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In the Woods

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As a 15 yr old boy in the late 80s, my summer was spent hanging around my neighborhood with friends. Riding bikes, exploring through the woods, playing baseball behind the school up the road - just usual kid stuff. My best friends Ned and Pete were cool, and at that age we were CONSTANTLY talking about girls. None of us had a real girlfriend, and the furthest anyone had gone was Pete, who told us he had French-kissed and felt up a girl (over her shirt) the previous winter when he had visited his cousin out of state. Of course we were mesmerized by the story and it was the subject of many masturbatory fantasies of mine. The three of us, however, had never discussed masturbation or what we did when we were alone - although I think we all sensed through our comments that we were doing it often at that point in my life.
That summer Ned went away with his family on vacation for three weeks, and Ned ended up at sleep away camp at the same time. That left me pretty bored, and lonely, and not too many other kids in the neighborhood to hang out with. Most of the guys on the street were older, and the girls younger. One afternoon my parents were at work and I was shooting baskets in my driveway when two girls pulled in on their bikes. Wendy was 13 or so, a somewhat chunky girl with a cute face covered with freckles. Carol was 10 or 11, very thin and petite, with long black hair and glasses. They wanted to know what I was doing and as they asked me I could see they were giggling a little and Wendy was hiding something behind her back. I stopped shooting and walked over and asked them what they had. After giggling some more she opened up a brown paper shopping bag (it was from A&P as I recall) and showed it to me. Inside were about a 1/2 dozen pornographic magazines!
I asked them where they had gotten them, and they said they had been down the street at the park and the bag had been laying next to the garbage can there. With my mind reeling with the possibilities, I told them we should go someplace and look at them, but it had to be somewhere that no one would see us. My friends and I had a 'special spot' back in the woods behind my house that was really nothing more than a small clearing with some logs to sit on and a ring of stones to make a fire in. We hung out there talking and eating candy and drinking soda often. They quickly put their bikes on the side of the garage and we all half-walked, half-ran down the path in the woods to the clearing.
When we got there Wendy wasted no time dumping the contents of the bag on the ground. While I had been excited over the events of the past 5 minutes, it was at this point that I truly began to get aroused. It was an interesting mix of adult stuff: there was a Hustler, 2 Penthouses, a Club Magazine, one called 'Come Together' and the last one was called 'Home Alone'. Before I could even move Wendy bent down and picked up the Hustler, sat on the log and began leafing through it. I did the same, grabbing the Come Together and Carol picked up the Home Alone.
The first few minutes were filled with laughter and exclamations like 'Oh my GOD!' and 'Look at THIS!' All 3 of us I'm sure were filled with feelings of nervousness, excitement, arousal, laughter and confusion. I know I was because the only picture I had seen of a naked woman up until that point was in National Geographic (swear to god...). Most of masturbation sessions, when I was by myself in the house, took place with me looking at the women's underwear ads in the Sears catalogue in my mom's sewing room.
The initial laughter and excitement slowly settled down, and we took turns showing each other pictures that we thought were gross or funny. I switched magazines with Carol and began looking through 'Home Alone'. It featured men and women of different ages and sizes in various parts of different homes masturbating. It was incredibly erotic, and I thought after about 10 minutes of looking at these magazines I was going to come in my pants without touching myself.
I should stop a minute and describe what we were wearing. Since it was the first, and probably the most, erotic moment in my life, I remember it all very vividly. I had on a white & red striped polo shirt, blue gym shorts, white socks and sneakers. I also had on Fruit of the Loom white briefs. Wendy was wearing a pink tank top with spaghetti straps that didn't fully cover her bra straps. She also had on jean shorts and pink sneakers with no socks. Carol wore a plain white tshirt with loose fitting jeans and sky-blue tennis shoes.
My erection I'm sure was very evident through my shorts, and I had trouble keeping it covered with my hands while looking at the magazines. As I was looking at a picture of a young guy, probably in his early 20s, on his bed stroking his erection, Wendy leaned next to me and said 'Do you do that?' and giggled.
I didn't know what to say or do. After a short pause (that seemed like forever) I said, 'Yeah, sometimes I do'. And I turned the page to a picture of an older women, probably in her 40s, laying on a couch with her hand between her legs, her other hand cupping her breast and said 'Do YOU?' Without hesitation she said, 'I do sometimes, yeah'. I looked up and she was smiling at me. For a 13 yr old, she was pretty developed. Because she was a heavy set girl, her breasts were impressive. As I glanced at them for a split second, I noticed her nipples were hard through her shirt and bra. So I didn't stare, I quickly said to Carol, 'Did you hear that, Wendy says she plays with herself!' And we started laughing. I asked Carol if she did and she just said 'NO that's gross.' However I could tell that as our little session was moving along she was far from grossed out and the look in her eyes and her body motion told me she was interested in what was going on.
Since I was about to burst, and horny beyond imagination, I said to them, 'I'll take off my pants and do it if you both do it too'. They whispered to each other for a minute, giggling, and then Wendy said, 'OK, we'll do it AFTER you take them off and play with your thing for 1 minute.' Even though I was horny, I was no fool. I knew they probably would get me to take off my clothes, and then renege on their promise to do the same. I didn't care. I quickly pulled down my shorts and underpants in one quick motion and my hard-on stood prominently at attention. I was average size for my age, but both girls actually gasped when they saw it at first. There were a few whispered 'Oh my god, he actually DID it' comments, and I sat down on the log which was right next to me. Wendy was standing about 3 feet directly in front of me, and Carol was behind her and to her right. I took my cock in my hand and slowly began to stroke it, feeling like I was going to come within 10 seconds. I had to slow down to make myself last, and as I did they peppered me with questions. 'Does it feel good?' 'Is the sperm stuff going to come out?' 'Do you do it a lot?' I answered their questions, and in the back of my mind couldn't believe I was 1) naked in front of two girls, 2) actually jerking off for them, and 3) talking about sex with them.
I also knew that my 'one-minute' was up, and told the girls it was time for them to take off their pants. At first they giggled, and hesitated, and finally Wendy said 'OK I guess so'. She slowly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down the zipper, and then wiggled them down around her hips to her thighs til they dropped to the ground around her ankles. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting white bikini panties with small, pale-red roses on them. I could clearly see her slit for a moment, then in embarrassment her hands went to her lap to act as a shield. Then she told Carol it was her turn, and surprisingly she didn't hesitate at all. She unsnapped her jeans and they quickly fell to the ground. She had on plain white briefs, also snug, that had white lace around the waistband. Carol's tshirt was short (close to what they call a 'belly-shirt' these days) and I got a great view of her body from the belly-button on down. Although young, she was just beginning to develop and with her baggy jeans out of the way I noticed the beautiful definition of her little bubble butt.
'OK, now your underwear' I said. I had started stroking again, absent-mindedly I suppose, but was going at it very slowly. I noticed Wendy was blushing and appeared nervous. I told her it was cool, I did it and it's really no big deal. I guess it worked, because she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down to her knees. The one thing that surprised me most was the amount of pubic hair she had. At 13 she had a full bush, and I loved it. As I was gaping at it, I didn't notice but Carol had pulled her panties down as well - not just down but down and off along with her pants and tennis shoes! Since Wendy was a bit older and obviously more developed I was focused on her, but was incredibly turned on by both of them since they were so different (Carol had no pubic hair at all). Without any prompting Wendy's left hand went down between her legs and began rubbing, slowly at first and then a bit faster. I watched as her middle finger disappeared into her cleft and she rubbed it around, and her hips gyrated a bit. Her eyes closed and a small, almost inaudible moan escaped her mouth. As she was doing this, I stood up so I could be a little more comfortable, and there the three of us were, with our pants and underwear down, looking at each other and masturbating. All expect Carol; she was simply watching with a look of surprise, bewilderment and I suppose a bit of confusion.
Wendy and I were only about a foot apart at this point, and I asked her if she wanted to 'touch my thing'. She reached out with her right hand and gently tapped it with her forefinger, and then gripped it lightly. I told her to touch my testicles because that felt good, and she held them like they were delicate robin's eggs. It was an indescribable feeling. As she did that, I reached forward and placed my left hand on her breast through her tank top. If felt full and warm and wonderful and I squeezed it like it was a ripe melon. After a few moments she reached up and moved my hand, and I thought I had hurt her. Instead, she guided it down between her legs and placed it over her mound. She then proceeded to move my hand up and down her slit, and guided my finger to what I now know was her clit. As I touched it and rubbed it and kind of got the hang of it, I felt how slippery she was. Her breathing became shallow and rapid and she placed her head on my shoulder. Her hips were bucking against my hand in earnest now, and her legs began to quiver. She then tensed, pressed her face into my shirt and shuddered. She stayed that way for almost a full minute, and when she lifted her head up I will never forget the look in her eyes, and how flushed her freckled face was.
I kind of put 2 and 2 together and figured out that she had just orgasmed, and I wanted to do the same. Wendy was obviously a very sexual girl because she very gently and gingerly began to stroke me despite having just come. And the thing that surprised me the most was that as she began to do so, Carol had moved up right beside her her and after watching for a few seconds said 'Can I try?' Wendy giggled and so did Carol, and Carol's little hand began to pump me back and forth at a very pleasurable pace and pressure. As she did so, I reached down and began to play with and kneed her ass, which I can see as clear as day right now: very white, very round and small, unblemished and scrumptious. Wendy stood on the other side of me with her arm draped over my shoulder, her chin on her arm, watching. I used my OTHER hand to play with HER ass, which was quite a bit larger than Carol's but still very sexy. I could only hold out so long, and just as I was about to come I warned them that I was going to 'shoot sperm'. I asked Carol to go a little faster and to keep going when I started to shoot out, and then it hit. I ejaculated 4 (yes really, 4!!!) long hard streams of come out onto the ground, grunting like a caveman as I did. I had 3-4 more 'minor eruptions', most of which ended up on Carols hand and fingers. It was unbelievable. Carol thought it was pretty revolting ('ewww gross!' I think was the comment...), but Wendy was hypnotized by all of it, and had a whole other set of questions.
As we pulled our pants back up, we heard a group of kids up in my driveway yelling Carol's name (they saw her bike) so we had to scoot out of the woods quickly. We hid the magazines behind a rock, only to come back again two days later after we had a huge rainstorm and they were all ruined. We got together 2 more times that summer, but we only masturbated in front of each other and didn't touch each other anymore (not sure why, but we DID get Carol to do it the last time). That school year Wendy moved away and Carol transferred to a Catholic school and we never really saw each other too much after that. When I told Ned and Pete what happened, they thought I was full of it but I finally convinced them because I had so many details and I showed them the remnants of the wet magazines in the woods.



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