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Intense Urgency While Driving

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I've read stories by females of jilling while driving


Hi, Everybody! I'm back and want to tell about an experience earlier this week. I've read stories about females jilling while driving and have enjoyed working myself up while driving also. However, the only time I was able to finish to ejaculation was at least 25 years ago late at night while the rest of the family (wife, daughter, and dad) was all asleep, when we stopped over in a truck stop. To stay awake, I managed to pull my erection out from my panas and from under the seat belt and play with him for a long time. When I sensed that I was very near to cuming, I quickly unscrewed the cup from the thermos and held it to my left side, leaned my shaft over to the left with my thumb while holding the cup in the palm of my hand, and creamed a great cum. Then to get rid of it, poured in some tea and drank it all.

Now for my most recent story. I often tease my manhood through my slacks when my wife is asleep and I'm driving. I always enjoy the feelings of fullness and the mild stimulation through my pants. Earlier this week, we had visited immediate family and more distant relatives in another state and were driving on an unknown highway to spend the night with more family. Being an unknown highway all the way before and after lunch with distant relatives, my wife had been holding a large atlas in her lap the entire time because she's the navigator while I drive. When she thought she had the road mastered, she closed the atlas and lo and behold, I saw for the first time she was wearing shorts! Since before we were married nearly 48 years ago, I have always enjoyed seeing her legs and feeling their exquisite smoothness. Upon seeing her legs, I reached over and stroked her left thigh. The sight and the touch had an immediate effect on Pete. He rapidly engorged and I had to adjust him so he could extend to his full length. I've written recently that he's seven and a quarter inches long and measures two inches across. I held my pants so his size would be visible to my wife and told her to look. She did. Then I asked her to feel my manhood. She did. I was so aroused, I told her, 'If you were driving, I could do something about it.' She said, 'Pull over and let's switch drivers.' My wife refuses to play with me while I'm driving or while she's driving because she does not want the driver to be distracted.

I was amazed that she might be willing to allow me to pump my love wand in broad daylight while on the road, but pulled over. When driving at speed limit, I never pull over to trade drivers, always waiting until we're in a slower speed zone, but this time I slowed down because I was so aroused and needed to play, not just wanted to play, but actually needed to play because my erection was so fantastic and was demanding attention. I should add as a flash back that I usually play severaal times a week, but last week after an early couple explosions, the rest of the week was eventless sexually because of all the other activities, so my enite lower body was demanding time and pleasure. We traded drivers and I immediately released my love wand from his bondage. My wife looked over and asked, 'What if we meet a truck?' I was already enjoying slow stroking and replied, 'He'd better have his eyes on the road and won't see me. He wouldn't know me if he did see me.' (In other words, I didn't care.)

Oh, the urgency had been so intense as never before and the feelings were so intense that I did not want them to end quickly, so with all the restraint I could muster to make the wonderful feeling last at least half an hour, I pumped v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y because we weren't due to reach the next town for another half hour. We did meet a number of cars and trucks on the two-lane road and I continued pumping and light feather stroking while leaning the back-rest back and enjoying the feelings of fullness and the feelings of my big love wand in my hand both while wrapping my thumb and fingers around the head and pumping up and down as well as wrapping my thumb and fingers around the base of my love wand. When wrapping my fingers and thumb around the base of my love wand and pumping, the palm of my hand rubs over my head and I experience more feelings than when I just pump up and down my shaft because my hand does not slide up over my head. I traded hands occasionally so both sides of my head would enjoy the feelings of being stroked.

When wrapping either hand around the base of my love wand and stroking, I would always pause at the bottom and push down to make my skin stretch tight the full length of my shaft. By about the third or fourth minute, I was so eager to cum, but just held the base of my love wand lovingly until the urge to cum subsided and then stroked some more slowly. By the time five minutes had passed, I knew I wanted to feelings to last more than a fourth of an hour to at least 20 minutes, so I traded hands and kept stroking or pumping slowly. The feelings of fullness and stimulation were so marvelous that I did not want it all to be over too soon. I pulled a handkerchief out of my hip pocket for when I would let the inevitable moment arrive when my cream would gush. After a long enjoyable time, I looked at the car clock and saw that only 15 minutes had passed. I was enjoying the feelings so much that I thought to myself, 'I want this to last at least 18 minutes if I can't make it to 20.'

I enjoyed every up and down. The fullness of my love wand in my hand was so awesome because it had been most of a week since I had last played with him. I made it to 18 minutes without creaming and kept going, speeding up a bit so I'd maybe explode at 20 minutes-but didn't care if it lasted half an hour or more, even past the next city. 20 minutes came and went and I was speeding up. I made it to about 24 minutes and we passed a church sign. As a religious person, my love wand responded by wilting. Try as I could, I could not get him to stand up proudly again.

Oh, well, the feelings and the excitement had been extremely enjoyable while they lasted. So I let him lie quietly on my tummy and pulled my shirt tails over him so he'd be covered. I lay my head back and slept for a while, past the next city. When I awakened, my wife said, 'You really slept soundly after that!' I thought, 'Wait till tomorrow when we're heading home and I'll try for an explosion now that I know she won't bitch if I pull him out and play with him!' But it didn't happen yesterday, so I'm going to enjoy him and all the feelings he will give me as soon as I submit this story. Ta da! Happy jilling and jacking! RC



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