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'Innocent' Feel

Posted by: Author: Age: 13 at time,now 40 Posted on: 0 comments
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Started out with my neighbor boy innocently reacting to his curiosity.


I and my neighbor boy who was also around 13 at the time were sitting around in his garage talking and passing time. It was Summer time and both of us were home alone at the time. There was a bunk bed in the garage and I was laying down on it and he was sitting on the edge. I was on my back and had my right leg out laying on its side. I was in a pair of shorts. We were talking about things kids talk about; going swimming, other kids, school, parents, etc. He went to looking at my legs and finally just came out and asked if he could touch my leg. I didn't think too much about it and told him if you want to.

He put his hand on my calf and squeezed it a little and stroked it a little. Next his hand moved up to my thigh. He commented how soft it felt. He then went to moving his legs bringing them together and then opening them back up over and over again. He was now rubbing my inner thigh. Then I saw his hand go to his crotch area and his finger tips started rubbing himself and I looked there and I could see he was rubbing his 'dick' as we called it back then. I knew about boys getting erections but had never seen one. It was very obvious that he had a big erection in his pants. I thought about stopping this but I also felt the air of excitement and I was also curious so I didn't move. He went to making moaning sounds and rubbing himself faster. He then squeezed his legs together real hard and his eyes were tightly shut and his mouth was open. He let out a loud grunting sound. In a little while he relaxed and was breathing real deep. I could see a wet area in his pants right where his dick was and I knew enough to know it was his sperm. It hit me that the feel of my leg had got him so excited that it did this to him.

I have long since learned that most of my body to a boy (and men) is a sex organ. Not just my pussy. Breast, legs, butt. You name it and it probably arouses them. My mother had never told me this and I guess I learned the 'hard' way. And as I grew into my later teen years this knowledge was sure put to good use. On that first encounter I only got to see what a boy's sperm looked like as a wet area on some pants. I have long since gotten very experienced with what I later called cum. Been filled with the stuff, covered with it, smelled it, tasted it and I'm still getting it. Numerous boys and later men friends, two husbands. Just can't get enough of it, I guess.



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