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Inspired by Michelle

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Inspired by Michelle's story, I decided to taste myself and masturbate in my new apartment


I just spent my first night in my new apartment two nights ago. On my first night here, I was having a little fun fingering myself on my bed in my new home. I hadn't decorated or anything and there were boxes everywhere.

My TV, cable box and computer were already set up because I knew I would need entertainment. I thought about renting a pay per view porno, since this was my first place that I lived alone. I changed my mind when I saw that adult movies were mostly $15 each.

So I closed all the blinds, locked the doors and got on the internet and searched for female masturbation and ended up on Solotouch.com. I read stories for almost an hour. I have always been turned on by other women, but I don't really want to act on it, so I just keep it to internet stories and other porn. My absolute favorite was by Michelle about masturbating all over her apartment and tasting herself and then going to the mailboxes with a see through shirt on.

It made me SO hot to read this, and imagine her doing it. I wanted to do it so bad, but I definitely couldn't do it at my new apartment.

However, I was intrigued by her desire to taste herself, so after a few minutes of thinking about that, I decided to try it. I looked down at my pussy and spread my legs a little. I put my feet up on the chair next to my butt and watched my pussy open up. I could see my own clear wetness on it.

I played with my lips for a few seconds while thinking about her story. The opening of my vagina was starting to ooze with delight and I watched my juice start to run down to the bottom of my pussy. I put one finger inside and fingered myself for a few seconds. I was imagining the whole time that Michelle was there watching me, egging me on to continue my kinky play. I moved my knees farther apart and leaned forward to get a better view. I pulled my finger out and looked at it for a second, trying to talk myself into tasting it. In a moment of non-thinking, I plunged my finger into my mouth and sucked on it like a piece of candy.

The flavor was amazing. It took about 1 second to realize it. It made me hornier every second I was sucking on it. I felt my nipple harden and wrinkling up, and I started rubbing my clit with my left hand. As soon as I couldn't taste it anymore, I put two fingers inside myself and wiggle them around to make them all wet - then I sucked on them again. I was more turned on than ever before. I had no idea this would be so hot.

I continued tasting myself and fingering for about five minutes. I was SO turned on. I couldn't even believe what I was doing; it felt so dirty and slutty. Now I knew what Michelle was talking about. It was surreal how horny I was. I couldn't believe that for years, I would wipe it off and then quickly wash this wonderful wetness whenever I had it on my hand.

I read her story over and over while fingering and tasting myself for the next few minutes. I felt a heat, almost a pain, in my loins as I read about her tasting herself in front of that guy on the dance floor. I longed for it.

I couldn't do that, but I knew what I could do. In a moment of extreme dirtiness, I leaned forward and rubbed my vulva on the chair and grinded on it. My hands were squeezing my breasts and I was sucking on my left nipple as I rubbed my soaking wetness on the chair.

After about ten seconds, I got up and knelt down in front of my office chair and looked at the fresh wetness on it. I was rubbing my clit furiously with my left hand while I was fingering myself with two fingers on my right hand, and staring at the wet spot on the chair. I took my two wet fingers out of myself and sucked them clean one more time, closing my eyes with dirty pleasure. I went back to work with both hands and then moved my face down to the wet spot.

I rubbed my left cheek in it first; it was absolutely delightful. I rubbed my face on the wetness for the next 30 seconds , wiping it all over my mouth and both my cheeks. I was burning hot with desire, and surprised with my own actions.

I was fingering myself the whole time, and reached a phenomenal orgasm kneeling right next to the chair, with my face covered in my own juice. I loved it.

This was an excellent first night in my new place. I think I am going to like it very well thank you!



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