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Incest is Best

Posted by: Author: Age: 50 Posted on: 12 comments
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A lesson taught.


A few days ago we went out to eat dinner.Just the two of us.There was no doubt the waitress was doing a little flirting.This pissed me off a little.She could see we were together.What really got me going was that he did not try to stop it at all.There was no doubt he was liking it.We finished dinner and returned to our house. Believe me I was still pissed.A lesson was going to be taught here.If your going to be with me then you are in it for real.I am not the kind you do and then move on so fast.Even if it is incest with my son.He is going to have to make a choice. That Thursday night we got in bed as we normally do.I sleep in an over sized football shirt.Getting in to bed I turned the opposite way.Him still thinking he was going to get some."I Don't think so."He cuddled up next to me pushing his already erect cock upon my ass.Pushing him away, he asks what is the matter.I said like you don't know.Why don't you go fuck that waitress at the restaurant.Seems like you were enjoying her flirting.Maybe she will make sure you blow a load tonight. I then told him this is the way it will be.If you are with me you will only be with me and that is that.Can you do it?I don't want an answer now.I never believe a promises make with a hard on.I then compared myself to an airport.My mouth is where the plane gets washed,my tits are the mountains you fly over to get to the run way.Right now the runway is a grassy field,but it can be anything you want.We could mow it,trim it,or even make it smooth.What ever you like.OH one more thing.My airport even has a secondary run way around the back.That is reserved only for planes that land here exclusively.Once you landed around the back I guarantee you you will want to land there over again.I will let you land there about 80 percent of the time.The other 20 percent I will say no only because I either have a presentation to give in the morning or I am going to fly on a business trip,and it gives me a bad case of the farts. Let me have your answer by Friday afternoon at 3 PM.I rolled over and went to sleep.I could tell that he was rubbing one off.I could hear him breathing and the bed bounce once or twice.I knew he had to cum badly,but this airport was shut down for the night. That morning I got up first as always for work.I showered and came back to our room naked.By now he was awake.Watching me dress.Knowing he could not touch.I carefully chose what I wore today.Putting on a small thong,a sheer bra offering no support,and OH YES his favorite skirt.(It does really look good.With his favorite top.I went over kissed him goodbye.Saying don't be late for work today.How do I look??He said great,you look beautiful.Remember three o'clock I want your answer.As I walked out of the room giving my ass a little extra shake.Knowing damn well he was watching.I know exactly what I was doing.There was no doubt he was going to jack one off after I left.I was feeling horny too. Well three o'clock came and right on time my phone rang.It was him.Saying he was sorry and will only want to land at my airport.I accepted his apology and told him tonight when we get home,the airport will open again.He asked about the runway.If we could mow it and make it smooth.I think we could.And what about the secondary runway.Well it is Friday night.If I wake up with the farts so what. I think we are going to be just fine in the future.Like I told him there will be more young girls with perky tits,flat tummy's and small cute round firm asses.They are girls and there is a difference between a young girl in her 20's and a mature women.



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