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(In)visible Jerk

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I guess this is more of a confession than a story. I live on the second floor of a high rise apartment in a residential neighborhood in a big city. My building is a nice quiet middle-class place with a nice variety of tenants. My apartment is on the second floor and has a large bay window that opens and overlooks the front entrance.

Since I work at home on the computer I put my work station near to the window so I wouldn't feel so lonely and could watch people come and go all day. Over the past year I have got to know some of my neighbors and we wave to each other through the window as they enter the building from the street.

Like anyone else who spends a lot of time on the computer, I like to frequent porn sites and have me a little jack-off. What I like best is that I'm clearly visible from the chest up to all that walk by. I love sitting in front of my computer looking at hardcore porn with my pants off stroking my cock. More than once I have had to take my hand off my dick to wave to the little old lady upstairs, or the guy down the hall.

Here is my confession...there was one time where I was taking a break from work and beating my meat furiously and almost ready to shoot when I saw the unthinkable. The 12-year-old girl I often see with her family on Saturdays had just left the building and was standing outside on the lawn just under my window, obviously waiting for someone. I've met them in the lobby getting my mail and wave to them when I see them.

She was wearing tight sweat pants and an even tighter t-shirt. I could easily imagine what was underneath. I know it's wrong, but when your all worked up your mind doesn't differentiate (or so I tell myself). I turned away from the computer and faced the window and continued to jerk off hoping she would see me.

I kept holding off, letting go of my throbbing cock so I wouldn't come too soon. Sure enough she looked up as if feeling my stare on her. Paralyzed with fear I didn't know what to do. Oblivious to my state, she waved up at me and mouthed something I couln't hear.

Letting go of my drooling cock I slowly reached over and turned the crank that opens the side of the window. 'Do you know what time it is?' she asked. Stunned I looked over at the clock on my screen (screen filled with gaping holes and cum).

I croaked out 'Four thirty'. 'thanks' she replied.

I continued stroking and looking out the window as she paced back and forth restlessly across the lawn. There was nothing sexual about it but the idea that I was jerking off about 30 feet away from this girl drove me nuts.

Feeling courageous, due to the hormonal rush of a stiff cock I leaned over to the window and called out. 'Who are you waiting for?' She turned and came a little closer to the building and standing underneath my window, replied, 'My friends mom is picking me up, we're going to the movies.'

Looking right at her, now less than 15 feet away, stroking my hard-on it was too much. Before I could reply I shot a huge wad of hot cum in her direction. Fortunately for me, and her, there was a foot thick wall in the way to deflect the load.

Still looking down at her, I tried to control my face, but I don't know how successful I was. She looked at me kinda funny and then hearing a car horn, looked over her shoulder saw her friends mom. 'I gotta go, see you.' and she ran off leaving me with cum dripping off the wall and my hand.

I know that was wrong, and I don't want to have sex with kids (I've got a really hot girlfriend my age) but the whole situation took on a life of its own. Thinking back on it now still makes me hot. I want to do it again sometime.



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