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Initiation (Pt 3)

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Parts 1 & 2 were posted under references 43282 and 43311 if you wish to read them before enjoying these latest events!


Baignets, boissons fraches! shouted the girl as she walked the beach in the afternoon selling goodies and drinks. Being in the south of France she was not wearing a bikini top and as I watched people buying I saw Boyo go up and join the queue. I grabbed a purse, leaped up and sauntered over to join the queue behind Boyo, thinking this was my opportunity to get to know him.

Good looking buns, I said to him (no double entendre here). He pulled his eyes away from the ample chest of the good looking girl serving the goodies and agreed with me. As we were in the queue I managed to get close enough to his rather fine brown body so that when he turned his arm brushed against my chest. Nothing more! There followed some small talk as we ate our buns together and I walked back to where his towel was and we chatted away quite well. I liked him; he seemed to like me. The plan was evolving nicely so far.

Hey, I know this may sound crazy to you but I have a bird-watching hobby which I indulge up on the hillside just inland from where we are now. Good views and so on. I'm going up there tomorrow morning. Do you want to come up there too? I might see something of interest.

I watched carefully to see if there was any particular reaction, but no. He would have thought my eyrie could have been anywhere on the hillside behind.

Yeah, good idea, I'd like to try that, I'm always game for something new.

We fixed a time to set off next morning.

So my plot was hatched! In my sleeping bag overnight I thought what I might do and got myself into quite a state doing so! Needed further relief but restrained myself, not really knowing why.

The next day after an early morning swim and breakfast I was at the meeting point in good time, Boyo turned up, whose name I now knew was Charlie, and off we went. I was carrying a blanket and the glasses and camera as before. I took the path I knew we had both previously taken for different reasons and we reached my observation spot.

Right Charlie, this is the spot, it's quite secluded here and nobody can see us and the birds don't notice if we keep still.

This is a great place, lovely and peaceful, shade, view, nice girl with me, can't ask for more at the moment, he said.

That's good. Have you been up this way before along the path?

I wandered up here two days ago, just drifting along.

Well, I thought I saw you from a great way off. I left my remark hanging but Charlie said nothing, just smiled.

It was time to take the plunge, stop pussy-footing around.

I have a confession to make, Charlie. I was certain I saw you here two days ago. You walked up the path and stopped over there to have a pee. I have to admit I watched it all and I was fascinated so I confess that I have not brought you up here to watch birds but for me to watch you and get to know you better.

Charlie made to speak but I held up my hand.

I have a proposal and hope you'll agree. Having seen what you did the other day and yesterday, I want you to show me yourself and show me how you did it, but I've a condition, this is about me knowing you. You can't do anything to me yet, at least!

Charlie had blushed at these revelations and looked embarrassed.

I feel so awkward, embarrassed, but what you say seems good. I'll leave you alone, let you tell me what you want.

Marvellous. Sit on this blanket, take off your shorts and pants and lie back. This was an absolute dream if he did it all!

He lay back pulling off the clothes and there it was, exposed, his lithe tanned body, black downy hair across the lower part of his stomach, thickening into a big black bush out of which was growing fast his cock, and below the bollocks in a sack.

I'm going to touch you Charlie, and explore you, because I don't know much about mens bodies.

So saying I ran my hands down his chest over his stomach and on down towards the now fully grown penis which I touched. Having seen what Charlie had done with it himself I tried the same grip, putting a thumb and forefinger round it. It felt hard and yet pliable. I moved my hand along and found that the skin slid along with my finger and thumb, and back when I moved them the other way. I lifted the member up and touched the head, a beautiful smooth silky texture the skin had on top, and all crinkly underneath where the head came round in its rather peculiar shape. I pulled the cock right up so that it was vertical but it slipped from my hand and sprung down giving a slapping sound as it hit Charlie's belly. He laughed.

Gee, it's really great when you fiddle and explore my cock. I'll show you what to do in a moment. Put your fingers down lower and feel my balls, but very gently, rub and move them around in your fingers.

I touched them delicately, rolling them around in my fingers, feeling their weight, lifting one and letting it fall down in its bag, then I felt his cock again, I couldn't get over its feel, its hardness and the sort of veins and roughness I could feel inside the skin, the silkiness of the head.

When I watched you yesterday you seemed to hold it in the middle and move your hand back and forth, like this? I said, gripping it about half way along and sliding my hand very slowly up and down.

Yeah, that's just great, just hold your hand here, Charlie said, moving my hand slightly up the shaft. Now go on doing it, real slow.

How long does it take before the juice comes out and will I know when it's going to happen?

Just keep doing that and the juice will flow, don't stop it's good, so good, don't know how long but not long now, whatever you do when I cum do not stop stroking just keep going till it's all out, Charlie gasped.

I was lying beside him stroking with my right hand but I wanted to feel his balls while this was going on so I sat up continued the slow motion with my left hand and fingered his balls. Much tighter now I thought: what does this mean?

Anyway, I let go and got my head right down level with his prick, just beside it, and massaged with my right hand, two fingers round the shaft and the thumb underneath and Charlie was quite obviously enjoying this and so was I, completely wet inside my panties and I thought he must show me his juice soon, yesterday it didn't seem to take long but I am doing this much more slowly, perhaps if I speed up, let's see what he does, so I suddenly speeded up my stroke just like Charlie was doing when I watched, he gasped again, said to slow down so he could savour it, so I did and then:

I'm going to cum, it's cumming.

And, delicious moment of peak anticipation for me, he came within seconds, a great beating of his cock in my hand as the jets of white cum spurted up his belly and chest to his chin, thick juice across his brown body as I followed his instruction and continued to milk him until, at last, there was no more cumming out. The beating of his cock had slowed and stopped and its hardness began to diminish; I let go. I touched the thick, white cum, the essence of life, as Charlie's breathing slowed and he came back to earth.

I just loved that Charlie, it was so impressive and it shot out so far! I exclaimed. Is it always like that? Goes so far?

That was sooo good, you must do it again. Depends how often it happens and how far apart each cumming is. You need to practice more, girl, he smiled at me.

Now Charlie, I said I did not want you touching me but I am feeling really horny and you did so well I want you to help me and do the same to me. You probably know what to do with a girl anyway.

I slipped off my shorts and panties and lay back.



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