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Into the Void

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I have a very privileged background. Privately educated at one of the most exclusive girl's schools in the UK, I have only recently left Cambridge. I am, as they say, of independent means. I live in a beautiful home and am accustomed to the best life has to offer. However sometimes, I need to be knocked off my pedestal.


Dogging, in the UK that is, is the practice of driving to a car park or other open area and either having sex with strangers, or allowing them to watch one have sex, or perform a sexual activity. I love the earthy, raunchy thought of being watched. Sometimes I fantasize about being the only girl at a party. All the men there take turns with me, sometimes more than one at a time.

So, I drove to the car park near Brighton that is widely known for this activity. Although most of the action takes place at night or after dark, I was there in the afternoon. Sitting there, I looked around and drank in the atmosphere. Near the fence were tissues, used condoms and I counted three pairs of knickers. I allowed myself to imagine the girls in their cars, getting fucked or sucking their boyfriends off while others stood around the car jacking off, or if they were really lucky, being invited to join in.

I pushed the driver's seat right back and lowered the back until I was semi-reclining. I opened my legs and hitched my skirt up. Just sitting in that erotic atmosphere with my knickers plainly on display was sufficient to allow my clit to start to pulse and the wetness to begin. I get very wet when I am aroused. I lifted up my top and exposed my breasts. They are, sadly, very small, having stopped growing almost as soon as they started. I am still an a cup.

A car drove in and parked away in the corner. There was a man and a woman in it and soon they were all over each other. I slipped my hand into my knickers, wondering what he was doing to her. As I watched, they got out of the car and she leaned forward holding onto their car's roof. He hitched her skirt up and I could see his erection as he slipped it inside her from behind. I could see her arch her back and press back against him. They both looked in my direction and she beckoned me over, however, I was not ready for that quite yet.

Instead, I beckoned them over to me. Soon, I had them against my car. I wound my window down and she half leaned into my car as he fucked her. I slipped my knickers down and began fingering as she moaned and uttered filthy words. I don't know why, but I pulled her towards me and kissed her. I didn't find her in the least physically attractive, but as I said, I wanted something dirty. I whispered my most secret desire into her ear and she smiled. She withdrew her head from my car and spoke to her boyfriend. He grabbed her hips and began really going for it. I spread my legs and pushed a finger deep inside myself. Then, I heard the girl cum. It was lovely, really dirty and obviously a really good orgasm for her.

Almost immediately he pushed her to one side and stood up against my car jacking off. I could smell her pussy on him and after only a couple of strokes he spurted all over me, as I had asked if he could. I loved it, lying there with a total stranger's sperm all over me. I orgasmed immediately, long and very very hard. They left and I lay there feeling like a whore. I may have dozed slightly in my car, still semi naked. I heard another car drive in and in it was a young man. Of course, he was hoping for some action, but I have no intention of fucking a stranger, I mean, actually letting one inside me. But that didn't mean I could not live out the second part of my fantasy that day.

I pulled my knickers off and my top down. I got out of my car and walked over to his. He wound his window down and I heard myself say '£20.00 for a hand job and £30 for a blow job.' He said 'Are you a whore? A working girl?' I said, 'Well, I will be after this.' That was my fantasy. I wanted someone to think of me as a whore. I got into his car and he paid me £20.00. I got his cock out and noticed his wedding ring. I asked if he was married and he said he was. I asked why do this? He said he loved the idea of being with a whore, just once. I felt his cock hard as a rock as I got it out, I smelled the unmistakable scent of pussy. I asked if he had fucked his wife earlier and he said that he had. I started jacking him. He reached around me and slipped his hand up my top. Grasping my breasts, he told me I felt like a 13 year old, I just smiled. Then I guided his hand between my legs and into my knickers where, I must say, he gave me a truly expert fingering. I sensed his orgasm and finished him by lifting my top and letting him blow his considerable load over my breasts.

Driving home afterwards, I felt magnificent. Perhaps there is a part time existence for me as a whore? I certainly loved the feeling, the baseness of it all.

Later, in bed that night with my boyfriend, he asked me to talk dirty to him. I recounted my afternoon in detail. I suspect he thought it a mere fantasy!



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