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Innocent Game

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As a kid my sister and I were never close with one another. Her name is Steph and mine Jason I am two years older than her and this happened when I was 14 and she 12. We both hung around with the kids from across the street we can call them James and Erika. One day in the summer time we both went calling for them at the same time. Only Erika was available to play James had been grounded for I don't know what. Steph invited me to play with them and I was a bit puzzled by the offer but also pleased.

We went back to our house my mom and dad were not home at the time. We started off playing a few board games and stuff. We all tired of the games and Erika had suggested truth or dare we all agreed and began to play. Of course it all started off with truths and then led to dares like smell someones feet etc. Eventually Erika got bold and said for my dare get naked! Steph was a little shocked as I was but she giggled anyways. I kind of stumbled for words but eventually agreed to do it if I could cover my dick with my hands.

I sent them out of the room both laughing and giggling as well as blushing. I stripped down naked and covered myself and then called them in. I gave them 30 seconds to observe and then I said ok that's enough. They left and returned after I had re-dressed. It was then my turn to do the daring and I dared Steph to kiss Erika they did not want to do it so after some talk they agreed to do it with a facecloth in between them but with lips in the right places. I said only if they did 30 seconds with something between and 30 without they agreed.

It was very exciting for me and I began to get a hard one. When it came my turn again I dared Erika to show us her vagina and she agreed very quickly this got me more excited. Shortly after we dropped all pretence of the game and all stood there nude looking at each of our bodies. Before things could advance much further the phone rang and Steph had to go for dancing lessons, my mother was on her way to pick her up. Erika and I agreed to keep playing after she had left, so we put our clothes back on until my mother had come and gone and then went naked again.

We started to explore each other and I was extremely hard (At this point I had masturbated before but not very frequently once a month I would say) I got Erika to touch me and stroke me and I did the same to her. Our fun was then stopped again as my dad called and said he was on his way home with supper so we had to call it quits. Later that night I masturbated twice in bed recalling the days events. To this day I have never done anything like that with Erika or Steph again but I still believe that if allowed to continue Erika and I would have been very good friends and masturbated mutually for a very long time. She is now a pretty young woman and I regret not progressing things faster back then but you only get so many chances to play doctor or truth or dare so innocently as kids and I surely missed mine. Today when I see Erika I still think of the time we did this and it is a common fantasy of mine to masturbate to what could have happened between us.



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