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From being a little kid on, I've always been interested in sex and I think most kids are. My sister, two years younger than myself, a girl cousin a year older than me and another girl cousin, a year younger than me got to playing 'doctor' when very young. I suspect a lot of us did that and in fact, we did this quite often for perhaps a year until we finally got caught by an adult and scolded severely and told it was a bad thing to do. None of us knew why though and none of us felt guilty.

Fast forward several years and I'm eleven and my sister is nine. We had one bathroom in our house and somehow, my parents were not in the house but I think in the garage waxing the family car when my sister went to the bathroom and I walked in on her unexpectedly only to find her on the toilet but straddling the seat with her finger on her slit. Well, I hadn't seen a girl in years but saw her in the past playing doctor quite often. She really wasn't embarrassed at all but did close her legs shortly after I walked in. I asked what she was doing and she told me that when she rubbed herself in a certain way, things felt really good but kind of strange to her. Something she just discovered. So, I asked her if I could see what she was doing and she agreed if I wouldn't tell.

I vividly remember squatting by the toilet bowl while sis again opened her legs wide and scooted toward the front of the seat. I could see what looked like a pea that was kind of red (maybe from her rubbing) at the top of her slit and that is what she was rubbing up and down. I have absolutely no idea why but I just instinctively knew this was a good thing and as she rubbed, I took the index finger from both hands and opened up the lips of her womanhood even more. Just like when we played 'doctor.' Again, without really knowing why, I got saliva on my right index finger and replaced her finger with mine, going around and around that little pea and over it too and almost immediately, her hips began to gyrate and move up and down in a motion I will never forget and have always loved since that time. My left finger worked up and down her little slit while my right got captured by her hand and directed it on her clit even though we had no idea what that thing was.

Faster and faster her hips moved and little grunts came from her mouth. I was too busy looking at her cunt to notice her face or anything else but knew I had a super hard cock from all of this but my goal was to continue as she went faster and faster for about a minute or so then suddenly, her legs clamped together and her butt raised off the seat until she was almost standing. My hand with the finger on her clit was clamped between her legs but the other got pushed off her slit. While almost standing, she thrust again and again on my finger on her clit, grabbed my head for balance I guess as she had what was undoubtedly her first orgasm, grunting and thrusting her hips on my finger.

I don't think it lasted all that long, perhaps fifteen seconds or so but she then sat back down and I thought she was crying but she wasn't. Just a funny look on her face and she looked exhausted. The whole incident wasn't more than five minutes if that and somehow, we knew this was not a bad thing although if caught, we'd be punished for sure. Yet the whole incident was so incredible for both of us, we just knew this would happen again even though we were both scared of what our parents would say and do. But it never again happened with me. We just didn't seem to have the time alone and to tell the truth, we were both scared to death.

It wasn't but a few months after this that I began to cum and with that, I had little interest in my sister's little pea. I had myself.

It wasn't until years later that I found out what that little pea was and how it reacted in women. The first time is an experience I'll never forget. Long live women with a big clitoris. Hers was one of the biggest I've ever seen.



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