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Is It a Mom's Mistake????

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Even mom needs to cum sometimes...........


My story started about three weeks ago. I live with my son who is twenty nine years old. I started to find some surprises in my panties. He started to jerk off in them. Somehow this did not get me angry, but I started to feel young and maybe even wanted by men again.

I kept a watch on my dirty laundry for the next week. He seemed to keep away from the white cotton panties and only used the nylon low cut colored ones.

This got my mind thinking how it would be to see him enjoy my panties. Getting really crazy I left a dirty pair on his pillow and did not say anything. This went on for a few days.

He must know that I was the one who put them there being it is only him and myself in the house. I could also tell he was enjoying my little surprises, by the mess left in them upon checking under his pillow.

Friday night came along and I could hear him come in the house about two am. He proceeded to his room as usual. In a matter of seconds I could here him start to masturbate.

I arose and walked to his doorway. Hearing him enjoying himself. Yes, with my panties!!!

Entering the room I said nothing. Just opened my robe, let it fall to the floor and approached the bed. Asking if he needed any help? I see your having fun with mommy's panties. That's OK!!

I am a mature woman not as slender as I once was, not as sexy but still needing to cum. I am a little overweight. My tits sag a little. OK a lot!!. My ass not as round as it once was. But if you like a chunky ass I might be your gal.

I just took his very large cock in my hands and started to masturbate him. He started to say something. I told him just lay back and shut up. It took only a short time before he started to cum. Saying Oh! Mom, here I fucking cum!!!!His load came shooting out of his cock landing on his chest and stomach. Getting as much of it in my hands I put my sons load in my mouth.

Feel better?? I asked him. He said OH YES!!! Do you feel you want to repay the favor I asked him?? You mean masturbate you?? Yes I replied.

Laying down on his bed, his hands went across my body. I could tell he enjoyed what he was touching.

He felt my tits asking if he could suck on them. PLEASE DO!!!I can't believe what we are doing he said. Then his fingers went to my hairy pussy. I was so wet at this time two of his fingers just slid in to me making a slurping sound.

Playing with my pussy needing to cum so badly. At once he hit the spot. OH SHIT THAT'S THE SPOT!! He was masturbating me and slapping my ass all at once. I could feel my pussy start to contract and release. Then getting so tight I knew there was no turning back. I was going to cum. OH! and I did cumming hard and strong. Just laying there unable to move.

In a little bit I told him how good he made me feel, and sorry for not knocking on his door before entering. He just laughed and said come in any time. I hope you feel better now, I know I do.

I was ready to leave and return to my room when he stopped me and said, will we do this again?? Well do you feel it would be something you felt comfortable doing on a regular basis, you know being mother and son? Oh yes it is something I thought about for a long time. Well then I think we should make a date of it. Would you say at least once a week? You know just to take the edge off.

So my son and I have been together upon two occasions. Looking forward to the next time. This is something him and I keep to ourselves. We never talk about it to people we know. I feel they would not understand.

Any comments are welcome. If you have any ideas to make our time together even better please comment.



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