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Innocence Sucks!

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My 19-year-old brother Samuel (although we call each other Jay and Sam) taught me about masturbating last Wednesday. I've been randy a lot since I was 15, you know, the usual, home alone on a Saturday morning, nothing to do with your time, so sit on the computer and innocently browse websites of women and teens in bikinis and stuff, have an erection, then when someone comes home you play a console game or have a kick about outside. Nothing special, just pass the time.

On this Saturday, I accidentally (and it WAS an accident!) found a gallery of images of naked girls. Call me sad, sheltered, whatever - but it was the first female nudity I'd ever seen! My erection was harder than ever, and after a while a little sore. I decided to unbutton my shirt, take off my jeans, take off my socks and boxers, and sit there naked airing myself to the room, and without warning, to my brother too!

He looked at me, smiled, and threw his coat onto the sofa as I blushed a deep red and tried to cover my exposed penis. He laughed and reassured me to not worry, he's got one and he'll show me his too. I gasped, and he stripped entirely naked too, and I watched as his penis enlarged and hardened.

He asked me to let him sit on the chair, so he could 'sample your material' on the computer. I stood up, he sat, and told me to sit on his lap. I did and he yelped before asking me to move back. I was perched on his thighs, his penis sticking up in front of my own.

He asked how often I masturbated, and I told him I didn't know what it was. He told me he would show me something 'far, far hotter' and opened a website with gay men naked. He downloaded a series of previews of men masturbating each other. At first I was a bit nervous, but my erection got much harder in the end, as did Sam's.

He reached in front of us both and held my penis in a tight, comfortable grip, and began to stroke it rhythmically up and down. He invited me to do the same to him. Suffice to say I had my first orgasm, writhing and bucking, within two minutes, my wriggling around helped him come soon after!

We were both covered in sticky little droplets of semen of which I'd never seen before, he encouraged me to taste it, which was a little bitter but nice in a way (possibly as I was very horny).

We were both very excited and tired, and took a joint shower to clean up.

I spent the night NAKED in his bed WITH him! Up until 2:00am, we played around rubbing and grabbing, until we were too sore and sensitive and spent to do anymore. The bed was full of our sweat and cum, which was an incredibly 'kinky' turn on!

We spent last night on the floor of my bedroom (laminate, so easily cleaned)




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