and another was a tall, muscular and athletic black guy and those two always had girls coming on to them, they were the archetypal ladies men. My other friends also had girls coming on to them very often when we went out but I just wasn't used to it. I wore glasses and braces, I was very thin, pale skinned and my hair was flaming red. I don't think I was ugly at all but just going through my early teen years in a more awkward way than my peers.

Back to the girl that took an interest in me...at first I thought it was a joke because this girl was coming on to me in such an over the top manner that I figured that someone must have put her up to it. First she complimented every thing about me, she actually liked my hair color, she liked my hair style, she liked my freckles, she thought my braces were cute, my glasses were cute, my clothes were cute. She was cute herself and I would best describe her ethnicity as Filipino maybe mixed with Caucasian, apparently a very good combination because she was very cute.

This girl was all over me, she was touching me and being very 'grabby' which on one hand made me very happy and on the other hand was a little annoying and at the same time I was never sure if she really meant it. She had her hands in my hair and on my ears and on my butt and on my shoulders the entire time we walked around that mall. She was on me so much so that this much older man yelled out to me 'better not make no babies'. Anyway we got to the food court and as I was trying to eat my meal and all of our friends were sitting around talking, this girl was sitting on my lap at one point and all my friends were giving me thumbs up but I was becoming annoyed especially then because I was hungry and wanted to eat. She got off my lap but she didn't stop touching me and she put her hand on my crotch and started to feel my penis through my pants. When she did that I went from being annoyed to slightly less annoyed and a whole lot more horny, eventually horny took over completely. I tried to act normal as her hand was under the table on my dick in this crowded food court. She put her hand eventually under my pants but still on top of my underwear and touched my penis through the relatively thin cloth of my boxer briefs. I don't know how I looked to my friends but I was having a difficult time behaving in a normal manner. Her fingers moving over the cloth of my underwear felt incredible and apparently she knew what she was doing because each stroke felt better than the last. I remember looking around and taking in the fact that we were in public and that added to the excitement and then there was the fact that I had never come close to doing anything like that, ever in my life. I had never had another human being have their hand that close to my penis in a sexual way. Still though as good as it felt to be touched over my underwear I wanted to feel skin on skin so I put her hand onto the other side of my underwear and for a short few seconds I felt her hand on my (uncircumcised if it matters) penis, but when I did that she stopped and strangely, even though we were with the girls the rest of the night she wasn't as affectionate after that but still ended up giving me her phone number.

Well I called her a few times and we planned to get together but it turned out that she lived about 50 miles away from the mall and about 40 miles away from me. My primary modes of transportation were a bike and a skateboard, my Mother could have driven me there but my older brother ruined that for me because he got a girl pregnant at an early age so my Mom didn't trust me or my younger brother to be around girls that much. I tried to arrange another meeting with her in the mall and I had many masturbatory fantasies about that potential meeting but after we talked a few times about it she told me she had a boyfriend and that I shouldn't call anymore.

Eventually as I got older and started working out and changing my style a little I became used to girls coming up to me but never even to this very day have I ever had a girl come on to me in quite the same way as that evening in the Mall.



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