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Incest Is Best! A Brother & Sister's Need for

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Incest is best! A Brother and Sister's need for sex
I am 35, and my 49 year old sister recently divorced her husband of thirty years. She had dealt with his infedelity for a number of years. While at her house one day I learned that their love life was non existent for alot of years. He was getting pussy somewhere else, and she was getting nothing. She started surfing the net talking to different guys from God only knows? And actually has taken trips to meet them several times.
This had gone on for almost a year. Thinking that she had met the right guy on two different occassions. Both guys were only interested in one night "fuckfest's". She confided in me that all she wanted was sex too! Spending huge sums of money for airfares, and risking herself in the name of getting laid. So I asked her what would it take to keep her from meeting and fucking these internet sex hounds? Her reply? getting laid here on a regular basis!
I was scared to death, but decided to try my luck. I asked if her if I could give her a fulfilling sexual experience, would she be willing to try sleeping with me? Her eyes grew wide in disbelief that I would be so bold to ask her the question. I reminded her that it would be alot cheaper, and I was safe from disease and could be trusted not to hurt her, or devulge our secret sex. And she could not get pregnant since she had tubal ligation over thirty years ago. And I had always fantasized about having sex with her. Her tit's are 38D cups. She admitted that she had thought about it too, along time ago. I was so excited that she had considered it too. She asked, but without sounding like a pervert, how do you approach your brother about having sex? Here is where it gets hot!
My reply? Like this, I reached over and gently rubbed her face. Moving closer to her, I put my arms around her and began to softly kiss her around her neck and ears. She laid back on the couch and returned the kissing, doing the same to me. My dick starting growing harder than ever before. I moved to her lips and began to french kiss her very softly. She began to rub herself. squeezing her big tits softly through her nightgown. I asked her to let me see her naked. She replied, why so soon? because your body is turning me on! I replied. She said for me to go first, we were like two school kids, show me yours, and I will show you, mine. I agreed, and took off my shirt and pants. She then stood up and pulled the gown up and over her head. Those lucious tits were mine! She never wears a bra at home. So there they were, waiting for me to suck, and enjoy. She said to pull off my underwear, she wanted to see my dick. So I asked her to pull them off. She started pull them down and before she could get them to my knee's, she grabbed my hard dick and sucked it into her mouth, moaning very softly. Damn she was horny! It felt so erotic and dangerous. I think that added alot to our arousal.
She sucked it for what seemed forever, on occassion looking up at me standing there watching my big sister devour my dick. She was very eager, and almost made me cum, I had to pull out once to keep from orgasming. I began to fondle her incredible tits that had been the topic of countless masturbation sessions during my early teenage years. I told her about how many times I had masturbated thinking about her sexually. She had no idea that I was so intrigued with her. I said why would'nt I be? you are so sexy. She laughed and began again with sucking my dick very hard and fast, and now, had begun sucking my balls. I wanted to to something to her now! I knelt down and squeezed both tits in my hands and squeezed them very hard. Making the nipples stick out, and revealing how big they were. About five inches across. She said that she loved to have them sucked, and to bite her nipples at the same time. I immediatly went to work on them. Licking and biting, She was really enjoying herself. I slid my hand down to her bushy brown pussy, and could not believe how wet her cunt had become. She was dripping juice from her almost fifty year old snatch. My sister does not fit the middle age stereotype judging from her body and personality. She actually looks to be in her early forties. No grey hair, just natural brown, even down there. and a beautiful face with a very pretty smile. I began sliding my fingers up and down in her gooey hot pussy. She told me to put my fingers inside slowly, Her pussy was huge! I pushed three fingers in, and began to lick at her clit which was sticking straight out. It to, was very large.
She said to lick, and suck on it, she would cum in my mouth if I was patient. As I sucked her pussy, she shook violently, and shot milky white liquid from her pussy into my mouth. It was incredible! She came like she had'nt in years. She told me that she could probably take my whole hand into her pussy, but be very gentle. I had heard of fisting, but had never found a pussy big enough to try it. My sisters was! I gently slid all five fingers into her, the quishing sound turned me on even more than ever. When all five fingers were inside, she said to make a fist and push it in, I did, and she took it all the way beyond my wrist. This was almost magical, She began to thrust up and down on my arm, breathing like she was in labor. Panting and shaking, her big tits bouncing up and down in my face, I grabbed one, biting her nipple, trying not to think about my desperate desire to fuck her, but it was simply too strong, she came again with my whole hand in her pussy, the feeling was so sexually intense. so warm and soft and wet. you cannot get much more intimate with a sibling than fist fucking her to an intense orgasm.
We later fucked each other for about four hours totally that afternoon, but after stretching. her pussy so much, I could not orgasm in her pussy, So she began sucking my aching dick again and let me cum in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop. I continue to have sex with my sister about twice a month, she has yet to go looking elsewhere. At least I hope not! --Anon



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