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I was sitting in the Sex Education class, bored, and with nothing to do. I already knew all of this stuff. Yes, insert the penis into the vagina is the equivalent of sex. Male teens often brag about banging the hottest chick when more than likely, they were just jerking off the other night. This class might turn me on if I didn't already know everything. The only interesting thing to watch was this cute boy across the room. His name was Cole, he was pretty tall, and he was slightly misunderstood. I knew that he had never dated anyone and I always wondered why. Yeah, he might have a small acne problem but he has all of the qualities I want in a man. He seems to be pretty funny and popular in a way. Everyone knew who he was because his dad was the Elementary Art Teacher. He was my favorite teacher, by the way. He has brown hair, freckles on his nose, and really athletic. He was being very attentive during the class. I wasn't sure if he just didn't know anything or the image of the breasts turned him on. Well, knowing any guy, it was probably the twin melons...

After the class, I made it my goal to confront him about his attentiveness. I waited outside the door as everyone else filed out. As Cole walked by, I popped in right beside him.

'Hey Cole,' I said as I approached.

'Oh, hey Grace,' he replied.

'I noticed that you were very attentive during the sex ed class. Any reason why?'

'No, not really.' He seemed to play it off really well.

'It wasn't the boobs, was it?' I asked hoping to get something out of him.

'Ok, you got me.' I giggled hoping he would notice that I am flirting with him. 'You know us guys.'

'Well, would one of those guys like to walk me home today?' Cole was ovbiously in astoundment.

'Well, let's see. I am a guy right? It seems like I'm the only one around so I guess I have to say yes,' he said jokingly. 'How about we meet at the pole right after the bell.'

'Who's going to be there first?' I asked flirtingly.

'Oh, there is no way on God's green Earth that you can beat me!' We both started laughing as we walked to our regular class.

Cole beat me to the pole. I walked up to him and we started walking.

'So, where do you live?' He asked.

'Oh, just on Underwood Road.' Underwood Road is a very high end neighborhood and he was definitely surprised. 'If you want, we can do some studying or just have some fun and then my brother can drive you home.'

He nodded saying, 'That would be nice.' We walked on for a little bit more without saying anything and then he asked me a big question.

'Do you like me?' I hesitated because this was not the kind of question you just blurt out and ask. Then again, he wouldn't know.

'Did I not give you enough hints?' I asked.

'Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to be friends or a couple or whatever. You and I seldom talk, until today of course. I hope you don't get mad. I am just really confused.' He was letting out all of his emotions that he kept shut in earlier.

'Will this give you an answer?' I leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. He turned away and started walking as I tried to catch up with him. Once we got even beside each other, he put his arm down to hold my hand.

Upon arriving to my house, Cole jumped into the green, plush grass.

'Why are we laying in the grass?' I asked as I too jumped onto the grass.

'I just had my first kiss, kinda.' He was overwhelmed.

'Well how is this for a first real kiss?' I jumped on top of him and made out with him. He quickly caught on. While we were making out, he sat up grabbed my by my butt, and carried me into my house. He pulled away to ask where my room is. I pointed and we got back to making out. He quickly jogged over to my room and threw me on my bed. He ran over to close the door as he jumped on the bed to continue making out with me. As we were laying on the bed making out, he started taking his shirt off. He pulled away again to get a better grip of his t-shirt. I also took my shirt off.

'What size are you?' He asked playfully.

'34C.' He jumped off the bed to take his pants off and then his boxers. His penis was already rock solid. I stared at my first penis as I quickly too my pants off too. I then realized how ironic the situation was. We had just had a sex ed class and now we are about to have sex, or were we?

'Are we going to have sex?' I asked. I didn't want to lose my virginity to Cole, I just wanted to be his girlfriend.

'No, abstinence is key. Masturbation is the door!' I laughed really hard at how funny and stupid that sounded. I was definitely ok with this. He jumped back on the bed with his hard cock right below me. He searched for my bra clip and undid my bra. These were obviously his first pair of boobs. He then shimmied my panties down. I regularly trimmed my pubes but nothing more.

'Ok, so how should we do this?' He asked.

'Well, it all depends on who wants to go first.'

'Ladies first!' He caressed my breasts and squeezed my nipples and slowly ran his hand down my body so he would only touch the short hairs all over my stomach. He did the same with my breasts which felt so good. He ran his hand down vertically to my pussy and stuck his middle finger right in me. He suddenly stopped.

'Here, I have an idea. I will lay down with my left leg and arm sprawled out like this.' I moved out of the way so he could demonstrate.

'Ok, and you lay on my leg and arm but not on my penis. Yeah, like that. Ok, now, we should be able to do each other at the same time.' This position was genius. I had no idea if he found it online or just came up with it but it was great. It was great for him because he got a great view of the mountains, he could get hands on, and I could also get hands on. After minutes of slow masturbation, I sped up on his penis and he sped up on my pussy. Amazingly, I came first because I was already in the zone. He was doing all of the right things. My whole body jerked but I didn't ejaculate. He told me to get between his legs and do the normal position where it's just me jerking him off. But he stopped suddenly again.

'Do you mind if I cum on you?' I always wanted to try this. I was sure hot liquid on my belly would feel pretty nice. In this position, I couldn't really do much so I just layed there and watched. He quickly came all over me. Some went on my boobs and nipples while a little bit even went on my chin. The rest just plopped right on my belly. The sensation was amazing!

'Oh my god, I can't believe I just gave my first handjob. You won't tell anybody, will you?'

'No, I kinda regret this myself. I want to stay with you but I don't want to do this again until we are much older,' He said. I understood and we agreed.

He and I are still together today and we are still happy even though we don't do things like that anymore.



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