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Initiation Ritual for Joining the Club

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This is the first time I ever saw another boys's penis...


Initiation Ritual for Joining the Club
When I was 13 or 14 I had a best bud named Donnie. We hung out together all the time. He lived across the street from me. Both my parents worked and during summer vacation we were home alone. We usually were out and about but sometimes spent time in my room at my house.
One day, my younger sister was off somewhere doing something and the two of us were in my room reading comic books or doing something innocent. Donnie and I had never done anything sexual together and in fact, I never experienced any dick play with any other guys as a youth and in fact had never even seen another boy's penis.
There was a younger neighborhood kid named Mike who used to follow Donnie and me around all the time. He was probably about 11 or so. He was in the room on this day with us. Donnie and I had a secret 'club' and although this 'club' was more a figment of our imaginations than anything else, the younger kid was constantly begging us to let him join the 'club.' We would always talk about the 'club' in front of him just to tantalize and tease him but would never let him join.
So on this occasion he is bugging us about joining and out of the blue Donnie tells Mike that he can join if he will suck both our cocks. Frankly this shocked the hell out of me. I had never shown my cock to anyone else as I was very self-conscious about it. This was due in part to something that had happened when my dad saw my flaccid cock - which was quite small - and took me to the family doctor to find out if there was something 'wrong' with my equipment.
Despite the fact that the doc said I was normal for my age, I still carried a stigma in my mind that I was lacking. To show you how far off base good old dad was, my cock now is slightly over 7' hard and nice and thick.
Anyway, back to my story. To my total surprise, Mike agreed to suck both our pricks if he could join the 'club.' But he said that he would only suck each cock for 30 seconds.I happened to have a stopwatch?and that was it.
Donnie eagerly dropped his pants to expose an already hardening cock. I was surprised to see that his hard-on was about the same size as mine even though he was bigger - but not older - than me. I am guessing our cocks were between four and five inches hard back then.I really can't remember.
So Mike lowered his head to Donnie's cock and took it in his mouth while I timed it with the stopwatch. I actually gave him about 40 seconds but he must have been counting because he pulled off Donnie's cock just before I said 'stop.'
Now it was my turn. I unzipped my pants and my cock had gotten hard watching Mike suck Donnie so I was already ready to go as well. I handed the stopwatch to Donnie and Mike took my prick in his mouth. Well what a disappointment. He didn't suck it or move his lips on it but just held it in his mouth without moving. It really wasn't very exciting at all. After the obligatory 30 seconds he took his mouth off my cock and said 'OK. I am in the club.'
I looked over at Donnie and he was jacking his prick and so I started jacking mine too. We told Mike to take his prick out and jack also but he didn't want to do it. Donnie told him that now that he was in the club, he had to jack with his fellow club members. Donnie acted like this was something we did every day even though we never had before.
Mike reluctantly dropped his pants and started jerking his little cock. All three of us sat on my bed whacking our cocks and it didn't take long for Donnie to shoot his load of cum and as soon as I saw his juice squirting out of his prick, mine started shooting as well. Mike was too young to cum but I think he did experience an orgasm. I am not sure as I didn't have enough experience to really know or not.
This session began a regular thing as the three of us would get together from time to time for a mutual jerkoff. We used to ask Mike play with our cocks and sometimes we would get him to jerk us off until we came. I moved away before Mike was old enough to ejaculate so I never saw him cum but I did see Donnie cum many, many times.
Donnie and I even got a neighbor girl to jack us off every so often but we never went any further than that with her. We would both suck her titties while she jacked one of us off and after the one guy would cum, she would jack off the other one. She wasn't into letting us touch her other than her tits. She just got off watching us shoot our stuff.



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