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In the Woods

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When I was at college, I had an affair with an older and married man. There was something about the fact that he was married that did it for me. I had no intention of splitting them up and I certainly didn't want to marry him or anything. (In fact his wife knew of what we were doing, and even joined in a couple of times as a threesome.. but I digress)

One evening, he came back to college with me and he looked at me and said 'Jayne. I would love to be inside you and smelling my wife's panties at the same time.' OMG WHAT an erotic thought, so I agreed and he reached into his pocket and brought out a pair of light blu cotton panties that his wife had clearly creamed up in. I was jacking him at the time but he was smelling her panties.

I decided I wanted some of the action too so I took them off him and smelled and licked them myself. This was my first ever smell or taste of another woman and it totally blew me away.

I can't write about what happened next, but you can imgaine, right?

So, the next day, (and this is the real point of this story) He had got up and gone to a lecture but I had stayed in bed. I showered and came back to my room to dress. I don't know why, but I decided to put her panties on. I had shaved my pussy that morning as he had asked me to, and, well, suddenly I just wanted her pussy against mine. I slipped them on and as soon as they touched me I started to get horny. All the rest of the morning and into the afternoon, I felt myself pressing up against her wetness and it was mixing with my own.

Around 4:00pm we went for a drive to a local wood. By this time I was feeling hornier than I can ever remember being. We walked a litte way in and I called to him and said 'Look at me.' I squatted down and spread my knees. You should have seen his face. 'Her knickers look great on you.' he said with a leer. 'If you like that, you'll LOVE this' I replied and slowly, very slowly, let myself pee into them. I have been thinking about the erotic nature of wetting myself for some time and this seemed to be the right moment. Even before I started I could smell a mixture of my own scent and hers and it drove me crazy. So squatting there, (actually, I seem to remember I was kinda sitting on a log) letting myself pee, he came over to me and knelt between my legs. He leaned in and stared through the knickers as they became transparent I peed. I nearly fainted because it was THE most erotic thing anyone had ever done to me. Then I felt him pull the material to one side and I felt him push his fingers inside me and start frigging me real hard. I have always had a 'rape' fetish, well, not rape of course, but, forced, perhaps. And I like to make a lot of noise. I felt him finger fucking me and I screamed my head off. I knew I was going to have the mother of all orgasms, but I had no idea what it would really be like until he pushed the fingers of his other hand up my ass. I must have looked like a total whore there, sitting on a log, wearing another womans knickers that I had just soaked with my own cunt juices and pee and being ravaged in both holes at the same time.

I have heard about orgasms shattering the world, but till then had never had one, but there, outdoors, with all that going on I totally lost consciousness. FUCK it was mindblowing!

A few days later his wife came to college and we spent the evening together. Much of what happened isn't for here, but I can tell you that she tasted much nicer in real life than on her knickers and I got to finger her off too.

Well, all that was about 10 years ago now. I learned so much about my sexuality. He taught me to be totally honest sexually and never to deny myself anything just because it might be thought to be 'not nice'. I learned I am bi, that I have a tremendously high sex drive and that can bring problems. I learned I like being dominated and spanked. But the best thing was the threesome I had that night.



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