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Last time I told about my 'Classroom Antics' when first entering Grammar School.I now want to move onto the most intense period of my wanking life,my early and mid teens.
I was insatiable and just could not get enough,in fact I gradually became a slave to my cock.I would wank just for the pleasure of reaching orgasm,so quickly achieved that I would instantly repeat the exercise again and again in the same bedtime session.My cock was sore,I had no concept of using lubricants,and my semen ,reducing in quantity at each wank would congeal on my cock,forming a cheesy substance,but still I couldn't resist just one more time!
Being an only child and going to a boys' only school I had little or no contact with the opposite sex but my interest in girls constantly grew as I heard tales from other boys and gradually learned,by the same method,the basic facts of life.The female body fascinated me and I would study photographs in my mother's weekly magazines for women,drooling over the underwear adds and wanking whilst admiring the partly exposed tits and rear ends.There was no adult material available in the early 50's ,but we all used to have fun looking at the pictures in 'Health & Efficiency',a publication directed at Naturalists.The one piece of information gleaned from my comrades that I found difficult to believe was that these gorgeous members of the opposite sex had pubic hairs in their private area just like us.I remember that I used to look for any slight evidence of hair in the photographs,but could never find any.In fact it was not until I was 17 years of age and going out with my future wife that I finally cleared up the mystery to my complete satisfaction.
I experimented more as my age increased.I would pretend that my pillow was a girl and place my cock between it and the mattress and hump away in ecstasy.At one point I felt a compulsion to insert my cock in some hole or other-any kind would do,and usually resorted to the centre of toilet rolls.Whilst achieving my aim,I did find that it resulted in soreness after the exercise was completed.
Then I moved towards admiring my cock again and would take great pleasure in wanking in front of the three angled mirrors of my dressing table.That way I could watch myself from all angles.Other times I would cover my cock with soap and enjoy the sensation that a sliding erection could give,although,once again,after ejaculation,I suffered somewhat as my little hole would sting for ages.I would constantly measure my cock to witness any growth that would allow me to boast to my friends at school.
I think you must have the general picture by now and can guess the other activities in which I endulged,so I will leave things for now and next time tell how I moved from solo sex to mutual masturbation after meeting the girl who was to spend the rest of her life with me.



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