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International Relations

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My first international student


I had just moved into a spacious home near our local university. Having extra rooms, I thought it would be nice to advertise for a university student. After posting online, I had numerous responses, but only a couple guys followed up with a visit.

Jason, (he was from United Arab Emeriates, but anglisized his name) was one of the first to stop by. He had transferred to the local college in his junior year to complete his studies.

After the tour, Jason jumped at the chance to move in, and within hours had gone to his dorm, gathered the first load of belongings and headed back to my place. It was a hot August day in Illinois and between lugging all his gear from the car to his room, Jason was showing signs of the strenuous work. His gray tank was growing more damp with each run into the house, and there was a nice 'V' shaped patch of sweat at the base of his back onto his dark maroon gym shorts.

I tried to stay out of his way and made small talk as he came back and forth, but couldn't notice the amazing tufts of smooth black chest hair that seemed to creep out from behind his sweaty shirt. It complemented the rich dark hair that travelled from his ankles to his upper thigh. Jason wasn't over built, but certainly had the physique of a guy who played lots of soccer and ran track from his high school and early college days. Broad shoulders, decent 'guns' for biceps and a nice set of pecs protruded from his shirt.

After the third or fourth trip back from campus, Jason decided to take a break and take me up on my offer of a beer from the fridge. I had been doing yard work myself, and was more than ready for a break as well. We sat down in the kitchen and started some get-to-know conversation. I had already pealed off my dirty yard shirt and set it on the patio to dry. He followed suit and for the first time I got a good look at his nicely built torso.

I'm continually amused by the unselfconscious way young guys stroke their chests and rearrange their package in casual conversation. By this point, there was as much sweat on the front of his shorts as there had been on the top of his butt. He would lean back in the chair as he talked through the stories of his family and early college experiences, and each time his tilted frame would reveal more and more up his leg. With each 'adjustment' of his shorts, a good sized bulge would come into clearer view.

With me shirtless as well, Jason commented on my nipple ring; a reward I gave myself when I'd lost a good deal of weight 5-6 years earlier. He joked about being on the 'right or left' comparing its location to pierced ears revealing if one were straight or gay. I didn't want to go down that path, but assured him, nipple piercings didn't conform to the same conventions!

With a second round of beers consumed, Jason decided to head to his room and start to organize. I announced I was heading to the shower. At that point, I thought it best to tell him that modesty wasn't a big deal in my house, and that I only rented to guys since we had just one bathroom.

I hopped in the shower but left the door ajar to keep the bathroom cool. It wasn't long before tapped on the door and asked if it was OK to pee. I assured him he never had to ask! I had recently renovated the bathroom and installed an open air shower stall that can easily fit two adults. It also had a great side view of the toilet where I could see Jason's penis as he emptied his bladder. Damn! Young guys and their soft penises which hang at 5 or 6 inches!

He looked up to say something and caught me sneaking a glance at his goods. He smiled, proud of his ample genitals and proceeded to steal a glance at my semi. I tried to recover and make some stupid comment about uncircumcised dicks, but couldn't help notice he also keep his pubes trimmed and his scrotum neatly shaved. We saw we each had that in common.

I'm not sure how he got so comfortable saying this, but he gestured to his back and asked if I would be willing to help him keep it clean of hair with a regular shave. I mentioned I had the same problem. With that, he said, 'Hell, no time like the present' and recommended we just get it done now, since it had been a few months since he got trimmed. I was more than happy to oblige!

As comfortably as he had been stroking his chest earlier, he dropped his shorts and stumbled into the shower with me. I let him get wet and soap up which gave me a chance to scrutinize him from head to toe. His lightly hairy ass defied gravity!

I offered to 'do him' first and started trimming his neck and shoulders. Damn, what a great way to get to know someone. As I worked his way down his back, I asked if he wanted to keep the 'patch' at the base of his spine. He did, but then wanted to go ahead and tidy up the front as well.

We were both sporting semi-wood by this point and I immediately offered to help out there too! At first he was a bit hesitant, but I think with the beers in him, his inhibitions were down just a bit. Before he could protest too much, I was stooped down and lathering his scrotum. I HAD to move his penis out of the way a couple of times, and with each movement, his dick would get a little stiffer. Before long, he was at full mast. Sort of embarrassed, he let me know it was hard to 'take care of things' in the dorm and it had been more than a week since his last orgasm. With that. I gave it a couple of good tugs and indicated I was in the same predicament.

Rising back up I kept hold of his penis and once standing, he hesitated, but then took hold of mine. He said he'd never touched another dick besides his own. He studied my equipment and then commented that, besides the foreskin, we were both about the same size, although his testicles were considerably larger than mine.

It started slow and clumsy, but within a few minutes, pleasure took over and Jason was tilting his head back and groaning. He began to rub his own chest and lightly pinch his nipple. I took my free hand and worked on his other nipple, pinching just a little more than what he was doing. Then the rhythm started... pushing his penis in and out of my hand as if he were having sex with its hole, and grabbing my dick with intensity.

It wasn't long before he grabbed his dick and started beating furiously. I lunged forward and put our two dicks together and pumped them in unison. Within seconds we both exploded; him first spewing all over my pubes and me returning the favor.

He started to get weak in the knees from the intense orgasm and I had to steady him by wrapping myself around his chest and holding his head under the shower spray. We stayed enveloped until the post-orgasm shivering wore off and he could once again stand on his own. He started to smile and said, I think I've found the perfect roommate! I think I did too!



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