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Initiation II

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Mutual Masturbation is good, but a mutual threesome is way better.


This is a follow-up to my previous story 'Initiation.'
Three summers later, I went to visit Peter. By this time, I was obviously masturbating and cumming regularly. One night we were watching a porno flick on Cinemax when we somehow began to talk about masturbation. I asked Peter and he said that he now masturbated regularly and we talked about techniques, girls, and stuff. I then began to talk to him about our incident and asked him why he'd put his hand in my boxers that morning. However, he said that he didn't know why. The truth is that I myself did not know why I'd put my hands in his pants too, but I still felt guilty about that incident and wasn't yet very comfortable with masturbation. Two days later, Peter's friend Chris, who was the same age as Peter, came over to spend the day, but when his mom came to pick him up, we convinced her to let him sleep over.
That night, the three of us watched more porn and later went to look at more porn on the Internet. We began to share masturbation experiences and what happened when we came. By this time, I was a hard as a rock. I couldn't stop the bulge in my pants from rising, but as I looked over, I say my cousin's hand in his boxers moving and I knew that he was just as horny as I was. His friend Chris also said that he felt like masturbating and that he did it like over ten times a day, but I didn't believe him. When we went to my cousin's room, we all decided that two of us would wait on the bottom bunk of his bunk bed while each of us took turns to go on the top bunk and jerk-off. Afraid that the other would chicken out, we all decided that we would all masturbate at the same time. Because the lights were off, we decided to feel to make sure that each of us was hard. So I removed the covers that let my 6.5' 4' dick get some cool summer breeze from the window. When I felt Peter and Chris' dicks, I felt those same feelings that I felt the first time I touched Peter's dick that morning. My heart began to beat faster and I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the head of my penis. I didn't see their dicks but Chris' dick felt thick and my cousin's was long but not as thick as mine. His dick had a head just as big as mine. My penis is sticking out of my boxers as I'm writing this right now. When they felt my dick to make sure that I was wasn't fooling them, I felt like I was going to explode. As we lubed up and was about to stroke ourselves, Peter and Chris asked me if I knew how to do the technique called 'the penis message.' When they felt my dick, they were shocked at how big and thick my dick was. So I knew they'd love to get their hands on it and stroke it. Knowing this, I said I didn't know, so they decided to show me. We lay in the bottom bunk across the bed. Peter was in the middle. He grabbed my lubed up penis at the middle section because his hand wasn't big enough to do this technique from the base.
My cousin grabbed my lubed up penis, slightly squeezed it and let it slip through his fist as he slightly twisted his hand while going up to the top. It was almost like my dick was a pole and he was shining it up. I gave a slight moan when he reached my neck but I fought the urge not to moan louder so that the others didn't wake up in the house. As more pre-cum began to ooze out of my dick, he mixed it with the lube on my dick and continued stroking. Realizing what he was doing, I grabbed his dick and started doing the same thing to him too. One the other side of him, I could hear Chris making tiny little moans and I realized that my cousin was jerking Chris and I off at the same time and that just made me even hornier. I was so horny that I began to arch my hip up to hump his hand. I told him that I was about to come. Three seconds later, I shot my load all over his hand, my pubes and my chest. I then grabbed his cum filled hands and rubbed it over my chest but he decided to use the rest as lube for Chris. Because they'd been masturbating longer than I had, it took them longer to come. So as I continued to stroke Peter, Chris told me I could go clean up and he continued stroking Peter. Less than 20 seconds later, I was in the bathroom cleaning up when I heard them both give a slight moan and knew then they'd both come at the same. I had such a huge orgasm that my penis lost its erection completely. It was honestly the best orgasm I've ever had in my entire life. It was so good that when I woke up the next morning and remembered what had happened, that night, I jerked off again and shot my load all over my chest. That was one of the most amazing nights of my life. My cousin and his family are coming to visit this weekend and I hope we can relive what happened last summer.



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