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Interesting Night With New Friend

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It was an interesting night!


About two weeks ago my school board held it's annual school showcase. At the convention place early in the day I was with my friends setting up the area for my school. Afterwards, when we were done, I started wandering off, looking at the other schools displays.

I headed down one of the isles when I spotted this amazingly cute guy, my age looking, in dressy clothes, etc. I walked by his setup a few times back and forth trying to get him to notice me. Later on, during the showcase, when it was almost over, I strolled down to his school setup and started chatting with him. I wound up sitting down and then we exchanged phone numbers.

The next night, it was a Saturday, we spoke on the phone and decided to hang out. He drove, so he came to my house and picked me up. We went back to his place. He had a very large house, which I saw little of because we kind of rushed up to his room. Once inside I noticed how carefully designed it was, a computer desk corner, a corner off to the side for sitting on pillows and then his bed off to the other side of the room.

We sat down together in the corner with pillows and started talking about lots of things. (Of course our conversation turned to girls, sex and things we've always wanted to try. At this point, I wasn't too sure he had feelings for other guys, but felt like I might hear something about it.)

When he told me he hadn't been with a girl in a while and I responded with a big wow, I asked him if he had liked any boys, or wanted to 'fool around' with any. But before he could answer, I touched his lips, making it so he couldn't say anything. I quickly pulled the cord to the lamp above us out of the wall, and it turned his room into a dark, romantic setting. He didn't pull away from me, or ask what I was doing, I then put my lips on his and we started kissing.

It started getting really intimate, and I bounced myself into his bed, he followed my lead and then removed his pants and then I did the same. When his pants hit the floor, his dick was no longer anything he could hide, it was basically asking for my attention. Haha. So he lay back in his bed, and I started stroking his somewhat large penis. It was not the longest, but it's head was very, very large. He had pre-cum on his penis, as I rolled it back and forth over his dick. I could tell he was okay with what was going on.

When I started getting into it, after about a minute and a half, he said to slow down, and then he just threw my hand off his dick because it was so intense, he said. I wanted to make him come right then, but he said it was his turn. He went for my boxers and yanked them down with no delay. My dick popped right out, almost slapping him in the face. (My dick is like six and a half inches, not so much of an amazing show, but it was significantly larger than his.)

He grabbed my dick and started pumping. It was something other than I'd ever felt, making my stomach go nuts and my heart race like it was about to burst. I was so close to cumming, and he almost stopped. I think I moaned really loud when he took his hand off for that instant, but he grabbed it once again and continued. He said, 'Tell me when you're about to come!' and I said okay. Only a few seconds later I was muffling, 'I'm coming, I'm coming.'

So, I was lying there with myself exposed and feeling so relieved from all that tension for wanting to get close to this boy. It was then I realised I had to finish him off.

His boxers had slid back up to his waist, so I carefully pulled them down. It took me a few flicks of the wrist to get him hard again and then I was back in motion. He was making noises and sounds that really turned me on and I just wanted to finish him off. (I was feeling really tired at this point.) He was getting close, I could tell when he was pushing his hips back, trying to stop himself from coming. I kept going and then he blurted out that he was right there, then he spurted his cum real hard.

It was like, 1:15AM, yeah, the time went by and I thought to just call my dad and say I'd sleep over at my friend's house and that I'd be back in the morning. We wound up going to sleep, but then getting up a few hours later to jack each other off and then go to sleep for real.

The next morning we didn't really chat about what happened the night before, but knew it was fun and a first for the both of us. He dropped me off at my house later on.

I haven't actually spoken to him since, and it's been on my mind a lot. I think he might have been disgusted with what happened, but it was something we both hadn't done, and I guess it really wasn't for him. I knew he had fun while it lasted, I just hope you thought it was as interesting as it was.



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