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Interrupted While Shaving

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I recently moved into this apartment building, so one thing that I was extremely satisfied about, was that I could pleasure myself whenever I felt like it. Pretty much whichever way I wanted to, without having to worry about being interrupted or caught for that matter.

While I was moving all sorts of shit into the place, quite a few neighbours had popped out to see what was happening. Nothing particularly astonishing I know, besides I already had word that the majority were around 20s to mid-30s and some single parents as well.

Anyway after I was done I was extremely tired, and decided to have a wack before getting some take-out for dinner.

Now, I shave my dick and I enjoy it. So when I saw some stubble beginning to evolve into a full forest, I figured it would be best to shave it then than rush it another day. Besides, I needed to take shower anyway. So after gathering some supplies from boxes I took off my clothes and headed to the bathroom.

Shaving my cock always gets me hard so it was no surprise that about halfway through it turned into a jerk for each razor stroke. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and I nearly soiled myself. Here's someone frantically ringing the doorbell and me trying to find a larger towel to cover up.

Running out of time I just grabbed a t-shirt and decided to just face the inevitable. So I opened the door, and just arched back to try and hide the obvious. This woman stood at the door, a little taken aback at first, but for some reason didn't do the usual 'You look busy so I'll come back later' bit.

Instead she introduced herself as Kerri-Ann and said she wanted to meet the new neighbour. Still a little flushed I stumbled together a hello before she casually let herself in and shut the door. My hard-on just didn't want to go away. She looked around a bit then asked me my name. When I responded she then proceeded to tell me which apartment was hers, all the time now with a fixated look on my shirt covered crotch. I finally managed to say how I was sorry about my current position and that I hoped she wasn't offended.

She said she wasn't and then snatched away the shirt from my hands. She then told me how she was divorced with a small kid and how she hasn't had the chance to fool around as much, being 34 yrs. Then she asked if I minded and proceeded to take her clothes off before I had a change to speak.

She was of a fairly petite figure but sported some very desirable c cups with large perky nipples, one of them pierced. Her pussy looked extremely well kept, lips completely bare, every detail visible, with a single line of trimmed pubic hair sprouting from the top of her clit, roughly an inch long. Oh and she had this tattoo of her name in Chinese lettering on her inner thigh.

You can guess what happened from then onwards. Let's say she was very open minded and even finished shaving me. She still pops in every day or so. I just hope she's not expecting something else out of me.



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