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Indoor and Outdoor

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I discovered Solotouch about one year ago and have since then had some very enjoyable jack-off sessions with some Solotouch print-outs in one hand and the other hand... busy.

Here is now my first submission : I hope you'll enjoy it as I did others'. Happy jacking !


In my early teenage years, I remember getting hard-ons more and more often, without reason and at unexpected moments, and getting more and more excited about them. That was especially true the mornings when I did not go to school and was staying at home doing nothing special, with my hard-on tenting my PJs or sometime even sticking out of them through the open fly. Without knowing what, I wanted to do something about it : I checked the sex ed book my parents gave me and it was referring to masturbation. The explanation was not very clear, actually, I guess it was NOT supposed to be an explanation , but it did say that it was something to do with your dick in your hands and getting an orgasm. And although it did not say anything about the pleasure of masturbation, it did say somewhere else that orgasm was a source of pleasure. It was definitively worth trying, wasn't it ?

So I took my dick in my hands and started manipulating it. As the description in the book was not very clear, I did not use the classic stroking method but I rolled my hard dick between my open hands, a method I've since then seen described as the 'rolling' or 'camp-fire' method. The feeling was pleasant, and I did it for some time before stopping. I don't think I got a dry orgasm : I just got enough and stopped.

Some weeks later, as I was more excited, I did it a little longer, and something more than the usual pleasant feeling started to grow within me. Something strong, unexperienced before and overwhelming. I knew I could not stop rolling faster and faster to make it last and get more intense. And then, BANG ! I got the most extreme pleasure of my whole life.

Later on, of course, I was a little frightened about the whitish creamy liquid that got out of my dick and made a small mess on the floor. But I remembered the sex ed book talking about sperm and added two and two together, it was nothing to be afraid of.

However, contrary to many experiences described here, I did not try it again until some weeks later. Maybe I still was a little afraid, despite the extreme pleasure. Then one day, boys being boys, especially at that age, one of my schoolmates told me that he suspected that some boys were putting a sock in their swimming suits to increase the size of their bulge. He did not think it could be natural. The whole idea, big and smaller dicks, checking the bulges in the swimming suits, trying to increase the apparent size of one's dick, or maybe the bulge being naturally big, got me very excited, and I started getting a hard-on, barely constrained by my very tight briefs and jeans.

In the train back home from school later, I thought about it again and got hard almost instantly. Seeing that I was alone in my car, I started to caress myself, first through my jeans, and then putting my hand in my jeans and my briefs to touch the naked skin of my now very hard dick.

I had a piano lesson just after school, and I went there with one hand holding my hard dick in my briefs, and the other holding... my music scores in front of my fly so as to hide what I was doing. I calmed down a little when I arrived at my piano teacher's house for my lesson, but the minute it was finished and I was out, I was hard again with my hand in my briefs holding my dick.

The memory of that extraordinary experience of jacking off some weeks earlier was ever present in my mind by then. As I was passing the cemetery, behind which was a small wood, I could not resist it. It was almost night and quite dark and, after looking around and checking that nobody could see me, I ran behind the cemetery. Once there and out of sight, I opened my fly as if for peeing and started rolling my very hard dick in my open hands. With the hours of 'edging' I had done, without even knowing what it was, it did not take me very long to come and leave a nice puddle of cum on the grass and the back wall of the cemetery. There was no surprise any longer this time, but the pleasure was even stronger.

Having nothing to clean up, I just put my now softening dick in my tight white briefs, for them to get the last drops of cum, closed my fly, and ran back home so as not to be late. But now the habit was taken : definitively nothing to be afraid of, but such a pleasure that I wanted to do it again. After each of my piano lessons, I was now running all the way to the back wall of the cemetery, and quickly jacked off in the open before running home. Then, as the lessons were only weekly, I thought that the toilets at home were as good a place, and definitively warmer when winter came-and you could put down your pants and briefs on your ankles and look at what you were doing as well.

I still enjoyed doing it outside when I could though, and I remember doing it in full daylight in the moor near my parents' summer house on the sea side during the next Easter holidays. Behind a hedge near my grand-parents place during the Whit week-end some weeks later, or back in the wood behind the cemetery again after another piano lesson when it got warmer during the spring .

But these were enjoyable exceptions. The toilets, and later my bed, were far more comfortable, and allowed me to soon settle into a daily routine that has never really stopped since then, although the location and method might have, from time to time.



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