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Intense Orgasm

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From the first time I jacked off in the shower at age 13, I've used the standard forehand fist grip-but only with my right hand. I'm so strongly right-handed that I could never make it work with the left, so I gave up in frustration. Recently I quit my 9-to-5 schedule for free-lance work, which means more free time around the house. Guess where the extra time goes? Yep, a couple of hours each morning I'm jacking off to a popular free Internet porn site. But those extended edging sessions have gotten to be a strain on my right hand, so last week I determined to bring the left hand up to speed, so to speak.

I first tried a backward fist-grip with the left hand; for some reason it was easier to maintain a rhythm that way than with a forehand grip. It felt damn good too, like I'd discovered a whole new set of pleasure nerves. Still I wasn't able to keep a steady enough pace, so I'd have to finish myself off with the right hand.

I was liking the intense feel of the left-handed jack, though, so two days ago I tried the fore-hand grip again. It took a while to get a good rhythm going, but once I did, the pleasure level was stronger than any I ever felt with my right hand. My cock wasn't used to being touched from that angle. Hot damn! It felt like having another guy jack me off. Besides that, my cock felt thicker than ever-again, I guess it was just the unfamiliar angle. Add the fact that I only recently 'discovered' my nipples (don't know how I missed that turn-on for the first few years).

Anyway, the forces were working together this morning. I started jacking off with my left hand and working my nipples with my right. Damn! I edged for two hours before blowing a really intense load. I could've come a lot sooner, but it felt so good I didn't want it to end. Normally I have to wait an hour or so before I can shoot again, but with this new left-handed pleasure thing going, I was back in business in five minutes. Sometimes I have to push myself over the top, but this time I kept having to slow down or I'd bust my nut right then. Actually, I didn't make it too long. The new left-handed sensation felt so good that I couldn't stand it-I let go and busted within minutes. It was so intense that both my legs were spasming. I'm thinking there's gonna be a bedtime jackoff session happening tonight!



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