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In the Woods, during Soccer Practice

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This is my first Solo Touch submission and is 100% true please comment on what you thought.


I was in ninth grade at a small private school. Everyone was required to do a sport that practices every day for about an hour and a half. In order to participate in a sport it is necessary that you take an online test to test your brain function on an average day to reference if you get a head injury. When the season started I was unaware of this so I had miss a chunk of practice about a month and a half in to the season [three month season].

Some background info. For the past eleven days I had been doing my first huge edge[I have always been an edger and I find it much better] every day I would get as close as I could to orgasm that I could handle and then force myself to back down.

The test was in six parts and the beginning was one of the few times in those eleven days that I was not horny nor hard. I was put in a small private room to take the test where [just my luck] I could barely be seen from the window on the door and only my face.

Part one of the test: about ten minutes into the test I realized I was unable to be seen and my dick stirred lightly. I didn't think much of it but I put my hands in my pants out of habit and began idly touching myself as I took the test.

Part two: I was subconsciously stroking when I realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to just do another quick edge. it took less than a minute to get to that point where you can orgasm. I stopped and backed off a little. I was breathing heavily and I tried to ignore my boner until the break between sections.

Part three: I was still idly touching and I kept getting closer and closer but this wasn't the place. what if the administrator of the test stopped by to check on me? What would I tell him? I discovered that I could discreetly shift my crotch to rub against the desk which felt amazing. I continued the third part doing this alone.

Part four: I was getting sweaty and I didn't want to seem suspicious so I actually took my dick out at this point[before I kept it in my shorts] I felt the chilled air in the room and I shivered. I am circumcised and I love it when I get a draft in the room that just softly rolls along my glans. I was red, pulsing and I wanted more. I alternated between slow, white knuckle clench strokes and fast light strokes. I stopped once more and continued the test.

Part Five: by the end of this section of continuous light slow stroking I had a bit of precum and I wanted nothing more than to fuck myself dry on the spot. I waited eleven days and now I had to decide if I really wanted to do this in school... after much thought I reluctantly finished parts five and six and went to the admin's office to tell him I finished.

In the hall on the way there I felt my still strong boner tenting my shorts and my exhibitionist side kicked into gear. I decided I would subtly let him see that I had a boner. I would act oblivious to the sexuality of my actions. I walked into his office. I asked to see my results and sat on a nearby table. I slowly leaned back, my erection moving forward with a deep outline in my gym shorts. he couldn't have missed. it slowly started to wane by the time he told me to go to the rest of practice.

The field on which we practice is on top of a large on campus hill that we had to walk through a path in the woods to get to. I realized walking up that I was totally alone on this path. I pulled out my dick and the decision was made. I would end my edging here. I willed my dick to life [it was cold so it took longer than usual] and in about four seconds of stroking I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. My knees were shaking and I practically toppled over with ecstasy. Most of my cum was on the ground but I wiped the little bit that got on my shorts [hopefully it wasn't noticeable] and continued on my merry way.



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