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Interrupting My Roommate

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This happened during my junior year. My room-mate was a sophomore. I knew he masturbated regularly because he kept a roll of paper towels next to his bed; I kept hand lotion by my bed that I really did use for my hands. Whenever I'd come back to the room, my lotion would be by his bed with his paper towels. I knew right away what he had done, he'd used my lotion to masturbate. I looked in his garbage, and it was full of cum soaked paper towels. I would take the lotion back, (he wasn't in the room at the time) but the lotion would always end up back by his bed. I always wanted to say something to him, but was pretty prudish at the time and was embarrassed. I know, he was the one using my lotion to beat himself off, and I was embarrassed. I thought about what I could say. 'Have fun beating off with my lotion?' or 'You know, I was really horny before and I needed to stroke my cock so badly. I reached over for my lotion and it wasn't there. It was by your bed.' I thought about it but never worked up the courage. I wondered if he was waiting for me to say something.

Once his computer was broke and I found some porn sites on my computer I hadn't gone to. Not only did he use my lotion, but he also used my computer to masturbate. I found this really arousing.

One day I finally walked in on him masturbating. It was the middle of the day and I came back from class early. The door was locked, so I assumed he wasn't in because when he was in, he left it unlocked. I opened the door. He was in bed, covered up, with his laptop on the chair next to him. He had my lotion by his bed. He wasn't doing anything; he had heard me unlocking the door, so that was enough time for him to stop, but it was totally obvious what he had been doing. At first neither one of us said anything, but then I decided this was finally my chance.

'I'm sorry for interrupting,'I said.

'What do you mean?'

'Come on dude, I'm not stupid. You were jerking off using my lotion just as you have been all year. Now I finally caught you.' He turned red. He was embarrassed. 'Dude, don't be embarrassed. I'm just playing with you. We're both guys and we have needs. I jerk off just as much as you, you've just never caught me. So tell me, did you get to spooge before I interrupted?' I asked.

He replied, 'I was so close to spooging, but then I stopped because I heard you opening the door.'

'Well dude, you'd better finish yourself off or you'll get blue balls. Let's see the porn you were looking at.' I go over to his bed, look at the computer, and see this chick with her legs open and pussy spread. 'That turn you on dude?' I asked.

'Fuck yeah. My cock is so hard I just want to stick it in her hot, tight, wet, pink pussy. I need to finish beating off.' With that, he pulled back the covers and he was only wearing his boxers. His erect cock was sticking out of the fly. 'Oops,' he said. He tucked his cock back in so that he could get the boxers off. I looked at his cock. This was the first time I'd ever seen him or any other guy naked. He had this huge erection sticking straight out from a thick patch of brown pubes. His hairy nuts were tight against his body. He took the lotion, put some in his right hand, and slathered it on his cock. He started rubbing his hand up and down really fast, moaning and cursing. I think he enjoyed having an audience, and I enjoyed watching. Soon he started to nut. He moaned really loudly and said,'Oh fuck. Oh shit, here comes my spooge.' With that, his semen oozed out the tip and ran down his cock and hand. He got the paper towels and cleaned up. 'Fuck, I needed that. Now it's your turn.' His cock was still hard, as was mine.

I undid my pants, pulled them down with my underwear and started stroking. 'I need some lube.' He took the lotion and poured some over my cock. He didn't touch it, but it was still really arousing. 'Thanks dude.' I continued stroking until I came.



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