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Interesting Word Play

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My wife and I recently broke up and for financial reasons I figured I'd stay at my mom's house for a while until I figured out what to do. My mom's a free spirit and a lot of fun to be around and has a great body for a woman in her early 60's. She is also nosy and couldn't help asking what the problem was with my marriage. Finally I just figured I'd tell her what was going on and see what she thought. I told her my wife had lost interest in sex with me and that we didn't have sex for the last year and a half. To make matters worse, my ex felt offended if she caught me beating off so I pretty much had to hide when I did it. I told her I'm too old to have to hide when I want to beat off. She just smiled squeezed my leg and told me 'well you can beat off anytime and anywhere you want in this house.' Then she patted my leg and told me to go take a shower before dinner she was fixing my favorite spaghetti and meatballs.

I've got to say a bolt of electricity shot straight from my brain to my cock when I heard her say I could beat off anytime and anywhere. At leat that's what I thought she'd said. I couldn't stop thinking about it while I took my shower. My cock was rock hard but I didn't want to jack off but I couldn't stop myself and with three quick soapy strokes I shot several thick spurts of cum all over the shower wall. After quickly drying off and throwing on a pair of loose fitting shorts and a T-shirt I went downstairs to see about dinner.

My mom had changed into some baggy shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt with no bra. I instantly wondered if she were wearing any panties and my cock started to stiffen. She asked if I was feeling more relaxed after my shower. I told her a little and she smiled and said 'You probably take after your father, rest his soul. That man would beat off every chance he got. Once a day was never enough for him and judging from that bulge in your shorts you either. You know I meant what I said. It's natural, I do it myself. So I say as long as neither of us minds we should be able to relax together in our own home.'

She looked at the rock hard rapidly rising bulge in my shorts and said 'I'll get you a towel, It's been years since I've seen a man beat off, This is exciting. That was all I could take and I quickly tore down my shorts to reveal my respectable seven inches and laid back on the sofa and began to slowly tease my cock. When my mom returned she smiled, said my ex was a fool not to want to fuck that thing, threw me the towel, sat down in the armchair across from me and threw one leg over the arm of the chair so her legs were spread wide and I could make out from the gap between her thighs and the shorts she wasn't wearing any panties. My dick was so hard. It was like a fantasy come true. It took about 20 strokes and I came huge gobs of cum all over the towel I had lain across my stomach. My mom said I must really have needed that one, grabbed the towel and said come on let's eat. During dinner we talked and laughed and had a good time.



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