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In the Woods

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It was with my friend, Tom, we were never really good friends and our friendship wasn't good at the best of times but leading up to our first time, our friendship started to rebuild itself.

It all started at school (not what you think!) We were in maths class and we had a supply teacher, so everyone sat there talking for the whole lesson, We were in a group of three chatting, Me and Tom, and A girl, Chloe. We were talking about the usual, just school, homework, and how the teachers were complete arseholes, when it turned to sex, this conversation was not at all awkward, but I got the feeling it should have been, she was asking questions like 'do you wan?' Well considering that we are 14 boys going through puberty, what else could we say?

Later on in the day we discussed what we had been asked about, we went into further detail about our wanking experiences, but Tom had never done it with anyone else (I had with a boy called Lewis) we didn't get our dicks out on the first time and just started wanking, no, it took time for us to be able to do that. We spoke about it a lot and soon we were asking each other questions about our dicks casually.

But we had just been talking for about a month now, we had decided to actually do something together we had arranged to do it on a day when school finished early due to open evening, we both met up at the entrance to the park, although it sounds weird to do it in a park, both our families were in and it's a very tranquil space, anyway, we had met up and were both obviously nervous, we awkwardly said Hi to each other and walked in.

Although we had spoken about it so much, it was terribly awkward looking for a place, we were both visibly hard and would stop to quickly rub each others boners every once in a while, Tom was tanned, black hair, blue eyes and was slightly muscular, His dick felt like a good 6 and a half inches and felt thick too. I on the other hand, am a bit paler than him but also slightly muscular, my dick was slightly longer but his was thicker.

We soon found a place, an old bench, in the middle of a vast expanse of trees, we knew nobody came here because we had been here before when we were both messing around, playing games with our friends, The sun was High in the sky but it wasn't that bright where we were because the trees blocked out the sun.

We sat there together, with our huge hard-ons, we looked at each other awkwardly and I said 'should we get them out?' He reluctantly agreed, so at the same time we both got our dicks out, I finally saw his dick, it was definately thicker than mine, but I could already tell mine was a bit longer, his dick was as tanned as his body and he had black, curly pubes and the base of his dick, first we both started by wanking ourselves off, nothing out of the ordinary, but it got awkward as we hadn't spoken for a good five minutes, we were not going fast, we kept the pace slow.

As it was so quiet, I decided to make a move, I reached over and grabbed his dick, it was warm in my hand I began to pump it up and down, he soon followed suit, so we both sat there, wanking each other off, while in a public park, now I look back on it, it was awfully risky and we nearly did get caught a couple of times. But anyway, as we sit there wanking, we realised that we weren't doing it fast enough, we soon picked up the pace and we both started to feel it, after about five minutes we were both on the edge, we sat there, but didn't slow down we soon both said 'I'm gonna cum' And we said this we both jizzed, shooting out about five ropes of cum each, and it was over. It was not dramatic at all, there was no screaming, gasping or jizz faces, it was calm. And with that we left the park and both went our separate ways home.

As you might have guessed we have done it more than once, many times actually, but that it for another story, and maybe another website!



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