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Irish Peg: My 1st Love

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My father was in the military and he was often assigned to foreign embassies to look after security. This is a nice way of saying he was a spy. I never knew, of course, and my mother never said anything until long after he had passed away about what his real job was. This gave me an opportunity to live a fairly unique life when I was growing up. We moved every year or so to a new international city where I got to attend the finest English schools.

I was a small boy, even today in my late 20s I only stand five foot, six inches and weigh all of 145 pounds, however I have a large penis. It is not a 'grower' uncut, it hangs about six inches long when I am flaccid and is just over eight inches long when erect. Cold water shrinkage has never been an issue for me. It is also nice and thick. My small stature means that the size of my penis is exaggerated; it just looks bigger than it really is.

When I was 14 we lived in Lima Peru for a year. We lived in a huge home in a very expensive area. All of our neighbors were either diplomats or millionaires. Directly across from us lived an Irish diplomat. I was totally in love with his daughter, Peggy.

She was 16 or 17, tall, not really slim, curvy with wide hips, yet with amazingly large breasts. She looked like a woman should. Peg normally wore her reddish-blond hair up in a bun or in tight braids but when it was down it hung down to her waist in waves of color. Peg got straight As in school without trying and she spoke several languages, perfectly. She drove a tomato-soup-red MGA that she found in a garage, abandoned by some previous diplomat. Peg got it running by herself, fixed it up and roared around town, fast, with no license plates and never got hassled by the local police. (Until it broke down and whatever part she needed was impossible to get in Peru) Peg had a tennis serve that could set the grass on fire.

I was totally in love Peggy.

It was tennis that allowed us to meet. We had a court in our back yard and I was a fairly good player. I had been at the house for two or three days after arriving in Peru when I saw Peg and another girl playing in our yard. The housekeeper told me she lived across the street and was allowed to come over and play whenever she wanted. I watched from the kitchen with a growing hard-on as Peg played. I ran upstairs, showered, shaved, put on some nice clothes and went outside to introduce myself only to find they were gone.

It was a few days later that she returned, this time alone and was hitting balls when I went out and in my best Spanish, nervously introduced myself. Peg replied in Spanish before switching to English and we agreed to play as she needed a practice partner.

Peg and I went to the same school although we did not have classes together. She avoided me as she travelled in the elite circles and I was nobody. When we played tennis together she was always sweet and pleasant.

Making love to Peggy became my main masturbation fantasy. In my dreams we would be alone in the house and after a game and somehow ended up naked and having sex.

Thinking of her I masturbated two, sometimes three times a day. Most mornings I would masturbate in the bathroom, watching myself in the mirror, before having a shower and again in bed before going to sleep. I would use a skin-cream as a lube. I had just discovered the pleasure of lubricated masturbation and was exploring some different methods of self-pleasure. The lotion was called 'Keri Lotion' if I recall correctly and was intended to be used as a sunburn remedy. It came in a large bottle and was very greasy.

Each morning I would awake with an erection and would often stroke myself close to coming in bed before going to the bathroom where I would lube up and masturbate quickly while sitting on the edge of the bathtub where there was a full length mirror. I have always enjoyed watching myself masturbate and ejaculate.

At night I would get a bit of lube and a face cloth from the bathroom and lie in bed and slowly, slowly stroke to an orgasm, wipe up and go to sleep.

I found that when Peg and I played Tennis in the afternoons I would often get a hard-on, making it difficult to play, so I learned to have a quick wank before she came over when changing into my tennis clothes. All in the name of a better game.

There was a school dance coming up and I asked Peg if she would go with me. She firmly said 'No'. She snubbed me hard and it hurt. I moped around the house for weeks; even my mother noticed and said that I should stay to 'girls within my league'. That made me feel much better. I even cut down on my masturbation to only once in the mornings; most days.

Things got better in the spring, as the school was having a tennis tournament and in addition to winning the singles title, Peg has set her sights on the mixed doubles match as well, with me as her partner. We practiced most nights; playing against each other and with her parents who were pretty good themselves.

It was after one of those matches that I had my one and only sexual experience with Peggy.

We had played for an hour by ourselves and were just going to quit when her mother came over and said she wanted to play. Peg seemed irritated with her mothers arrival. They played a quick game and Peg ruthlessly beat her on, showing no mercy.

After the game her mother left and Peg said she wanted to practice some more but soon collapsed into a lawn chair.

I took a chair across from her and was able to see up her skirt and between her legs. Peg was wearing one of the short, pleated tennis skirts that have some loose shorts underneath, but to my amazement, she did not have any underwear on and I could clearly see her vagina and pubic hair. I almost came in my pants.

I could tell she knew I was looking at her but she did not move or say anything, just leaned back with her face into the sun with one foot up on the table.

She stood up and said that she had to get home. I stood up and stumbled on the chair leg and ended up bumping against her.

Impulsively I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her while pressing my hard cock against her tummy. To my delight, she kissed back and ran her hand down my chest, under my pants, took my penis in her hand and squeezed it. 'My God Raymond, it's huge' she exclaimed loudly. Peg looked around to see if anybody had heard. Seeing no one she pulled on the front of my shorts and peered down looking at my cock.

We stood there for a moment, both breathing hard before she led me down the lawn to a small area of grass between the side of the tennis court and the back garden wall.

'Nobody can see us here from the house' she said as she pulled me onto the grass, 'This is where we used to hide'.

We lay on the grass, on our sides, facing each other for a moment and kissed. Peg rolled me onto my back and pulled my shorts down below my knees. Again she lay beside me, this time resting her head on my stomach while she fondled and stroked my cock.

We were totally silent except she asked me to tell her when I was going to come. Each time I got anywhere near close, I said 'now' or 'soon' and Peg would expertly slow down, change hands or something to pull me back from the edge.

After a few of these near misses, I was caught by surprise and ejaculated a thick stream of semen, high in the air.

Peg laughed and rolling over almost on top of me she asked if I liked it. I was completely speechless, my heart was pounding and I was unable to move or answer.

Peg, began to rub her crotch against my leg and then rapidly lifted her hips up and pulled her skirt off and covered my head with it.

I pulled it off and was able to see her lying beside me, on her back with her hand between her legs. I watched until she turned and said in mock anger 'Why am I doing this myself?'.

I reached out and put my hand between her legs and felt a woman's sex for the first time. I was astonished to how wet it was. Her pubic hair was such a light red it was almost see-through, invisible, yet full, thick and un-trimmed. I could make out the shadow of her crack, highlighted against her protruding mound, leading down to the folds of skin covering her clitoris. I ran my fingers up between her legs, over her lips. She moaned ever so slightly and opened her legs wider. Another touch as I tried to find her clit under the soft folds of skin and as she opened her legs wider, her lips opened like a flower, in slow motion, reavealing the actual opening into her body. I clumsily tried to push my index finger inside her and could tell it was uncomfortable as she closed her legs and pushed my hand away.

'Let me show you what to do' she whispered, spreading her legs and with one hand she opened her lips and rubbed her clitoris with the other. I knelt between her knees, as if in worship, as she masturbated. She took my hand and guided a finger into her warm wet, pink, vagina. While I rhythmically slid one, then two fingers in and out, she worked her clitoris over in a circular motion. Her eyes were closed and she bit her lip till it bled as she climaxed. I recall feeling the contractions on my fingers. For a moment I pushed in deeply and could feel the bulb of her cervix quivering inside her. She collapsed as if melting and lay motionless with her legs spread wide, one hand in her mouth, the other still between her legs.

While this was going on, I had been masturbating with my other hand and realized I was about to come again. I moved forward and tried to penetrate Peg as she lay there before she rolled to the side, away from me as I came; ejaculating a single shot of semen onto her leg.

I lay on top of her for a moment; then she gently pushed me aside. And we ended up as we had started, on our sides, facing one another with Peg holding my penis.

I can't recall exactly what she told me but she said I was a sweet young man, who with my big dick would make some lucky girl very happy. It was not going to be her. She then stood, pulled her skirt on saying she had to run home and clean up.

That day was the equivalent of me losing my virginity. I had touched a vagina. I had been pleasured by and pleasured a woman.



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