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Intimate Sharing

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Intimate Sharing
This is something that the wife and I do for a change of pace when we know that we have the house to ourselves for a while. After setting the mood by doing dishes and folding laundry (two of the best forms of foreplay, I have learned), I will suggest that we get naked and head for the couch. We will then take a position at either end of the couch with one foot on the floor and the other dropped down behind the seat cushion. Positioned thus, we each have a great view of what the other is doing. There are few ground rules to playing 'couch potato' as we have come to call it. Whoever climaxes first must continue some sort of stimulation until the other does the same. It doesn‚??t have to be anything more than a gentle caress in that too much stimulation right after an orgasm produces something which might be called pain as well as pleasure. We just have to keep something going until the other has made it over the top. Then, there is no rule against lending a hand should the need arise. If she would like the feel of a rough finger inside her as she twitters herself, there is nothing to stop her from asking or me from obliging. And should I get to a point where I‚??m getting closer to an orgasm that I would like, she is free to wrap a finger and thumb around my balls and tug gently, an action which tends to help me regain a handle on the moment.
My wife will usually begin by just touching her body, becoming aware of how it feels to be touched with no real purpose in mind other that to feel herself being touched. Here it is good for me to take mental notes. These sessions can become real learning experiences and can fall into the category of self-improvement when information obtained is used at a later date in a more reciprocal set of circumstances.
I generally begin by lubing up and kneading my member until the sight of my wife rolling a nipple between finger and thumb results in a magnificent erection. Once hard, I will stroke myself very slowly so that she may get a good head start. Usually at the sight of my erection, her hands will find the hair of her own nether regions which she will begin fingertipping lightly to send little electric sensations throughout the area. Then, as her eyes shut and she concentrates fully on what she is feeling, she will spread her legs that extra little bit and draw open her flesh to reveal a now soaking wet set of inner labia barely veiling a vagina that is oozing juices. Eventually I will tear my eyes away from this precious sight and see from the wench-like look on her face that she is taking great pleasure in putting on a show for me.
She seems to enjoy what I‚??d have to call consistent stimulation and will settle into one particular pattern of rubbing her clitoris she will stick with until she gets really close to an orgasm. Then she will stop rubbing and dip her finger inside, massaging the inner walls and drawing a fresh supply of juices back across her clitoris. In addition, she has discovered other uses for that fluid, as in making the nipples slippery and therefor a different sensation for her altogether as she strokes them. I, on the other hand, enjoy variety when it comes to stimulation. Starting and stopping, varying the angle of attack, this is what tends to move things along for me.
Somewhere in the day‚??s events, we will both take a break and just watch each other do our thing. There is something special about sharing this experience with the person you love. I mean, there is the intimacy you share together, but this is a sharing of intimate actions that most of us wouldn‚??t share with another person. It opens an avenue of trust between two people, as if to say 'I trust you with something that has been a very private part of who I am (as opposed to who WE are) for a very long time and I feel very safe in doing so.' We always feel very close after this type of encounter, regardless of how it ends. Whether we make it a race to see who gets there first, a marathon to see who will have the most (she wins that one hands down every damn time), or a lesson in learning what makes the other feel good, we always sleep closer in bed that evening.
Once in a while she will make use of a toy I purchased as a joke one birthday a few years back. She will usually wait until she has given herself at least one orgasm and then just insert the toy, lie back and enjoy the vibration. Surprisingly, this usually hurries things along for me in a big way. The deep and intense happy noises she generally makes with her little friend vibrating against her G spot is a big help to me.
Having taken a tip from her, I worked some of my lube onto an unoccupied finger and massaged a nipple as I watched her hips thrust against the air in front of me. This can send me over the edge in an instant if I‚??m not paying attention, so I have to be careful. But a few nights ago, something very unexpected happened that broke up the rhythm in a most interesting way. As I was just beginning to sense ejaculatory inevitability, she got my attention with a little cry/whimper and stated that 'It‚??s not stopping'. She had reached an orgasm that was not tapering off but delivered wave after wave of pleasure. She slid down off the arm of the couch and placed her arms above her head as she just rode the feeling. Stomach muscles tightened and released for a good three minutes before she couldn‚??t take it any more and had to remove her toy. She spent quite a while coming back to the world and to watch her come down from the unexpected high was really something. She glistened (I am told women don‚??t perspire) and blew gently through barely parted lips in the same manner practiced in Lamaze classes. Her eyes were partly opened but the irises were not visible, meaning that in her present state she didn‚??t even have control of the muscles in her eyes, which gave me the idea that she had supremely lost control in a very pleasant way.
Her expression was one of joyful exhaustion. Thoroughly relaxed and drunk on hormones, I half expected her to fall asleep then and there. But she surprised me again by reminding me that I had to finish and that she wasn‚??t up to maintaining stimulation for herself so she would help me along if I wanted. Sure, babe, feel free! So after repositioning on the couch, she laid her vibrator against my perineum and turned it on. That is an interesting feeling! But just as I was coming to really appreciate the sensation and could feel ejaculatory pressure building, she turned it off and slid it back inside herself for a moment.
I was about to go into a lecture about her lack of fair play, but it turned out she was just fishing for more lubrication. She wiped the vibrator across my butt and slid it about an inch inside though it felt more like a foot. She instructed me to finish and let her know when I was about to come. It took some major concentration to get past the present obstruction (probably more a mental block than anything else) and when I knew there was no turning back, I let my wife know. At this she flipped her toy to the highest setting and began pumping me very slightly. I came like a cat marking his territory. I hadn‚??t come like that since we were in the dating phase of our relationship. Wow!



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