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Internet Friend

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When I turned thirteen, a lot of stuff in my life changed. I started playing video games online, and various other things, and I liked to keep everything out in the open, what games I played etc. My sexuality, however, was a completely different thing. You see, I have never really looked at women the same way I look at men. At first I thought it was just a normal thing for guys to like guys at this age, but, I soon realised that this was not the case. Most boys already had their first sexual experience, or at least made out, with a girl at our school. The thing was, I am not most guys. I knew then I was a homosexual. At first, this really bothered me, but, after meeting a boy on the internet who had gone through the same thing I am going through now, I felt a little more comfortable. He then referred me to Solo Touch, which answered many of my questions about homosexuality, its pros and cons etc., and this was very helpful, as I knew that I was not the only one out there who was like this.

Anyway, thanks to this friend, I was able to finally admit to a boy I had a serious crush on that I really did like him. He went to a Gay/Lesbian group at my school, and, unlike me, was very open about his sexuality, so I invited him over for a sleepover. He asked me if I had ever touched another boy's cock, and all I could do was shake my head.

He was so hot, he had long blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. The moment he asked me this, I got turned on, it was amazing. He quickly asked me if I wanted to touch his, and I told him yes, so, he rose to his feet, and removed his shirt. His abs were as white as the rest of his body, and he was ripped. So ripped, there were two lines going down his stomach to where his cock would be. 'Will you undo my belt?' he asked me, and I told him immediately 'YES!'

I undid the leather band, and pulled slowly on it, removing it from the boys pants. I then undid the pants themselves, and stared forward. All that was left were his underwear, which just so happened to be briefs. You see, I have had a strange obsession with boys who wore briefs for a very long time. Thus, this made me even hotter.

I began to massage the bulge in his underwear, and it began to stretch out longer and longer. By that time, I couldn't take it any longer, and I removed his underwear. He then moved his head in a flip like motion to remove the hair from his eyes. His hair cut was similar to a mushroom, I thought, with the sides shaved, but the top rather long. For some reason, I found this oddly attractive. He then began to undress me in the same way, and stopped to massage my rock hard dick, which was peering out at him from the front of my boxers.

He smiled and said 'Hey there little fella,' which made me giggle. He then removed my boxers, revealing a mesh of dark brown hair. I felt so embarrassed, but as he came closer to me, I began to become more and more comfortable about it. His lips then touched mine, and I allowed my tongue to intermix with his, as if they were wrestling. The kiss knocked me back, and we fell to the bed. He then paused for a moment, and we both got situated under the covers of his obviously newly made bed, and continued to kiss. This went on for about thirty minutes before we both got tired of it, and he removed his tongue from my mouth.

He then placed his hand on my face, and smiled his big smile, which caused me to giggle again. He then moved his hand downward slowly, till it reached my penis. By that time, we had both pre-cum all over the bed, and didn't even know it, but, it was a sort of turn on in the end. He then slowly massaged my cock with his warm hands, and asked me to do the same, so I reached down and began to feel his dick. Until now, I hadn't really seen his dick, just felt it, but now that I could finally feel the anatomy of it, I was very turned on. It was much longer than mine, but, about the same width. I began to move my hands up and down his cold hard dick, it got warmer with every stroke.

By the time we both came, it was late into the night, and we were both very tired. We made out for a little bit longer, but, not as long as we previously did. I began to grow tired, and placed my head on his chest, and put my arms around him. He put his arms behind his head, and slowly I began to mumble the words 'I really really like you' and he yawned and told me 'I really really like you to' and we both fell asleep.

In the morning, we both woke up, completely naked. Not like it mattered though, my mom was on vacation so the only two there were me and him. We decided to each take showers, but, he thought it would be easier if we took one together. I rubbed him down with a sponge, and he did the same with me, and again we jacked each other off, and made out, right there in the shower. It was the most amazing weekend I had ever had, and it is all thanks to the boy I met online who directed me to this site.



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