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In Therapy

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This is a situation that occurred about a year ago with a male patient of mine. I started seeing an 19 year old young man in therapy for substance abuse. We worked together on his oxycontin problem for about a year before he finally was able to get sober. Unfortunately he soon told me thereafter that he thought he had a problem with online porn and was masturbating frequently to it. Honestly I wasn't too into working with this type of issue so I generally tried to help normalize the experience for him and let him know that everyone does it and it won't hurt him unless he prefers masturbation over relationships. Since he had a girlfriend I didn't see that as a problem.

He liked to talk graphically about what he would do regardless of the direction I tried to take the discussion. After attempts to normalize the experience and remove shame, he finally gave as the reason it was bothersome to him that it was so messy. He claimed that he came so much that a papertowel or old sock wasn't good enough. He appeared to be turned on by the discussion and I thought this wasn't appropriate for therapy and decided to discuss termination since he was drug free for three months now.

We decided to have one final session to review what we had worked on and finish up officially. He came in that day and immediately began to talk about masturbation and how it had been a complete week since he last did it and how he was going crazy since his girlfriend was away at a different college. I simply said it would be ok for him to relieve himself when he could and let's wrap up today and end our therapeutic relationship. He wanted to talk about how he would have to do it in a bathtub so it wasn't so messy since it had been so long.

He then recognized my attempts to move on from the discussion and challenged me that I didn't believe him when I said he came so much that it was a problem. I think it was about this point that I started to become interested. I had never had an interest in anything male related but the desperation of this now 19 year old and his relentless comments about his masturbation started to turn me on. I started to think that I wanted to watch him. I heard myself say that I just didn't believe he could cum so much that it would be a problem but that since I wasn't his girlfriend, I would never know. It was the perfect invitation for him. He jumped on it and quickly said that he would show me if I wanted to see. I said that it seemed apparent that he wanted to and that if it was that important to him he should go ahead.

He said he really wanted to and laid back on the couch. He pulled his shorts down to reveal a rather large and already hard cock. He was very clean, shaven and circumcised. I found it rather attractive and watched him start to move his hand up and down on the shaft of his cock. He looked at me often to make sure I was watching and he could see that I was definitely enthralled.

He said it wasn't going to take long and was that okay with me? He could feel the tension already. Truly I was hoping he would ask me to help him which was such a strange thought to me. I really wanted to touch his cock and make him cum. He never asked though and he kept stroking. By now he was breathing heavily and his face was red. He would occasionally take his hand off his cock and it would twitch spasmodically. I had never seen anything like it. He was practically shaking himself. It seemed hard for him to talk as he was still saying how good it felt and how he was so close and would it be ok to cum etc.

I finally let my guard down a bit and told him that I was actually enjoying it and was quite hard myself. He stopped and looked at my crotch and asked me if I wanted to jerk off too? I said no but did want to see him finish and see this amazing cumshot he was bragging about. He went on to say how much of a fantasy this had been for him for months and how he had jerked off many times to this scenario. He put his head back and said he was ready and began to stroke his cock slowly but firmly. He squirmed quite a bit and was moaning .... almost crying it seemed. His legs began to twitch and he let out a gasp of air and stopped stroking and just held his hard cock firmly. He was motionless for about three seconds and then the first string of cum shot above his head and over the couch. It was really amazing. the second and third did the same but also left streaks of cum on his face. There were maybe 4-5 more long strings of cum that continued to fly beyond his head but were now also landing in his shirt and the couch as well as his face. Finally it just dribbled down his cock and onto his hand. He was finished and just lay there still breathing hard. It was one of the hottest sexual events I had ever experienced.

He wiped his face with his shirt and sat up laughing at himself. There was some embarrassment but he just said,'see'. I told him I understood now and didn't really know what to say. His legs were shaking and it seemed like he couldn't stand up. I told him to relax for a bit that that seemed to take a lot out of him. I asked him if he liked to be watched liked that and he said he did and hoped he could do it again sometime. He asked me if I wanted to jerk off for him and I declined-although I really wanted hm to push the issue because I was really hard and would have cum easily. He didn't though.

He asked me what I thought and was that ok. I told him again that it was pretty hot and I was surprised that I actually did like it. I asked him what he thought about maybe me touching him? He liked that idea although he had never had a male touch him before. I told him that since we had terminated therapy we could experiment with that if he wanted to. He said it would be really hot to have me make him cum.

Needless to say, we made the arrangements and planned on giving this a shot. More on that if there is an interest.



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