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Incredible Orgasm

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First time contributing, let me know what you think of my story


I am a photographer in a University with many beautiful girls. I am a very happily married man with a very healthy sex life that includes mutual masturbation. I love the look on my wifes' face when she comes for me.

I work hard on looking my best by working out and dressing well as I think that it is important to display these qualities when trying to capture the same in others.

Let me just say that there is something about being a photographer that women dig. They may not like to admit it, but they love being photographed at the expense of seeming vain. The constant compliments are something that they don't get enough of because we don't learn the value of until we mature.

On several occasions I have shared intimate long eye contact with subjects, during their photo sessions that result in erections that I struggle to hide. I see beautiful girls every day, but when this one girl came to the studio to make an appointment, I was taken aback by her incredible exotic beauty. I could tell that she was from eastern European descent from her strong facial features and she was tall, dark hair, sultry sexy eyes that peered through her hair as it fell in her face. I booked the appointment with her and we shared that familiar eye contact and I could tell that she knew the effect that she was having on me and loved it. We spoke of what she should wear, how she might wear her hair, makeup etc. I told her that she should prepare just the way that she looked now because she looked really great. The whole time she was teasing the hell out of me and I could feel my cock swelling and pushing against my jeans. She now alternated between sharing our incredible eye contact and looking at my crotch! We concluded our conversation and we agreed to meet at our appointed time for her portrait session. After she left my heart was thumping and I was as hard as a rock and needed to settle myself down to deal with other clients. I had to go to the bathroom to make sure that it wasn't noticeable and when I pulled out my cock at the stall, there was a large spot of sticky pre-cum in my undershorts. The rest of the day I was in that familiar sex haze and when I got home I practically attacked my wife, she hardly got my pants off before I came in her hand. I was ready to go again almost instantly thinking of the girl earlier and we had a great sex session. This doesn't happen for me as often as it used to.

I counted down the days until my European princess came in for her session. Finally the day came. That morning in the shower I just had to jerk off. I was shaving my balls and the slickness of the razor strip made it difficult to finish shaving the base of my cock because I had full wood. I put the shaver back and grabbed a bar of soap and noticed that I could see myself in the mirror and watched myself until I was shooting all over the glass in the shower. A first for me. I dressed my best and wore some cool shoes, women love great shoes on guys too, and went to the studio.

I could hardly wait until she arrived and when she did she looked even hotter than before, if possible. She gave me a sly sexy look and immediately I could feel some stirring in my pants. She showed me the outfits that she brought and asked for my advice. We went through the options and started her session with her wearing a business suit with a short skirt. She put on a pair of great glasses and I thought that this was the hottest thing I had ever seen. She was a natural. The photos were turning out as beautiful as she was. Some pretty girls are surprisingly awkward. Everything was working for her. We exchanged eye contact and again her gaze would return to my crotch and I struggled to keep things professional. During some shots I was standing over her and my aching cock was no more than a few inches from her face and I could feel it poking out of my boxers. Boxers, how stupid on this day.

I tried to address it in a more comfortable way without her noticing and got caught. She just raised her eyebrows and gave an approving nod. I was horrified. She went to change outfits and I reached inside my pants to put it in a spot where it wasn't as noticeable and felt another pre-cum stain there. She returned with a really cool pair of torn jeans and a white wife beater and no bra! It definitely wasn't see thru but it was obvious as I could see the outline of her nipples. I thought 'Oh shit'. I knew that it would be difficult for me. These photos were incredible as well. In some of the photos she would bite her lip while staring at my eyes and increasingly embarrassing bulge. She leaned over and I could just see the top of her ass and realized that she wasn't wearing panties either. It was incredibly sexually tense and her nipples got harder and harder and so did my cock. I told her that I had to excuse myself, I forget the stupid reason. I just had to get out for a minute or I was going to do something that I would regret. I went to the washroom and thank God it was empty!! I unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out and I stood as if to pee and stroked until I came in the urinal. My knees were so weak that I almost fell down. I felt like tasting it, I had never done this before, so I licked some of the cum off of my hand. Don't know if it was my favourite but couldn't resist for some reason. I splashed some water on my face dried up and returned to the studio. I suspected that she knew what I had been up to, but thought that I was just being paranoid.

She continued to undress me with her eyes the rest of the session and I was starting to get hard again. We finished up and I told her that I would send her the proofs as soon as I had them edited and put through photoshop. She said that she had a blast and couldn't wait to see the shots and left.

I was attempting to compose myself again when she came back in the studio with a note for me. She didn't say a word but passed me the note and turned and left. The note says and I quote as I am holding it in my hand as I type this. 'That was the hottest thing that I have ever done. I know what you were doing in the washroom and I am going home right now to finger myself again and again thinking about it, thanks____________ .'

I have had girls ask me out after a photo session and I respectfully decline telling them that I am married, but I appreciate the offer. I went home and my wife and I had incredible sex again, and I couldn't help but think about her incredible body and her hard nipples and long legs. I'm harboring some guilt about this.

I have yet to edit her photos and am afraid that when I do, I might have to jack off and this seems a bit creepy to me. When I think about it and read this note in my hand, I can hardly contain the raging hard on that I have in sharing this story. It's very liberating to tell.



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