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Innocent Fun on the Beach

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Innocent fun on the beach
My wife Sara and I just recently had an experience that left us both excited and concerned. We were on holiday in Jamaica (a very sensual and beautiful place), and visiting our favourite nude beach. The beach is very natural, and away from most of the development so there are usually very few people there. On this particular day we were the only ones left as the sun had gone behind some clouds, and the few people who were there left for the day.
We were having a nice relaxing time just reading and sleeping. At a certain point, I became aware that someone else was around because I could hear some light splashing in the water. I looked over and I saw two young local boys lying naked in the water just below us. One looked to be 12 or 13, and the other was probably about 9 or 10. At first I didn't think anything of it, but as I watched them for a minute, I realized that they were both looking up between my wife's legs. I wasn't sure if she knew they were there, but as I watched her, I realized, much to my excitement, that she not only knew they were there but was actually giving them a discreet show. She had her knees up and her legs spread slightly and was casually rocking them open and closed so the boys must have been getting a pretty good eyeful.
I continued to watch the scene for a few minutes without saying anything to Sara because I wanted to see what would happen. The boys stayed out in the water talking quietly and giggling for a few more minutes until the older one of the two started to stand up, but then seemed to change his mind part way up and squatted back down in the water. I was wondering what he was up until he finally got up and dashed to the beach to get their bathing suits. I then realized why he was so apprehensive about standing up. His young dark penis was standing at full attention, brought on, no doubt, by looking at my wife's beautiful open vagina. This caused a wonderful sexual energy to surge through my body, the intensity of which even surprised me.
The boy with the erection, ran over to get their suits and brought them back and then they both put them on. I thought they were going to leave at that point, but instead they came over to where we were lying and without saying anything the older boy picked up one of the naturist magazines we had with us and they both started looking at the pictures. My wife and I looked at each other and laughed at the boldness of these boys. We still hadn't said anything about it but we could each tell that the other was getting aroused by what was happening.
We both went back to reading and let the boys have some fun looking at the magazines, but we kept looking over at them every couple of minutes out of curiosity. Around the second or third time I looked over, I noticed that the older boy had a big tent in front of the boxer shorts that he was using for a bathing suit. They were sitting very close to us, just above our heads so there was no missing it. I was really curious now and also very turned on at what was happening. I was concerned that we shouldn't be letting this happen, but I figured as long as we didn't do anything, they could do what they wanted.
I shifted my position so that I could get a good view of what was going on without making it obvious that I was watching. As I watched him for awhile I noticed he would every now and then, reach down and play with his erection through his boxer shorts. He was obviously not very shy about his sexuality (like many of the Jamaicans who live here), and he was getting bolder as he got more aroused. The next time he reached down to touch himself, he actually reached inside the open fly of his boxers and pulled his stiff cock out and started rub the palm of his hand over the tip. His penis was about 4" long when he was erect(we never actually saw him when he wasn't hard), and not very thick. He was uncircumsisd and I could see that the tip was wet with his pre-cum. Sara looked over at me at this point with a look of mock shock at what he was doing and we both laughed.
I looked over to see what the younger boy's reaction was to his friend's activities, but he seemed oblivious, as he was engrossed in staring, unblinkingly, at Sara's beautiful mound. The older boy was now openly masturbating and was also openly staring at Sara, and didn't stop even when she would turn and watch him, which she was doing more frequently. I knew she must have been incredibly excited having these two boys getting off just from looking at her, and I knew she must be really wet. I wanted to touch her but I figured I shouldn't do anything too blatant, so I started rubbing my own extremely hard penis, which I could do discretely because I was lying on my front. I had pre-cum literally flowing from the tip of my throbbing penis and I used it to massage the sensitive, circumcised head. It only took a small amount of rubbing until I was feeling myself on the verge of orgasm from all the visual stimulation, but I wanted to hold off until our young friend came as well. I didn't have to wait too long, as his own rubbing and my wife's gorgeous naked body were proving more than he could stand, and I could tell by the increased pace of his stroking and the look on his face that he was going to come soon.
My wife was looking right at his hard young cock now and I could tell that she was really excited. She reached down a couple of times and gave her pussy a couple of quick rubs, but she didn't fully masturbate. I, on the other hand, coudn't help myself and just as our friend started shuddering and spurting out his first bit of liquidy cum I gave my own desperate cock a few quick rubs and started spasming and shooting streams of cum into my towel. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.
After our young friend calmed down from his orgasm he gave us a big grin and then ran into the water with his friend close behind. After he washed off a bit they both left and we never saw them again. Sara and I were still so turned on that we pounced on each other and had the most incredibly hot sex together right on the beach. I'd never felt Sara's pussy so wet before. We've recounted this event several times together since, and it never fails to get us both really excited. We were worried that having an experience like that with a younger person should get us so turned on.
I'm curious to hear from anyone else who has had an experience like ours with a younger person who was so bold about their sexuality and how you felt about it. Thanks, Sam and Sara.
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