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Internet Friend Cures My Quick Cums

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I started masturbating at age 14. Since I was from a strict religious family I always did it quickly and furtively. When I started dating in high school my necking and petting episodes were very arousing. I would be erect as soon as I began anything and often times I would ejaculate in my pants while necking. This led to a series of girls who made fun of me and the end of dating.

In college my luck was not much better. I had dates and sometimes would get involved in petting but usually I would cum in my pants, sometimes when a girl touched me. Most girls reacted by laughing and calling me 'minute man.'

After college my troubles continued, even when I jacked off before going out to try to calm myself. My most humiliating experience was at a bar one night when I was dancing with a coworker and lost my control during a slow dance. She jumped away from me and started to call me a pig. The next day my reputation had spread to all of my coworkers.

My sex life shifted to computer video sites and more masturbation until I met a lovely woman who was twenty years older than me and married. After masturbating with her on cam several times and lasting less than a minute each time I shared my troubles with her. My new friend invited me to join her and her husband at a swingers club one weekend and as desperate as I was I obliged.

We both checked in on a Friday evening and met at the pool where even my towel could not hide the massive erection that I had been nursing for most of the two hour drive. I was tempted to jack off in my room but she told me not to. At poolside she introduced a female friend who was even older than she was and the two of them quickly escorted me to her room.

They both removed their swimsuits and sat on opposite sides of me on the bed where her friend gently touched my bottom, running a finger into my crack. Then she took my penis into her hand and touched the top of it with just one finger, slowly running her finger from the base to the head and then stopping. I knew that I wouldn't last long and I pleaded with her to stop but she told me to let go. I quickly sprayed streams of cum all over the floor in front of me.

Instead of laughing like my former girlfriends both women seemed excited by my quick reponse. They had me sit between them and as I watched they both began to masturbate themselves. Watching them was so erotic that my penis did not even soften, and when she saw this my new friend laughed and said that it was the reaction that she had hoped for. They both stopped and began masturating me again and this time I lasted for several minutes, again splashing cum all over the floor and their feet.

Our three-way masturbation session went on for almost two hours with them masturbating themselves or each other as I recovered between my own orgasms. I came four times and then a magical thing happened. On the fifth session I lasted for almost ten minutes.

When I came the last time both ladies followed my orgasm with violent masturbating orgasms of their own. My new friend pronounced me cured and told her lady friend that she would not be sharing me the next morning.

Saturday was the first day of a new and improved sex life.



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