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Innocent Toddler Discovery

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Hi, I read all the stories here, but my story may be extremely unusual, my purpose for sharing. Please let me know what you think.

To be brief, I began masturbating when I was somewhere between 18 and 21 months of age. I discovered that sliding forward on my high chair gave me a pleasureable sensation, and then I soon began to do this each time I was sitting in it. It had a little divider between my legs and I think that is what I liked about it. If anyone tried to stop me from doing this I would scream and get upset. After a while I didn't even want to eat or anything, all I did in my high chair was slide my legs and waist forward all the time, rocking back and forth. Eventually, my mom or dad would hold me in one spot which would force me to eat my food.

Anyway, after I was a little older than two, my parents wanted to teach me that it was ok to do what I was doing, but only if I was by myself in my room, or in the bathroom. One evening when my mom was giving me a bath, she told me, 'ok, now you can play with yourself between your legs and touch yourself there.' I didn't understand what she was saying, and I thought I had to be in my high chair to enjoy this activity. Then I decided to try something. I sat on my left hand and slid my waist forward on it. Wow, with the direct contact of my hand and lower arm, this was better than in the high chair. But after a while it hurt my hand to always be sat on. I wondered what it was that gave me such a sensation though.

Eventually I got an idea to use some fingers and just touch the area between my legs. This was just to discover what was between my legs, but at the same time it also gave me a desirable sensation. After a few minutes I couldn't control it, I wanted to go faster and faster with my fingers rubbing my vulva. Eventually my whole hand was used when rubbing.

Then my parents had a new problem, what they meant for me to only enjoy when I was bathing became a problem because now I learned that I don't have to be in a high chair to enjoy this, I can do it anywhere. I wanted longer and longer bath times. When I was three years old, I wanted to do this so bad when I was lying in bed, but I thought that it wouldn't work unless I was in the bathroom. But again I decided to try in bed. I lay on my stomach and placed my left hand between my legs. I slid my waist over my hand. Wow, this was the best sensation ever, and I could do it with my clothes on and just have a blanket over me and who could notice what I was doing under the covers?

Well, I began doing this daily and anywhere and everywhere around the house. My parents kept telling me to go to my room, or to stop, but I never listened, it was such a bad habit, even before I was in school. When it came time for kindergarten, they kept me back a year, worried I would do this in school. The next year, when I did go to kindergarten, I in fact did this on the carpet in the classroom during naptimes, and other such events.

My teacher called my house a few times, and it was after that that I had to control my urges. I stopped masturbating in front of anyone. But each evening and morning I would lie in bed and rub myself for probably a good half hour, maybe more. I would always listen to hear if anyone was coming down the hall to my room. If I heard anyone, I would quickly jump off my hands, and look like I was asleep. So I did this twice a day even as a young child. I also did it when I was having a bath too, except in the bathtub I used a different method lying on my back instead of lying on my stomach, and it wasn't as much fun, but still enjoyable. This activity would then be my big secret from everyone that I did everyday, and no one was ever going to know the secret pleasure of mine.

I continued this up right through my elementary years in school. Then I was old enough and wanted to start taking showers instead of baths in the morning. I still masturbated twice a day in bed, but taking a shower wasn't fun if I couldn't play with myself, so I figured out a way to masturbate in the shower that is similar to how I masturbate when I am lying down, except that this time I'm standing up, and I'm not wearing anything.

When I was in high school, I had to start waking up so early, that I had no time to masturbate in the morning, only in the evening when I fell asleep. I had to masturbate less now, but sometimes if the urge was real strong, I would use my spare periods or lunch and go to the bathroom and masturbate for a few minutes when sitting down.

One day when I was doing this, I was thinking and was curious about what this activity was. I knew I did it all my life, but it didn't have a name, and I wanted to know if other people did it. So I went to the public library and searched for books about family life, and stuff like that, and I fimally discovered the word 'masturbation' and knew what I was doing. Took me till I was seventeen years old to know but now I knew.

Now I am in my mid-twenties, but I still keep my childhood routine of masturbating each night when I fall asleep, and each morning when I wake up, and each time I take a shower or a bath. I have tried to stop doing this, and have managed for up to a few days, but obviously not tried to permanently stop, and I can't say that I want to, I enjoy every minute.

Each person masturbates with different methods from person to person and discovers this activity at different ages, and some do it more than others.

My purpose for writing is to find out if anyone remembers masturbating as a child or discovering it as a child like I did. I wish to know if my method of masturbating is a common one, lying on your stomach and placing your hands between your legs and rubbing. Also wondering if there are others out there who are as obsessed about it as I was all my life.



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