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Indian True Stories

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It's true


I am male 30yrs from India, and I am submitting these true stories for every one, I am regular visitor to this site and now I am happily married. But I think sharing my views will help others to understand their own sexuality. I want to give some of my true experiences.
I first started experiencing erection when I am around 11 , but it was little but by 12 I am having some tingling feeling, then one day I came across some pictures and found that my dick is aroused and there is this different feeling, making u all wild, first of all I dont know how to mastrabate, so I used to press my hard penis on the bed and rub it hard and after ten minutes I used to cum, but it made a lot of mess and I had to rush to clean up, we had neighbours and I was aroused by my neighbours wife , she is around 32 and I am around 13 , she used to touch me as normal and whenever she touched me I used to get big erection and she had beautiful tits ( quite big ) and good thighs , she got pregnant that year and gave birth to a baby, and she used to feed her baby giving breast milk, and she used to do it in open with just a saree ( indian dress)covering her breasts, but I could easily make out her nipples and milk oozing out, that made me hell crazy and I used to play with her kids and one day while she is sleeping in the after noon I was playing with her kids, and she is sleeping and she did not know that her dress is all out of place and I could easily make out her thighs , breasts, she did not wear bra and her blouse ( kind of bra worn over breasts ) opened and revealing her tits, I slowly gathered courage and slowly removed the last hook which is just holding the blouse and her tits together, and with that the tits came loose , and god they were huge and her nippls like choclate and idont know whether she knew or not but I thought she is asleep and slowly touched her tits with my hands and she did not move , I touched her nipps with my fingers ( just slowly ) and slowly they began to grow hard , that made me real hot and I had a big bulge in my shorts, then I proceeded downwards and slowly lifted her saree and revealed her legs and lifted it till her thighs , she had huge thighs and she is wearing nothing beneath , and I could easily make out her pussy , juicy , hairy and I started to jack off there , and I still dont know whether she is pretending to be asleep or is she really sleeping, and after I came I rushed out of her house to the bathroom and cleaned up . After that day I did not show my face to her for one week and after that one day she came to our house and she did not complain and she behaved normally and after that I never had courage to go to her again. Now sometimes I regret that decision.
Another experience I had was very exciting, I was once travelling in a bus ( long distance ) around 8 hours journey and I picked it up in the night and I had a muslim woman sitting with her small kid besides me , she had the window seat and I aisle. At the beginning I was just sleeping, but after around midnight I woke up and when I looked at my side I find that her kid is sleeping and she is half asleep, I suddenly got aroused, and slowly moved closer to her , suddenly I felt her warmth and my dick got aroused and I gathered courage and moved more closer, I think now she also knew that we are very close and my left hand is touching her thighs, she did not move or object , then I gathered courage , it was very very dark and no lights in the bus, everyone was sleeping. I slowly started moving my hands and slowly inched towards her pussy, and rubbed her pussy with my left hand and she did not object, then I knew that she is also enjoying, then I moved my left hand over her shoulder and slowly started playing with her tits, and she knew that my hand is over her tits but just kept quite , I gathered courage and put my hand inside her saree and I put my fingers in her wet vagina and by that time she is very wet and all my fingers wet with her juices then I gathered courage and slowly took her hand and open my zipper and put her hand to my cock and she looked into my eyes and did not say anything , she just covered herself and me along with her in the blanket and started stroking me and I cannot explain that experience in words, it was huge cum and I came all over her blanket and she cleaned her hands on the blanket and slowly put the zipper back and by morning we just behaved as nothing happened . Her husband came to pick her up and she left without even glancing at me. But it was real good experience.
Both the above experiences are true. Thanks..



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