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My name is James and I am aged thirteen the only child of my divorced mother. Mum married and had me at the youthful age of sixteen and has since devoted herself to my care even though she is an attractive and shapely woman and could easily find a man. I am told that I am handsome and a fine physical specimen nearly six foot tall with a well developed body cultivated by playing many sports. I don't have a regular girl friend because I find the girls at school too young and immature and so far I have not had the opportunity to meet a girl I really want.
Just after my birthday mum was called away on urgent family business for two or three weeks. Not wanting to disturb my schooling mum said it would be best for me to stay at home alone. Mum arranged that her best friend Helen a divorcee who lived next door would feed me and do my washing and generally keep an eye on me. Although I would miss my mum I welcomed the prospect of some time in the house on my own as there were lots of things I wanted to experiment with in private and was somewhat disappointed that I was going to be watched over by Helen ... but I should not have been concerned.
I was sexually well developed and had enjoyed masturbating for many years. Even as a young boy I found my prick grew stiff when I played with it which I often did in the bath and even when I handled it just to have a pee. Mum scolded me for playing with my prick although I think she secretly thought it was a good thing and was proud to see that I was developing well into manhood. We were very open with each other and never locked the bathroom door so we saw each other in the bath and shower and I could not help admire mums generous breasts and the mass of hair in her pubic region. I did not want mum to see me wanking so I could only perform when she was out although I am sure she had guessed what was happening from the dried sperm on my sheets and the sight of my semi-erect cock in the bathroom. She never commented but I sometimes caught her having an admiring glance at my well endowed prick and balls.
I found some girly magazines which dad had left hidden in his den which I often used to give me excitement to stiffen my penis in readiness for my rubbing. I liked the magazines with pictures of naked girls showing off their hairy fannies and bottoms and good letters with explicit sex descriptions. The best letters described lesbian sex and naughty dog stories. I would dearly liked to be able to bend low enough to take the knob in my own mouth to feel the stream of semen rushing into my mouth. I had seen in some photos of a very lucky asian youth able to do this but I could not quite reach down far enough for that pleasure.
My penis was much larger than my pals at school who joked about it in the changing rooms. It was circumcised and about 14 cm long when flaccid and it grew to a carefully measured 21 cm and very thick at the base when fully erect with a good sized purple head. I had grown pubic hair and one experiment I wanted to do was to shave this off and take a photo of my bare erect penis and balls. Luckily my school was co-ed so I had plenty of contact with the girls including grabbing them in fun and trying to feel their boobs and fannies. They sometimes reciprocated and tried to grab my penis through my pants. Unfortunately this merely frustrated as it never developed into proper sex so I masturbated regularly sometimes three times a day.
I often watch girls tennis tournaments on TV because they have such well shaped breasts and bottoms and show them of as they jump around the court. The tall black girls are best of all and often their nipples are clearly visible through their skimpy blouses and their shorts are pulled hard into their cracks and I imagine I can see the outline of their cunt lips. I usually have to creep off to masturbate after a good tennis viewing session.
I dearly wanted to go the whole way with a girl but that seemed miles away. I had to content myself with masturbation. Sometimes I liked doing this in the shower as I found that the needle jets around my balls and anus was a real simulation and I developed an erection without even stoking my penis. With the shower head a few inches from me I would slowly move the jet around my buttocks teasing my sack and anal area and then up to my penis and I would play the sharp needle jets onto the end then I would flip back to my arse trying to prolong the simulation as long as possible. I would pull my bottom cheeks apart so the fierce spray contacted with my sensitive areas of skin round my anus and inside thighs. At the same time I thought hard about my favourite magazine pictures especially the lesbian girl licking her girl friends clitoris and anal area. After a long period of enjoyment given to me by the shower head I would then give my penis shaft a few quick firm rubs and came very quickly. I have a marvellous ejection of sperm which I could shoot several feet which I suppose was the benefit of my young muscles.
Occasionally my pals and I would masturbate together and even stroke each others penises. I loved to lick the fingers used to rub the penis and taste the juices which had developed around my pals knob end but never went as far as taking a cock in my mouth. We sometimes put on a rubber sheath to collect the semen and see how much we could produce. If I hold back from wanking for a couple of days I could fill a desert spoon with the thick cream from my sheath. When we compared amounts of spunk I usually had much more than my pals. Whilst this was fun I realised there was more I wanted.
I was disappointed that the unexpected freedom of the house would be spoilt by visits to and from Helen which might limit my opportunities for experimenting with different masturbation techniques. But this feeling did not last for long.
The first day after mum left Helen phoned and invited me to her house for dinner later that evening. I reluctantly agreed and turned up at Helens house. Helen is a Theatre Sister at the local hospital and is so far unmarried and has had no children. She is an avid tennis player and had just returned home from a session at the courts. I had never taken much notice of Helen before and I was surprised to she how attractive she was in her tennis blouse and short skirt even though she must be around mum's age. Helen apologised and said I should wait whilst she changed for dinner. She reappeared in a figure hugging outfit which revealed her lovely cleavage and shapely waist and thighs well developed by her athletic activities and unspoilt by child bearing. The colouring perfectly matched her attractive blond hair and blue eyes. She was bright with a bubbly personality and it turned out that she was great company. Helen said it was a pleasure for her to entertain me as she had no family locally and liked the idea of a young man in the house.
As a treat Helen said we could have a couple of glasses of wine with the meal which relaxed us and we chatted about a wide range of subjects which I found very interesting. I could not take my eyes off Helen especially when she passed me food. Her low cut blouse sagged down a little as she stood up and leaned towards me letting me look down the gap and I could almost see the whole of her lovely breasts and a glimpse of her nipples in her low cut bra. I think she realised this and enjoyed having her breasts appreciated although she gave no hint to me.
After the meal we moved to the settee for coffee. As she stood up her large black Labrador dog bounded in from the kitchen area and immediately jumped up so he was standing upright with his paws on her shoulders. He was almost as tall as Helen and looked like a man who was about to embrace her. To my surprise I notice that the dogs penis was sticking out and he was in an obviously excited state making small thrusting movements in the direction of Helen's pubic region. Helen sensed my embarrassment at the proceedings and gently pushed the dog away saying "don't be a naughty man George because James wont like it". George then moved to me sitting on the settee and thrust his head between my parted legs and forced his nose hard up against my penis and began rubbing it against my penis as hard as he could go. I have often imagined what it would be like to have a dog lick my privates and anus and if I had been alone I would have liked to open my fly and let him have a full access and a good lick around the whole area. Helen sensed my nervousness and grabbed George by the collar and pulled him away. Helen said George was over sexed and it was only natural him to want to lick my genital area. She said "George I know you can smell James sex aromas from his pants but you cant get off with him now". With that George was shooed back into the kitchen.
On the settee her closeness and perfume had a powerful effect on me which she obviously noticed. We chatted but after a while she very openly commented that I seemed to be fascinated by her breasts - this was correct but I was covered in embarrassment and just mumbled that she looked nice. She did not let it rest at that and came close to me and asked if I really liked her body. Still confused I replied yes and with that she asked if I would like to see more. My pulse was now racing and I had developed the most enormous erection I had ever had. She went on and said that if I wanted I could undo her blouse buttons to get a better look at her tits. I steeled myself and gingerly undid the top button after hesitating and some prompting from Helen I continued until the blouse was fully open revealing her brief sexy lace black bra which barely covered her nipples. Helen said that I might as well go the whole way and remove the bra. Helen twisted round so I could access her back and undo the fiddly catches holding the bra. After a struggle I released these and the bra fell away. I leaned back and Helen turned to face me and I saw the most incredible sight of her perfect breasts. Her nipples were erect and very large - much bigger than those in the photos I had seen and were surrounded by a large slightly raised dark brown area, the areola. I was gob smacked and once more my heart pounded as if to burst - I had never seen anything like this before. Helen asked if I would like to touch her breasts and nipples and without a word I gently placed my hands on the lovely globes. She sighed and I continued to stoke around the nipples until she said I needed to be taught how a girl like to be turned on. Helen then took my fingers and showed me how to stoke and gently squeeze her nipples which then seemed to grow even larger and firmer. Helen was groaning and I was so excited I gasped for breath. Helen said hoped she did not stink because she had not showered not wanted to keep me waiting for dinner. On the contrary her aroma was a delightful mix of perfume, musky sweat and love juices which I found even more stimulating if that was possible. "James now put the nipple in your mouth and suck me hard" she commanded. I was in my seventh heaven and sucked for several minutes with each nipple and she seemed well pleased with my work. She then pressed her breast harder to me causing me to take more of the breast into my mouth and suck even harder on the delicious nipple and areola. This was wonderful and my loins now ached with the pleasure I was receiving and giving.
After a while I came up for air and sat back to recover. My penis was now bolt upright clearly showing like a tent pole in my trousers. Helen noticed this and commented on my state and then said it would be only fair that as I had seen her breasts that she should be shown what I was hiding in my pants. So I invited her to look. As she had shown me the mutual pleasure of undressing her to reveal her lovely boobs I suggested she removed my trousers. Helen willingly moved forward and opened my waist band clip and grasped my trouser zip and maneuvered it down to the bottom before easing my pants from under me and down to the floor. Mum insisted that I wore the loose fitting boxer shorts instead of the tight sexy pants which would have allowed me to show off the outline of my generously proportioned privates. Mum said it was to make sure my bollocks hung free from body which she explained keep the testicles cooler and helped to produce more sperm. I liked the idea of more cum and the feel of my balls hanging free. Helen looked at my boxer shorts closely and said "James have you been a bad boy? I can see a wet patch left by your penis also some patches which look like dried semen" The semen was from a previous exploit. Without touching my privates Helen then eased the shorts over the penis and down. She took the shorts in her hand and pressed them to her face and sucked the new wet patch with obvious enjoyment of the distinct aroma of my fresh lubricant juice and dried spunk. Helen said that I was definitely a bad boy.
The spunk Helen had found had been ejaculated when I had a secret wank the previous day in the boring biology class at school. I thought I was unobserved and carefully slipped the shaft of my penis out through the trouser fly under cover of the desk. I slowly rubbed the penis up and down for quite a long time and built up to a slow climax. Just before I had an orgasm I slipped the penis back into my pants and continued with a few last squeezes till I had the intense sensation of the hot spunk shooting out into my shorts and wetting my belly. I normally cry out when this happens but I controlled myself to be silent. Unfortunately one of my favourite girl classmates Pat saw much of what happened and later she said she had seen her brother diddling himself and knew what I was up to in class. Pat said she thought I was very sexy and daring to take out my prick and to stoke it to orgasm and she thought a lot about my penis when she went to bed that night and this made her cunt wet. I had the impression she wanted to get more friendly with me but I chose not to take this up. Pat said that she loved the smell my cum afterwards which had drifted to her in the desk across from me. Luckily our young teacher Miss Simms was too far away for that.
Helen finished with my soiled shorts and turning back to me. She gave a gasp of astonishment when she saw my equipment and said what a magnificent tool I had for one so young. Pulling my legs apart she got a better view of my erect 20 cm penis and large testicles which was by now quivering and yearning to be stroked. She said it was truly remarkable as it was comparable in size with many sturdy grown men she had known. I was indeed very fortunate to have this remarkable weapon. Helen took hold of the shaft and ran her finger tips round the rim of the end bulb gathering the clear lubricant fluid it had produced in great quantities caused by my excitement when feeling her tits. Sucking her fingers she said it was a wonderful salty taste and she could not get enough of it. Helen then spotted that I had no public hair and whilst she liked the look of it she could not understand why I had none. I somewhat shame-faced told her of my shaving experiment and that the hair would grow back in time. What a pity she said because it looked so clean and inviting to her as it was.
Helen guessed my secret that I was a frequent masturbator and questioned me about what activities I did. I told her of various experiments to give variety but that I had never had the pleasure of physical contact with a girl. Helen said wanking was quite natural and essential to reveal my young sexual tensions and she also needed to masturbate frequently and would tell me about it one day. Helen was very interested in the detail and got me to describe exactly how I stoked and rubbed my penis and balls and for how long and how much cum I could produce. She liked details of my shower turn-on and said she would love to see me perform in the shower. I was very fortunate to have this opportunity for intimacy with such a gorgeous mature woman and I found her much more interesting and curvy than the young inexperienced girls at school.
Helen said she would love to help me widen my experience. I eagerly agreed and dearly hoped that my penis would not explode before she continued with my education. Slowly she fondled my balls and the base of the shaft. This was the first time a female had touched me and the effect was staggering. The head throbbed and grew even bigger and more purple. Helen knowingly said that she did not want my spunk to fly everywhere and said she would solve that. Helen moved her head down to my penis and took the head in her mouth and gently sucked before slowly taking more of the shaft into her mouth. The effect on me was like electric lightening and I started to trust forward which was a far more intense experience than my masturbating. I felt the rapid build up to ejaculation in my loins. Helen continued with her work with obvious enjoyment from the moans and sucking noises she made until perhaps half my penis was in her mouth. At that point I could hold back no longer and my penis sent a hot stream of sperm into her eager mouth. It was my first that day and I knew from experience that it would be a large quantity of fluid. Helen did not gag and did not immediately withdraw my tool from her mouth. She continued to gently suck the penis until it had subsided and she then released it. Smiling she asked me to kiss her on the mouth and I tasted the salty taste of sperm and she gave some of it back to me on her tongue in a French kiss. Helen said she adored the feel and taste of the cum gushing into her mouth and down her throat.
I was tired by now as the experience had lasted much longer than my normal masturbating sessions and with much more excitement so without more ado I put my flaccid penis back in the pants and returned home. Her parting words were that I should not tell anyone of our meeting and that she wanted me to return the next day for dinner and if I was a good boy I could have a further lesson. I did not know she would not be alone.
Before leaving home I rang Helen to check if she was ready for me and she said yes and why didn't I plan to stay in her spare room instead of going back to an empty house. I readily agreed and packed a few clothes to take with me. I left in a high state of anticipation with my knob already responding and stiffening.
Helen suggested I have a shower before dinner and I went to the en-suite shower room in the spare bedroom. I undressed and as I opened the shower door Helen joined me and reminded me of her wish to see me use the shower to assist my masturbation. Whilst I liked the idea I was very nervous to expose my private act to this beautiful mature lady. She sensed my predicament and asked if it would help if she let me watch her first.
I readily agreed and she led me naked to her room. Her first action was to switch on her video-TV and set a soft porn video running. She then slowly and provocatively removed her clothes down to her black lace bra and briefs. She looked absolutely stunning. My nervousness was already evaporating and my penis was again stiffening. Helen then moved to the bed and lay down. She than commanded me to go to her chest and remove a vibrator from the drawer. I had seen these in adverts but so far had not had the chance to handle one. The model was in the form of a black penis shaped in a slight curve with generous balls It was some 30 cm long and was very realistically shaped with a circumcised head but rather thin for its length. Under instruction I filled a receptacle near the base using some special cream like fluid and checked the batteries before handing it to her with a tube of lubricating cream. Helen said turn up the sound and we can watch the video for a while. Sitting on the bed next to her I began to absorb the video. It was a black man with an enormous erection having sex in various positions with two white girls both with huge breasts. Helen took my hand and said would I please tease her nipples to get her started. Repeating yesterdays exercise I removed her bra and sucked her nipples. Groaning with pleasure Helen moved her hand to her pants and slipped her figures inside and started to stroke her vagina. She then asked me to help her out of her pants so I stood up and slipped the flimsy garment down her legs. She had a large triangle of bushy blond pubic hair which for the time being hid from view her vagina. I realised she was indeed a natural blond. Helen motioned me to sit and watch her. Spreading her legs she used her hand to pull apart the bush to reveal her cunt lips and then used her other hand to stoke the area between. My penis was again engorged and my heart was pumping hard.
This was a fantastic experience. Helen continued stoking her slit and I noticed her clitoris near the top was growing in size just like a miniature penis. Helen was watching the video, glancing at my knob and getting very horny. Her stroking speeded up and she moaned in ecstasy from the array of pleasures. Her slit lips were now puffed and glistened with vaginal secretions ready to lubricate anything she wished to enter. Helen muttered to me to pass her the dildo which she the switched on and used the vibrating knob-end against her clitoris. By now she was wriggling with pleasure and moaning loudly with the stimulation from the black prick. I desperately resisted grabbing my own prick as I knew she wanted me to save my ejaculation for my own demonstration. Helen continued and gradually introduced the penis shaft inch by inch into her fanny with obvious pleasure. Her gyrations increased and the penis slowly disappeared into her cunt. Helen cried out for me to hit the button on the balls which was provided to shoot the cream up the shaft into her vagina. I did this and the effect was electric - Helen writhed and cried out loud as she experienced her orgasm. The dildo was removed and we both paused for breath. It had been the most exciting sexual experience yet for me although I had not been invited to touch her cunt.
We returned to the shower and I set the water running and climbed in to the cubicle with Helen watching by the door. I repeated my favourite wank using the fine jets to produce a pins and needles sensation around my anus and balls causing my prick to fully harden with a glowing blue-red knob end. Helen must have found this stimulating because she was again fingering her clitoris and getting very turned on. I continued moving the jets around until with a few pulls on the penis shaft I climaxed and turning to Helen shot my cum all over her face and breasts. She had her second orgasm and greedily wiped the spunk into her mouth. Helen said she was very impressed with my youthful performance and found the experience very sensual. She gave me a loving hug and kisses and we dressed for dinner and went down stairs.
To my surprise we had a visitor waiting to join us for the meal. She turned out to be one of Helen's tennis partners and good friend. I thought she was about five years younger than Helen. Gloria was a tall statuesque black beauty with medium sized and exquisitely shaped tits and obvious nipples through her thin dress and long long legs. And very attractive with long jet black hair and enormous brown eyes. Helen said she was a very able tennis partner and they enjoyed each others company. I found out later what this meant. Gloria certainly bore out my impression that tennis girls developed attractive figures. Helen rushed over to Gloria and gave her a very warm embrace and a long kiss full on the mouth. I had not seen mum do this with any of her friends but I decided that this must be some ritual enjoyed by good friends in the tennis club. Helen introduced her as a Systems Analyst whom she had met at the tennis club. I was impressed and realised she must be bright to hold down a job like that. Gloria said "Hi big boy" to me. I learnt later the significance of this remark.
We enjoyed a pleasant meal together with an interesting conversation and over coffee Helen turned to me and said that she hoped I would not be cross but she had told Gloria our "little secret". I played dumb and asked what secret? Gloria smiled and said she hoped not to embarrass me but she had heard I had a wonderful well equipped manly body but that it had not yet been put to full use. I turned to jelly and wondered where this would lead. No doubt Helen had a plan.
We moved over to the couch with me sitting in the middle. After some idle chat Helen said that Gloria would be eternally grateful if I was prepared to share the experience Helen and I had enjoyed last night. Apparently Helen had told Gloria in great detail about me and what we did together. Helen said she had found this very sexually exciting especially as I was so young and innocent of women yet so well endowed. Gloria said "James I would be so pleased to enjoy the same treat that Helen had last night".
I thought this is time to be smart so I retorted that it would be nice if Gloria allowed me the same privilege that Helen had before she saw my equipment. Gloria said she was happy for me to see her tits and Helen could help us arrange this.
I could not believe my luck to be sat between two very attractive experienced women who were obviously totally relaxed with each other and uninhibited in their interest in sex. Helen made the first move and suggested I should remove Gloria's long dress. Gloria stood up and I moved behind her to undo the hooks and open the back. I bent down and grasped the bottom of the dress and started to pull it over her head. Somehow it got stuck and Helen stood up to help by easing the dress over Gloria's bosom with my help from the rear. I noticed Helen seemed to linger around Gloria's breasts but thought nothing of it. Gloria turned round and I saw for the first time her magnificent physique clad only in her skimpy white bra and pants. Her polished ebony skin was flawless and her physic beautifully proportioned. We sat down and Helen reminded me that it was my job to remove Gloria's bra. ER H Her breasts were divine and I quickly clamped my mouth on a delicious nipple. Unlike Helen her nipple was small, but as I licked and sucked it grew is size to incredible length of about 3 cm. I indulged in a personal fetish and ran my fingers into Gloria's arm pit to feel her sweaty hair and pick up her scent. It tasted great! I looked up and saw that Helen had her finger tips on the other nipple and was rolling and stroking it to produce the same amazing nipple erection as I had with my mouth. Gloria looked very happy with this dual attention and did not seem to mind the attention of another women.
Gloria said now its my turn to have some fun. I sat back and this delightful woman removed my pants and shorts and exposed my swollen erect penis and throbbing balls. Gloria immediately turned to Helen and said she was absolutely right and I had indeed got a magnificent prick comparable with a mature black man. What would I be like when I get fully grown? She loved it. Helen suggested to Gloria that she might like to touch my penis. Gloria needed no second asking and placed her hand on the shaft and started to pull me off - up and down in the way I had also learned when masturbating. She felt the need in me rising and quickly bent down to take the engorged head between her lovely thick lips covered in bright red lipstick. Helen continued to fondle her breasts and Gloria slipped her hand between Helen's legs to fondle her vulva. Gloria continued her expert attentions and till I ejaculated. She quickly moved my penis out of her mouth and directed the jet of cream to flow over her naked breasts. Both Helen and I enjoyed sucking her breasts to suck the spunk into our mouths whilst enjoying once again the thrill of her lovely nipples and breasts. Gloria told Helen I was as wonderful as she promised. This was praise indeed from a woman who could probably have any man she wanted. Gloria gave me a long deep kiss and I fondled her breast whilst she enjoying my sperm laden mouth. Helen gave me a full goodnight kiss flavoured with my cum and gently squeezed my balls. We all got up and Helen suggested I should go to bed as I had school early the next day.
I staggered up to the spare room and settled into bed leaving my door open. I dosed off but was awakened when I heard movement in Helen's room. I could easily see into her room from my bed. Apparently Gloria was staying the night with Helen in her room. They both stripped off and lay down naked on the top cover.
What ensued blew my mind and I quietly creep onto the landing to get a better view of the room. I heard Gloria say "Helen, I am so pleased you introduced me to James and gave me the opportunity to enjoy his fantastic prick. I hope we can all meet again". I thought the same! Gloria and Helen kissed passionately and pressing their breasts together for a long while before Gloria rolled over and exposed her magnificent long erect black nipples before twisting down to suck Helens tits. Helen responded by lovingly caressing Gloria's shapely boobs. Gloria continued kissing Helens body all over and slowly progressed down to her vagina. Kissing round the vulva she planted her lovely mouth right on her crack and started to suck her slit and clitoris. I was so turned on by this sight that I started rapidly pulling my penis up and down to get some relief. Helen positioned herself with her mouth on Gloria's cunt which looked like a red gash surrounded by a black woolly blanket and started to suck her prominent clitoris which was running in vaginal lubricant fluid. Both girls moaned and started to move around as they enjoyed mutual orgasms. This lasted for some time with several repeat orgasms. I wondered if Helen had set up this opportunity for me to see this exhibition of lesbian love to further my education. The girls twisted round and started kissing before falling into a deep sleep. I crept back to bed exhausted.
I wakened early to find Gloria had moved into bed with me and was wrapped around my body asleep. I could feel her shapely breasts and soft nipples against me with the whiskery feel of her cunt pressed against my thigh and I smelt the musk aroma of her sex juices which had flowed from her cunt during her sexual intercourse with Helen. She was asleep and I just lay there enjoying the feel of her body and her company... but my prick responded by twitching into life and setting up a desire in my body. I twisted round to face Gloria and without disturbing her I placed my hand on her breast. I opened my eyes and saw her lovely face and hair flowing over the pillow. She looked very peaceful with her wide full lips slightly open inviting a loving kiss. I could not resist and whilst I was afraid she might leave if I woke her I could not resist a gentle kiss. I kissed her and in her sleep she responded with a soft pressure and opening her mouth wider. I slipped my tongue in and lazily felt around her luscious mouth and tongue. She tasted good. I eased back the sheet to get a gook look at her cunt. Gloria's cunt invitingly stood forward on her venus mount and the whole area was beautifully smooth with taut downy skin and muscles. Her swollen pink cunt lips contrasted vividly with her shining ebony skin surrounded by tight short curly black hair which I discovered later was as soft as down. I could see her darker red clitoris peeping out from the cunt lips glistening with love juice which had spread around her lips and collected in the surrounding pubic hair. This site surpassed all my expectation gleaned from the magazine photos - Gloria was truly beautiful to see. I quietly resumed my position laying next to this black goddess for fear of disturbing her.
My hand soon moved to her breast which I fondly caressed. Her nipple responded and she stirred in her sleep but I think she remained asleep. I then moved down towards her vagina and very gently caressed around her vulva touching her coarse curly pubic hair. Still apparently asleep I continued my first exploration of a real woman's cunt. Gloria responded by stirring in her sleep and moving onto her back giving me better access to her grotto. She was probably by now only half asleep but had chosen to let my attentions proceed which was why she had probably moved in with me. I continued with my finger and found her slit had opened and was dripping with her love juices. This was unimaginable delight for me - my penis was burning with desire and my blood pumping hard. I was sure this would disturb Gloria's sleep but she remained silent. My finger found the now slippery clitoris which had grown to huge proportions with my attention. It was more like a small penis than a cunt and I would dearly like to have licked and sucked it but resisted the temptation. I continued to stoke her clitoris more rapidly until she eventually moaned in her sleep. Her hand wondered over to my waiting penis and gently held on to the shaft without moving. I moved my finger to probe her vaginal passage and found her erogenous spot just inside. I stoked this back and forth for quite a long time and was rewarded with a series of intense responses from Gloria and a flood of sex juice. With my spare hand I touched her cunt lips to pick up this love juice which I transferred to my lips and mouth. It had a wonderful sexy musky smell and taste which I wanted to enhance by moving my mouth down to her cunt to suck up much more of this lubricating juice. I continued fingering her fanny and she holding my prick for some time and we both reached a state of arousal that had to be requited. Gloria must by now be awake but she said nothing and motioned me to move on top of her. I slipped over her and felt the wonderful shape of her firm figure pressing against me. Her hand still held my penis and she guided it into her fanny area and I tentatively pressed forward and to my surprise it slipped in to replace my finger. Gloria raised her bottom to push my penis further into her delightful cunt and I responded by thrusting. Then to my surprise I felt her developed cunt muscles squeeze round my penis and as she pushed her strong hips forward her cunt pulled down on my penis and then she reversed and her cunt pulled my penis upwards and inwards. Gloria said "Do you like this James?" The sensation was far superior to anything I could do with my hand or any of the experiments I had tried so I replied that I wanted it to last forever. Gloria continued and I responded by pushing and pulling in time with her. Her speed quickened and I soon reached the point of no return and blasted her cunt with quantities of my hot semen. Gloria responded and had an orgasm at the same time. My first real fuck and it was successful - probably due to the preparation I had under Helen's guidance. I waited for my penis to shrink before it fell out of her vagina and I rolled off her leaving my semen dribbling out of her vagina. Helen would have to wash the sheets! I kissed Gloria and she returned this passionately before murmuring "James you are a very lovely boy and you have given me more satisfaction than any other man. Thank you my baby. Promise to fuck me again sometime" .
I left for school thinking that wanking would never be the same again and wondered if I would ever be lucky enough to sleep with Gloria again. She could have anybody and I was probably just a well endowed boy providing an interesting diversion but ... I would keep my fingers crossed. As I passed Helen's door I noticed that dog George was asleep on her bed next to her. I left feeling that was in love (or was it lust) with both Gloria and Helen and could not live without them.
Next day Helen called and to my disappointment said she would be on theatre duty the next two nights so she could not feed me - could I manage on my own? However the good news was that Gloria was free the next night and she would be delighted for me to go round to her flat so I would only be one night alone. That sounded fine and secretly welcomed the opportunity to rest my body and build up reserves.
I rested that night not even having my usual wank. At school the following day I was surprised when I was called to see Miss Simms our middle-aged spinster biology teacher in her office. On the way I met Pat who told me my secret wank in class had been found out. Miss Simms told me to come in and shut the door. I soon realised that Pat had reported me out of vengeance for not taking up her offer of friendship. I would find a way of dealing with that later.
Miss Simms said "James I know what you have been doing in my class and I want you to explain to me in detail just what you were doing and why". After some thought I decided it was best to be truthful (at nearly truthful) as I did not what to be thrown out of the examination class. Well Miss, I was feeling very sexy and frustrated and the sight of you and your attractive fulsome curvy body really turned me on and made my penis got stiff and I had to get some relief. Miss Simms still tried to look stern but she could not hide the look of satisfaction from my favourable comments about her body. Miss Simms said "well carry on - what did you do?" Feeling embarrassed I told her that I first just gave my penis a squeeze through my pants but that seemed to make the sexual tension even worse. As I was convinced no one could see me I slipped my penis out through the fly and slowly rubbed it making no obvious movement so I would be undetected. Miss Simms stopped me and said "James I simply don't believe you - boys of your age just don't have those feelings so I want you to be honest with me". I just said I was telling the truth. Alright she said - tell me exactly why you felt these sexual feelings in my class.
I replied that she was standing leaning slightly backwards and I admired the shape of her lovely breasts thrusting outwards with the hint of nipples showing through her blouse. I continued and explained that she then raised her leg and stood with one foot on the front desk. I could she was wearing stockings with suspenders and creamy white thigh above. Miss Simms coloured in embarrassment as she remembered the incident. Miss Simms then asked "James did you see anything more? " I realised she was asking if I could see her fanny so I falsely replied that I could see her pants and some curls of black pubic hair peeping out of the sides. Miss Simms looked shocked and contemplated her situation.
She moved to the door and locked it. "James I want you to prove to me what happened by repeating the incident here in my office". With that she leaned back and placed her foot on her desk immediately in front of me. To my amazement I could see up her skirt right to fanny and she was not wearing any pants! Between her lovely bare thighs she had a huge mass of brown hair surrounding a large vagina with big puffy pink lips and a large pinkie-red clitoris clearly visible. She said "I never wear pants because I think it is more hygienic to let the air circulate around my cunt - what do you think James?". I truthfully replied that she looked fantastic and I immediately got a huge erection clearly obvious to Miss Simms. "James why don't you call me Janet whilst we are in private - its so much nicer when we are intimate" she said. Janet then hitched her skirt higher to give me a better view of her delights and said "James I want you to repeat exactly what you did in class". I gave my prick a squeeze and then slipped it out of my pants but this time I pulled my pants and shorts down to reveal my full equipment. I raised my bottom so she could get a good view of my balls and anal area. Janet gasped out loud and said she could not believe her eyes and said it was some time since she saw a penis and this was a far better specimen than that. The head of my penis throbbed and positively glowed purple with the heat of my passion. I slowly wanked with Janet's eyes glued to my hand and penis and the beads of sex juice forming around it. Suddenly she said "Stop that James it is far too good to waste so come to me immediately!" I removed my pants and went round to her. She grabbed my penis and fondled it with her other hand explored my bollocks and arse. "James you are a wonderful manly boy do you think you could make me happy?" She leaning back across her desk with her feet on the floor presenting her huge bush to me. I could not resist and moved down to plant my mouth on that amazing slit. It smelt gorgeous and was running in love juice which I lapped up. I moved to the clitoris and sucked and nibbled it to squeals of delight from Janet. I put my finger in her vagina and finding this somewhat slack I inserted more and more fingers until my whole fist was inside. I pushed it and Janet screamed with pleasure "James don't stop please don't stop". Whilst this was sexually simulating for me It gave a chance to save my erection and orgasm until later so I continued pleasuring her with my fist. I managed to clamp my mouth back on her clitoris with my fist still working hard right up her fanny. She was gushing juices and much appreciated the extra stimulation and reached orgasm. Pausing for breath Janet said "James bring that wonderful penis to me".
My turn on the desk lying on my side. Janet keeled down and kissed all round my belly and worked her way down to my penis then round between my legs and inside thighs to smother my buttocks with kisses finishing up licking my arse hole. The effect was electric and I nearly came over her. Carrying on she replaced her mouth with a finger and inserted it in my anus at the same time as sucking my knob. I could not take this much more and told her to let me come inside her. She moved back to lay on the desk top and I inserted my throbbing prick into her massive vagina. She had surprising good muscle control and despite its earlier size her vagina gripped my penis and I moved in and out against the friction of her vagina walls and exploded in a violent orgasm and at the same time as Janet had her second orgasm. Janet said "James quickly go down and suck out the semen for me". I gladly obliged her and putting my head between those lovely creamy silky soft thighs I sucked on her swollen lips and filled my mouth with a yummy mixture of my cream and her love juices. She pulled me up and gave me a long open mouth kiss so she could devour some of the fruits I had collected from her massive hairy cunt. We then dressed and with a parting warning not to talk but if I was a good boy Janet might "punish" me again. I left Janet. Afterwards I wondered how a spinster like Miss Simms with a very healthy sexual appetite had got to middle age without a regular man - were there other boys who received demands to visit her study or did she have some other source to satisfy her sexual demands?
I yearned for Gloria and could not wait for evening to come so could visit my darling. Every second was an eternity yet when the time came to knock on her flat door I felt reluctant for the exquisite pain of anticipation to end. Gloria answered the door looking absolutely glamorous in an attractive white silk suit and her shining straight black hair in a pony tail. Her beautiful oval eyes set wide apart on a symmetrical face smiled showing me a set a pure white teeth and her luscious lips. The door closed and we embraced with a full passionate kiss. We hugged and kissed for several minutes before moving to the lounge.
Gloria said I was a boy in a man's body and really needed some more training in the arts of love. Helen had suggested she could continue my training this evening and she was willing if I was. We could talk about this over our meal. Gloria had made me an appetising caribbean dish which we had with some strong red wine. Wonderful. She talked about women's erogenous zones and the need to find them by experiment as each women is different. Also that each woman had different appetites and desires ranging from simple missionary only position to a huge variety of special interests including fetishes. The mans job is to find what his women wants and to make sure she gets it! Gloria said that I should know that the man's pleasure is giving his woman pleasure and the reward is deep love and attention to his every sexual need. I had no idea at thirteen what this meant but I was very willing to learn as I knew it would be a real pleasure with darling Gloria. After dinner she told me about the custom in her homeland of smoking a little marijuana and did I want to try? This legal in many countries now. I already felt I was floating from the wine, food and simulating conversation but wanted to try something new. Gloria produced two small home made cigarettes which we smoked. The effect made me feel great with no nerves or worries in the world.
Gloria took me to her room and said I needed to find out about her desires and dislikes. Firstly we should talk very frankly about what turns us on. Gloria said how about you first James? I told her I had so far only experienced masturbating and of my interest in lesbian acts and animal acts in magazines. I admitted liking the taste of semen and love juices and loved to get these in my mouth. Gloria then said that would need to find out more about her in bed but she could say she was interested mostly in men but occasionally enjoyed a night of lesbianism with a girl friend. She did not like animal acts but loved anal intercourse. On the dark side she said she sometimes liked to enjoy a shower with her man and before sex they would urinate over each other. One man even kissed her cunt when she was peeing. She also like me loved the smell and taste of body fluids. Sometimes she had sex with two others ( men and/or women) at the same time which sometimes worked very well and gave enormous satisfaction.
Gloria said "James lets get into bed and have some fun". I told her I loved her very much and would do anything she suggested. Gloria kissed me with our tongues deep in each others mouths and I enjoyed her sweet saliva. This really turned me on and my prick erected strongly. Gloria lay on her back and told me to straddle her over her middle. She then pulled me forward so my penis was against her breasts which she moved apart to admit my engorged prick between them. Gloria then squeezed her tits together over my penis and told me to rub my prick up and down like it was in her vagina. The effect was stupendous - my penis was fully stimulated and her wonderful long nipples rubbed against my belly to simulate her. Gloria cupped her hands round my buttocks and pushed a finger in my anus to complete my pleasure. We kept going for a while and Gloria sensed I was getting over stimulated and suggested we try something else. Gloria rolled over and knelt with her backside in the air and her legs and buttocks parted to reveal her beautiful cunt and cunt hair underneath a neat hairless anus.
Gloria said "James what would you like to do first?" I remember her advice and preferences so grabbed the tube of KY jelly and smeared it over her anus and inserted a finger to push some inside. Gloria squirmed with excitement. I had resisted touching her cunt but the sight of her clitoris dripping with juice I could not resist fondling her and tasting her juice. Crouching over her I then brought my penis up to the height of her anus and rubbed the wet knob over her bottom around the anus and finally onto the anus itself. I slapped another dollop of KY on my prick end and gently pressed the knob against her anus. It yielded easily and the knob entered although much tighter than her vagina. She gasped with desire and I carried on pressing until inch by inch I entered her. I gently moved my prick back and forth against the tightness of her anal grip. Gloria shouted out "James keep going this is exactly what I like...but pull out before you shoot your cum". For some while we noisily heaved together sweating with our effort until I knew I must withdraw. We both rolled on our backs and lay side by side relaxing in the enjoyment of our mutual pleasure. Gloria said "That was beautiful James - you have a natural talent to please and I hope you will please me many more times my darling".
Gloria then said she wanted me to pleasure her cunt and then fuck her hard but first lets have a shower as we had sweated profusely during our anal intercourse. Good idea - it was a chance for my aching penis to recover as it had been erect and on the verge of an orgasm of a long time but I had been able to hold back the ejaculation.
Gloria looked magnificent in the shower like a Venus statue in black marble. I joined her and she said I must be ready for a pee and suggested I did it in the shower. Luckily my penis was now hanging down in a flaccid state and I lifted it up horizontal to point at her and used it like a garden hose to spray her hair, face, breasts, abdomen and cunt with a jet of hot pee. I had a good supply and a strong jet as I had not passed urine since dinner. She was wild with excitement and rubbed the urine all over her body. When I finally finished she demanded that I sit down in the shower and she bent her knees so her fanny was level with my head and released a torrent of pee all over my face and body to her obvious satisfaction. The last drops dribbled over my penis and scrotum. Gloria pulled me upright and gave me a passionate salty kiss on the lips. Gloria said "That was to say thank you James". I wondered why peeing had become a turn-on for her - probably buried in her childhood some event occurred involving peeing had affected her psyche. Perhaps she saw her dad peeing with her mum. Anyway it was harmless and the very sight of her getting turned on was a great stimulus and satisfaction for me.
We dried and she powdered our bodies with perfumed talc. Gloria said we should just rest and have another smoke before we went back to bed. Back in the Lounge we enjoyed a quite smoke and I became high again and very relaxed. My sexual drive had chance to recover and I was at peace with the world. I could not believe that I was here in this room with the most beautiful intelligent woman in the world. I knew she was 25 and I only 13 but we seems physically matched although she was much more mature than I. I wondered how long this paradise would last. I turned to Gloria and Told here how much I loved her.
We returned to bed and had the most fantastic missionary sex yet and my semen was finally released in a torrent into her cunt. We slept in each others arms.



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