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Inside Myself

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I hope you also know those days. Those days when, despite the demands of everyday life something is different. Me, myself, and I.


Even the tremulous shock of my sandalled foot hitting the pavement as I walked, aroused the sleeping dragon within me. You see, I never know when she will awaken, or what she will have me do.

For a moment, I returned to the here and now. My brown summer dress swishing gently around my mid thigh seemed almost to be kissing me as I walked. I became aware of the urgency that was building not surprisingly, between my legs as may be imagined, but deep within my belly.

You know, I smiled at the word. 'Belly'. I was minded of a phrase I learned in school when the biology teacher pointed out the 'gentle swell of a mature girl's belly.' Many of us instinctively crossed our legs at the phrase. None, of course, dared confide that there was a sexual reason behind it.

So, I walked on. Each step making me intensely aware of my own body. My miserably tiny breasts were hard and the nipples erect and the dragon uncoiled herself from her slumber.

Again, back in the here and now I looked at the people passing me in the mall. Now and then, a gaze from a man or a woman that lasted a second or two longer than propriety would normally permit, and at each gaze, the dragon stirred. The man whose eyes roamed my body as his nostrils flared caused my dragon to flex her muscles. The teenage girl whose eyes dwelled on my breasts before becoming fixed on my semi-transparent dress at the level of my thighs caused my dragon to open her mouth and salivate. I felt it seep into my panties and I knew she was awake.

Most people ignored me. I am you see, that type of girl. You would pass me in the street and not give me a second glance. I do not turn heads, nor do I attract attention very much.

And so, I sat on a bench and watched the world go by. My dragon, though stirring, is not yet ready. For a moment, I lingered on the cusp of physical presence in the world and that realm of darkness and exctacy that awaits. I sat, perhaps deliberately, incautiously. Of course, I knew my dress was a little too short, and that, sitting as I was from far enough away, the soft black cotton of my panties would be visible.

And that is when I saw her. Sitting behind the glass of the coffee shop across from my bench. She was talking to her friend, but I noticed in the way that only my inner dragon allows me to notice, that she only had eyes for me. Oh, how I pitied her. She made valiant attempts to engage with her friend and maintain her conversation, but her eyes kept seeking me out.

And then, 'she' awoke fully. With a rush of power she flexed her muscles deep within me and I felt my vagina open. The girl opposite was gazing at me and I noticed how her nostrils flared as she breathed and her own knees, pressed firmly together when I first sat here were now apart. In return for her unspoken request, I allowed my own legs to part more. I stared not at her legs anymore but deep into her eyes, and in my mind I spoke to her.

I urged her to look, to think, to imagine. I urged her to know me in that way only a woman can know another woman. I urged her to drink in every aspect of me. I wanted her to know the texture of my skin, the feel of my hair and even the sweat that was now forming. I wanted her to know the reality of me, not the glamourized nonsense of 'niceness'. Our eyes now were firmly engaged. Almost peripherally, I saw her hand move to her lap. Oh yes, I have no doubt that she was pressing herself through her skirt and panties and I looked, oh HOW I looked deep into those eyes. I matched my breathing rate with hers and noticed as I copied her how she was breathing deeply now.

And deep within me, my dragon began to growl. She would not be denied much longer.

The girl's neck was flushed now and her friend, having lost interest was now engaged with her mobile phone. I allowed myself to shift a little, tucking my right foot under myself. Of course she would have known that this is a way most girls can masturbate in public. Only I knew that was not my intent. This you see, was for her and her alone. Her breathing intensified even further. I could not see her hand, buried as it was in folds of material. But I could imagine how very much she would have loved to have me right there and then on the mall floor. She had no way of knowing that had she left that cafe and walked the few feet towards me, I would have let her. When my dragon awakes, I have no shame; no sense of decorum. I would have, what is the expression, spread my legs like a bitch in heat for her.

For a few more seconds we breathed in tandem. Then, I saw it. That intake of breath that knew no exit. I saw her knees clamp firmly together and she stiffened in her seat.

Now, my dragon roared in triumph and bade me leave.

I walked on, wet as I have ever been and wondered where my dragon would lead me. The female bathroom seemed to glow and attracted me like a moth to a flame.

In the cubicle I stood and waited. My dragon will not be denied you see, and she will tell me what she demands. I took off my dress and closed my eyes. For a moment my dragon calmed me and bid me be still and know my surroundings. I breathed in long, slow and deep. The air around me seemed to fragment into layers. Perfume, some cheap, some expensive, female sweat, divinely prickly to the nostrils. Pee, of course, but wrapped in the subtext of it all was, (and here, I paused, for my dragon would supply the word I needed today) pussy. Reaching out with my senses, I saw them all in my mind. The hairy and unkempt, the smooth, the sparse covering of pubescense, and the pierced.

Now, I knew. She within had bid me. I leaned back against the partition wall, and spread my legs. The girl in the cafe would not be my subject. She had been the prize. She had been the orgasm I had to give. The women in the bathroom stalls would be my lovers. Again, I reached out with my mind and felt them. The teenager behind me. The middle aged woman in front of me. My hand reached into my panties to feel the kiss of my dragon as she welcomed me.

As I touched my clitoris, my senses exploded into that unique sense of hyper-awareness that only 'she' will give me. I heard behind me the teenager lifting her skirt and tugging her panties down. I heard her sit. In front of me, I heard a thump as the woman in there bumped against the wall. Perhaps she too was masturbating.

Then, in a cataclysm of release they were on me. Their hands, their tongues, their scents. The teenager had my breasts in her hands and was pushing her moist mound against my ass, the woman in front had two fingers inside me. As the teenager pressed her finger into my ass, my dragon blessed me as she has done so many times before.

The world disintegrated into colours, lights, sounds, and smells that danced with each sweet agony of convulsion.

Some time later I left. Dressed again in my brown cotton summer dress, but without my panties. I returned to the anonymity that is my daily life. My panties were turned inside out and left in the bathroom cubicle. They were black, and the tears of my dragon that were left in them will now be turning white.

May my dragon be blessed and may another know the sweetness of her tears.



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