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Introduction To Masturbation

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I believe that Solo Touch is a great site to help teens develop a better self-image and help them to make responsible decision involving themselves.


I have been reading Solo Touch for about 18 months. I read the contributions from males more frequently than others. I wish I had access to this kind of information during my teen years. I began to experience the onset of puberty very late. I was a junior in high school before I developed any pubic hair. My penis was uncut and very tiny up to that time and I suffered through several years of ridicule and teasing as me and my classmates would change in and out of our gym clothes for the required PE periods in the high school locker room. The shower room was both the best and the worst part of this experience. I fully enjoyed looking at all the other fellows' bodies. Especially I liked gazing at the large and well developed penises that some of my classmates carried on their bodies. But I had to endure the joked and laughter that my small member generated quite often. Sometimes if our exercises weren't too vigorous I would skip taking a shower for that very reason.

In spite of the extremely small size of my penis I discovered a little about the pleasures it could provide when I was about eight years old. I often got erections and noticed that it felt good to pinch and squeeze my one inch long, pencil stub of a penis. Even with a full erection the foreskin completely covered the head and hung closed tight. I would play with my erect penis, try to pull the foreskin back as far as I could, but that was about all I did.

My parents went out most Saturday evenings until about midnight. They usually hired a neighbor boy named Louis to stay with me and my younger brother. Lou was a friendly guy and usually helped the two of us take our baths, and get on our pajamas. He would tuck us into bed and go downstairs. We were usually asleep by nine or nine thirty.

One Saturday evening after my brother and I had both gone to sleep, I was awaked out of my sleep by Lou shaking my shoulder. He whispered to quietly follow him. We went downstairs where Lou had a 'porno video' that he had brought with him. I hardly knew what 'porno' meant but I was curious. I gave my promise to Lou that I would tell no one as he put it into the machine and turned it on. He put me on the fold-out sofa and sat down beside me with his arm around my shoulder. The video began showing a male penis being sucked by a naked female. Instantly me little cock sprang to attention. I was very aroused and also very embarrassed. My embarrassment almost tripled when Lou reached over with his free hand, untied my PJ string and took hold of my tiny, hard cock with his thumb and one finger. The blood was pounding in my ears as I tried to push his hand away. Lou told me not to be nervous, that my cock was being normal and he would like to show me his cock so I could tell how mine would look as I grew older.

I mumbled quietly. He stood up, unfastened his trousers and with one motion lowered both his pants and briefs at the same time. I looked at what I thought was an ENORMOUS erection. Actually it was somewhere between 6 and 7 inches as I learned later. But compared to mine I felt really shamed. I was relieved that Lou did not laugh at my tiny member. Instead he assured me that as I grew older my organ would become as big as his. Lou then said he wanted to show me how boys could enjoy a good feeling by jerking their cocks. He sat down again with his hard-on poking up between his legs. He took my cock again with his thumb and finger, told me we should watch the video, and began jerking me slowly.

The jerking Lou was giving me was somewhat painful because the foreskin was not free enough to fully retract over my penis head. But it was also quite stimulating, my body and my legs jerked and stiffened in reaction to Lou's jacking. Lou's other hand was wrapped around his own cock The video was now showing the man jacking himself off with the female leaning over his long member.

Before long I began to feel my muscles in my back and legs stiffen and I felt like I needed to pee. Lou was jerking me faster, my breathing began to get heavier, and then my climax began. I grabbed Lou's arm as the climax engulfed my whole being. My little cock was getting very sensitive and the jacking had to stop. As I push Lou's had away he grabbed his balls. His other hand was rapidly jerking himself. He started coming and was catching his cum in the hand that he had used to jerk me off.

That was my introduction to masturbation. My penis was sore for a couple of days. However as soon as it felt normal again I tried doing to my member what Lou had done. It worked fine. Lou and I had a number of good experiences together. Before too long we introduced my younger brother into the pleasures of masturbation also. After the breaking-in period he also began to enjoy himself with the pleasures that masturbation can deliver.



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